How to set up email for free and for different boxes

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How to set up email for free and for different boxes
How to set up email for free and for different boxes

E-mail is something you can't do without today. This is your business correspondence on the Internet, communication with friends from other cities and countries, newsletters.

how to set up email

You can work with e-mail using special programs or a browser.

Programs designed for e-mail are called mail clients. The best clients are paid and shareware. The second definition means that the program is only allowed to be used for a short time for the purpose of familiarization, after which it is necessary to pay. You can also use free email programs, but their functionality is limited. If you are the owner of a licensed operating system, then it is better to use standard mail programs. On Microsoft Windows, this is Outlook Express. The Microsoft Outlook client comes with the Microsoft Office suite.

Some use e-mail without clients, in the browser that is installed in the operating system. This option is called mail with a web interface. You can also view the contents of your mailbox using your mobile phone and other portable devices.

how to set email

Regardless of what you choose - the program or the web interface, you must first register your mail. How to do this is usually explained by the provider you pay for the Internet. The address of the page that describes how to set up email is usually specified in the connection agreement.

It's not uncommon for providers to give users space on their mail servers. But, since this option often requires payment, let's look at how to set up email for free and not depend on the provider.

It is advisable to choose an e-mail system assigned to the country in which you live. Then, if you forget your password, the system will send it to your mobile phone without any problems. For example, this is how Mail.Ru, the oldest service in Russia, works. How to set up email is described in detail on the Mail.Ru website. There you need to fill out only the simplest form of eight fields. After that, you will receive a mailbox. Your address will end with,, or The first letters of the address will be Latin letters in the order you choose. The "@" symbol is required in all postal addresses.

You can also open a mailbox for free in the Gmail system from the well-known Google search engine. At Google, many people store files and even edit documents and images.

email, Yandex, Rambler, Bigmir, and others also offer to register a mailbox for free.

Now how to set upemail if you have multiple mailboxes on different systems. To do this, download, pay for and install the Russian-language client The Bat! Or you can not download anything and connect your mailboxes to the Gmail system for free. Then all correspondence from other systems will be automatically forwarded to Gmail and you will see all incoming messages on one browser page.

No matter which email system you choose to use, you'll quickly figure out how to set up your email. A detailed description and step-by-step instructions are always displayed during the registration of the box and after its completion. The main thing is not to forget to check the Spam folder. Recently, there has been an increase in false positives of filters that classify ordinary emails as unsolicited advertising messages.

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