No internet connection. Internet connection setup


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No internet connection. Internet connection setup
No internet connection. Internet connection setup

We have almost become addicted to the Internet. Without it, we cannot spend our free time calmly, communicate with our acquaintances, search for information. Often the Internet becomes simply an integral part of our lives.

And of course, in situations where for some reason the Internet connection is interrupted, we are overwhelmed by negative emotions. There is a desire to find and fix the problem that could lead to such a shutdown as soon as possible.

In this article we will try to make life easier for those who may suffer a similar sad fate. Let's just look at a few situations in which the Internet connection may fail, as well as give advice on how to restore it. And, of course, here are some common reasons why network problems may occur.

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No internet connection. First steps

Let's imagine a situation where you don't have internet. You understand that you would like to go to your favorite social network, watch a movie or perform any other action, but instead you are sitting "waiting for a miracle." The first step is to determine at what stagean error occurred. Here you should answer a series of questions and conduct several tests.

Have you had the Internet before, or is this its first launch after some updates? If the answer to the first part of the question is yes, then your task is to find the very changes, after which access to the Web was lost. Otherwise, if you have changed something (for example, changed the router), you need to look for the cause of the problem, which is quite obvious, in it. In this article, in order to learn how to determine the cause of the loss of the Internet connection, we will analyze all the nodes in stages and characterize what questions may arise at each stage.

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First of all, of course, the reason for the loss of the Network may be an error on the provider's side. This is the initial link of our "network chain". The reason for the loss of Internet access, in this case, may be, for example, non-payment for the next period of use. However, we will not talk about this in this article, since such problems are too commonplace to focus on them.

Diagnosing an ISP error is not difficult - just remember if this has happened before; ask your neighbors who have the same internet if they have access; consider if you changed anything in the system that could lead to a situation where there is no Internet connection.

Of course, if it's really a mistake on the provider's side, you can't do anything - you just need to wait or use the services of another company,if the shutdown occurs too frequently or lasts too long.

no internet connection via wifi windows 7


Often there are situations when access to the Network is lost along with the fact that the modem signals some kind of error. Then you need to turn to it - to find out what exactly these or other signals on the device mean; try to understand why the connection has disappeared. The most common problems in such cases are problems with connecting elements (wires, adapters, weak contact somewhere at the input). Check them, disconnect and reconnect, and if possible, rearrange, replace with new analogues. After that, it will be clear what the cause of the problem is - in the modem itself or in the wires that directly serve to transmit the signal.

If it's the wires, then replacing them with new ones is not difficult; if it turned out that the problem lies in the modem, we recommend contacting a service center with it. However, as a rule, the modem itself should not fail for no apparent reason. Perhaps a part of the board burned out in it, or the device was damaged, but then this should have been preceded by the modem getting wet or its failure. Thus, by remembering such events, you can unravel why there is still no active connection to the Network.

no internet connection via router

Another situation may occur when an Intertelecom (Sprint) wireless modem is used to connect to the Network. "No Internet Connection" - WindowsIn this case, XP can display this inscription for the reason that the system simply does not have the appropriate drivers in order to “see” this device and recognize its signal. The problem is solved by simply installing software suitable specifically for this modem. Finally, if this does not help, check the technical serviceability of the device; try to remember what could have caused the error, if there was any damage, and so on.

Receiving device

If everything is fine with the provider, and your modem is functioning perfectly, you need to pay attention to the device itself, which is used to receive the signal. Everything is simple here: if you reinstalled the operating system, then, obviously, the message: “No Internet connection” Windows 7, delivered instead of Windows XP, displays precisely because of the lack of proper settings. There is no need to panic. The only thing that is required of you is a little time and, preferably, access to the Web on another device to search for tips and answers to your questions on sites and forums. And the solution to the problem will be a simple setup of an Internet connection, which is carried out as required by the type of connection used. Dial-up access, for example, often doesn't need to be configured at all; on the other hand, establishing a connection through a VPN service can be quite a daunting process.

If we are talking about accessing the Web on a mobile device, for example, and the phone or tablet says: "No Internet connection", you just need to know the Wi-Fi network key and its name. You can view them inrouter settings. If you are concerned about the mobile Internet, then you need to configure it by entering the data of the access point. You can learn them, again, from the operator or communications consultant. Also, service providers often offer an automatic package of settings to simplify the user's task.

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If you understand that the device is working flawlessly, there are no problems on the side of the provider and the modem, and the router does not want to connect to the Network in any way, the problem is obviously in it. Firstly, in this case, you need to install, after which WiFi disappeared. The Internet connection could also be lost if the device was somehow damaged or its settings changed. If the matter is in the settings, carry out the procedure for entering the necessary parameters in the software part of the router again. In case of mechanical damage, the device must be taken in for repair.

Again, if the message "No Internet connection" (via WiFi) Windows 7 displays after the operating system has been reinstalled, maintaining the new settings is mandatory. To see if this is the only reason, you can also find out by using another computer if the problem also applies to it.

If there is no Internet connection through a router, but no one has touched the operating system, go to the device settings (using the address or For authorization, use the login and password admin and see if the router connects to the Network, if you entered the data correctly forInternet login and so on.


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If you see the message: "No internet connection" (via WiFi), Windows 7 with its diagnostic tools is of little help. As practice shows, she gives the most vague advice in order to cover the widest range of possible problems. And you need to find and eliminate a specific cause, so we recommend checking each link as described earlier. In a practical way, even without special knowledge, you can set up your Internet or at least find what the problem is and determine how to solve it.

Nothing helps

Of course, there may be situations when none of the above tips helped, you know what the reason is, and the Windows 7 message "No Internet connection" continues to display. What to do in this situation? Contact your ISP support! There you will be consulted and will be given an answer to the question of what is the cause of the problem.

Call master

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A way out of the situation can also be a call to the house of a master (specialist from the provider). However, you must admit that sometimes solving a problem on your own can bring more pleasure than fixing the "No Internet connection" error through a router with the help of a competent employee.

There is always a reason

Finally, here's the top tip to remember in any situation where you're trying to findreason for not being connected to the Internet. There is always a reason! Remember this phrase when you think that the connection to the Network has disappeared "by itself", and you still do not understand what happened and what you should do now.

When you cannot access the Internet, first find out where the failure occurred, what prevents you from connecting to your provider's service, at what stage the error was made, and only then look for an answer to the question of how to fix the problem. In this case, of course, it is desirable to have Internet access from another device (for example, with mobile Internet on the device, unless the same tablet says: “No Internet connection”, or a neighbor's computer), in order to look for explanations for your situation on various forums and websites. After all, no matter what mistake you have, there are at least a few hundred more people in the world (if not more) who have already encountered it and managed to discuss it to the smallest detail.

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