"Samsung GT-S6102": characteristics, description, pros and cons

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"Samsung GT-S6102": characteristics, description, pros and cons
"Samsung GT-S6102": characteristics, description, pros and cons

There is hardly a person who is not familiar with the products of the Korean company Samsung. Their smartphones have long been the leaders in sales. The manufacturer regularly releases new models equipped with innovative technologies. However, this article will be devoted not to another novelty, but to a time-tested phone - the Samsung GT-S6102. Characteristics, description of appearance, advantages and disadvantages - this is what we will talk about today. It was released in 2011. The full model name is Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102.

phone samsung gt s6102 specifications


Before considering the characteristics of a smartphone, you need to understand the features of its appearance. Unfortunately, the design can hardly be called impressive and original. It has already been used by the manufacturer in previous models. The body is made in the shape of a rectangle. The corners are rounded. Thanks to this solution, the phone does not look bulky. And given its dimensions (110 × 60 × 12 mm), there are prerequisites for this.

As for the ease of use, everything here is at the highest level. Even in a small female hand lies perfectly, you can control with one hand. "Samsung GT-S6102 Duos" (the characteristics of the device will be presented below) weighs only 109 g, so it can be carried in the pocket of both trousers and shirts. And if there are no special comments on ergonomics, then the quality of the material from which the case is made did not make the best impression. The fact is that the back cover has a glossy surface, so it is very easily soiled and slippery. It is also worth noting that the plastic is unreliable - scratches remain on it.

samsung gt s6102 feature

There is a touch screen on the front side. Below it is a control panel. It displays a mechanical button in the center and two touch buttons on the right and left sides. Elegance of the appearance is given by a silver frame running along the entire perimeter of the front panel. The speaker hole is covered with a chrome-plated fine grille that fits perfectly into the overall design.

A minimum of elements is displayed on the rear panel. There is only a camera lens and two parallel speaker output holes. They are on the same horizontal line. The battery cover can be easily removed. To do this, just pry lightly with your fingernail. The assembly of the phone is excellent, there are no gaps and backlashes. We can safely say that everything is at the highest level.

It makes no sense to describe the controls in detail, since everything here is similar to other gadgets. On the left side is the "swing" volume, on the right - the lock key,on top is a headset port, and on the bottom is microUSB.

Screen and camera

Review of the technical characteristics of "Samsung GT-S6102" let's start with a description of the capabilities of the camera. Of course, you shouldn't count on any superpowers in the budget device of 2011. Matrix capabilities are limited to three megapixels. Unfortunately, there is no flash. The maximum photo resolution is 2048 × 1536 px (3.2 MP). A few words must be said about the quality of the shooting. In bright light, you can even take a picture of the text. It will turn out not clear enough, but readable. Pretty good shots are obtained on the street, but only during the day in sunny weather. The rest of the camera has mediocre performance.

"Samsung GT-S6102" is equipped with a 3.14-inch screen. The picture is displayed with a resolution of 240 × 320 px. Display type - capacitive. The sensor is sensitive, clearly and quickly responds to a light touch of a finger. The device has multi-touch and accelerometer options. They work great.

samsung duos gt s6102 specs

There are also disadvantages to the screen. The picture is grainy. True, this is not very striking, but if you look closely, the flaws are noticeable even to the naked eye. The display is based on a TFT matrix. This technology has significant drawbacks - small viewing angles (colors fade when tilted). The brightness range is enough to work in sunny weather. In order for the screen not to fade, you will need to set the backlight to at least 70%. Brightness can be adjusted manually orautomatically.

Samsung GT-S6102 phone: hardware platform specifications

Now we need to consider the characteristics of the hardware. This criterion is especially important in smartphones. The level of performance will depend on the processor. What is used in the gadget? Pretty good (for 2011) Snapdragon S1 MSM7227 chipset from Qualcomm. Computational element - one. When the device is running at maximum, it gives out 832 MHz. Naturally, there is also a graphics accelerator. Paired with the main chip, the Adreno 200 video card is installed.

What conclusions can be drawn about the hardware stuffing "Samsung GT-S6102"? The characteristic of "iron" corresponds to the budget segment. All applications compatible with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) installed in the machine work well. Games can also be played, but not too demanding.

Image"Samsung GT-S6102"


The performance of the phone is affected not only by the brand of processor, but also by the amount of system memory. In the Samsung Galaxy GT-S6102, the manufacturer has integrated 384 MB of RAM. It is used only for system data. But for installing the software provides a built-in storage. Its volume is only 160 MB. In this criterion, the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy GT-S6102 are rather weak. This will not be enough for a full-fledged user, so the manufacturer has provided a slot for a memory card. The device supports flash drives up to 32 GB. The indisputable advantage is the possibility of "hot" replacement of an external drive.To remove the memory card, there is no need to turn off the power of the smartphone and remove the battery.


Finishing acquaintance with the characteristics of "Samsung GT-S6102", it is necessary to talk about battery life. The manufacturer installed a 1200 mAh battery. Note that among the competitors there are more powerful models. However, despite the small capacity of the battery, the gadget with an average load (talks - up to 40 minutes, work with applications - up to 60 minutes) is able to function up to two days.

specifications samsung gt s6102

Advantages and disadvantages

As a conclusion, let's present all the strengths and weaknesses of the smartphone of the Korean manufacturer.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Perfectly thought-out ergonomics, making it convenient to use the phone for both adults (men and women) and children.
  • Quality sensor.
  • Average performance (2011 adjusted).
  • Hot-swap stick.
  • The third version of bluetooth.


  • Colour of body.
  • Poor quality plastic (scratches quickly).
  • No new design solutions.
  • Grainy image.

Note that there were much more advantages, so we can say that the manufacturer has released a decent model for its price segment.

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