How to change the date in N1: instructions and a brief overview of the watch


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How to change the date in N1: instructions and a brief overview of the watch
How to change the date in N1: instructions and a brief overview of the watch

The Explay N1 device (watch-phone) is a rather curious and original device that simultaneously plays several roles at once. The first is an ordinary watch, and the second is a phone, and the tandem turned out to be very good and, moreover, is in enviable demand among numerous fans of unusual devices.

how to change date in n1

Let's try to figure out what kind of gadget it is and why it is so attractive: let's look at the characteristics, functionality, how to change the date in N1 and whether the watch is worth the money spent.

Package set

Besides the watch itself, you can see a stereo headset in the box and… everything. The charger will have to be purchased separately, but in defense of the gadget, we can say that any microcable for USB devices will do, that is, if you have a more or less modern phone, then there will be no problems with charging.

It's not entirely clear why the manufacturer equipped the watch with a stereo headset: the cable attached to the watch is okay, but the headphones will constantly pop out when walking or activeactions. It would be more logical, and, given the demand, it would be more attractive to put a headset with bluetooth, but the company decided otherwise.


The device is equipped with a 1.44-inch TFT-matrix display with a resolution of 240x240 pixels. The gadget supports 32 GB microcards and can read the main formats (ogg, mp3, wav, mp4). Also on board there is an FM receiver, a voice recorder and a quite tolerable 350 mAh rechargeable battery.

how to change date in explay n1

There are no special claims to the characteristics, but the device obviously lacks its own memory. Before changing the date in N1, downloading applications or performing other ordinary actions, it is better to immediately get a third-party memory card, otherwise the device will slow down and freeze terribly.


The capabilities of the device can be called ordinary. After turning on the display, you can see the usual electronic clock on it. First, let's figure out how to change the date in Explay N1. In the main menu you can see a lot of useful information, but we are interested in the “Settings” item. In this place, you can fully customize the device for your specific needs. Before changing the date in N1, it is highly recommended to insert a SIM card and make sure that the battery does not “blink”. Then, in the "Date and time" item, set the data you need and click on the save button. If your clock and date are synchronized with world time, then you can check the corresponding box in the same item - “Synchronization with UTC”. It is also useful to mention that beforechange the date in N1, you need to decide which format suits you: DD.MM.YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY.

explay n1 watch phone

The rest of the watch's functionality is simple and straightforward: easy reading of messages, call lists, music and radio tabs, a video player and a stopwatch. If you have ever used an Android phone, then there should not be any problems.

Worth buying?

On major Internet sites you can find the Explay N1 model for about 3,000 rubles. For this price, you get a smart device that can write messages and make calls. The connection is more or less tolerable, so the interlocutor will hear you normally.

The battery is enough for about a day of active use. In constant negotiation mode, the gadget sits down after 6 hours, and in standby mode, the device can lie up to 240 hours. In general, the device turned out to be quite good - it can be recommended to everyone.

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