Where can I get a reliable phone in a metal case?

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Where can I get a reliable phone in a metal case?
Where can I get a reliable phone in a metal case?

A phone in a metal case is not such a big rarity today. The ancestor of this series of devices is the Finnish company Nokia. She was the first to release a mobile phone in this version. Her successful experience has led many manufacturers to target this niche. One of the most common problems with old phones is the fragile plastic casing. It wears out over time and deteriorates. Could crack if dropped. All this prompted Finnish engineers to make this part of the communication device out of metal. This item

Phone in a metal case

devoid of such shortcomings. The first metal phone was the Nokia 6300, which became a classic in its time.

Model Overview

Cell phones in this design can be found in three manufacturers: Nokia, Samsung and Fly. In addition to the 6300 model, the Finnish manufacturer also offers 6303, 6700 and 515. The last one is of the greatest interest. This is a completely new device that went on sale last year. His screen is 2.4 inches, and hisresolution - 320 by 240 pixels. The amount of memory is 256 MB, if necessary, it can be expanded using a microSD memory card with a capacity of up to 32 GB. For video recording and photography, a 5 megapixel front camera is provided. Supports work as in normal

Cell phone in a metal case

GSM networks and 3G. The battery capacity is enough for 3-4 days with a mediocre load. Nokia 515 is equipped with 2 slots for installing SIM-cards, which allows you to work simultaneously with two operators at once. Against the background of a Finnish device for communication, the phone in a metal case from Samsung model C3322 looks much weaker in terms of technical characteristics. First of all, it is a screen that is smaller. It has a diagonal of 2.2 inches with a similar resolution. Alsothe camera is weaker - only 2 megapixels. Internal memory is also less - only 44 MB. But the battery is similar, and it will last for all the same 3-4 days with a mediocre load. Chinese manufacturers are trying to keep abreast of events everywhere, and Fly B500 models are another confirmation of this. This is also a mobile phone in a metal case. In terms of technical characteristics, it is very similar to Nokia 515. The difference is only in the amount of memory (only 44 MB) and battery capacity (it will last for a maximum of 3 days, and even then with interference). But at the same time, the software component, which in the Finnish model has already been tested by time and brought to perfection, raises criticism.

Mobile phone in a metal case

Purchase options

You can buy a phone in a metal casein three ways: in the market, in the store and on the Internet. The last option is best. Here, the price is lower, and the guarantee is respected. Only the choice of an online store must be approached thoroughly. The remaining two options are more expensive and therefore not entirely justified from an economic point of view.


Today's best cell phone in a metal case is the Nokia model 515. Excellent technical characteristics and a reliable software component are its undeniable advantages. It is by these criteria that it has neither analogues nor competitors. Therefore, if you need just such a device, then there is no alternative to this model. This is the best device in this segment.

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