Uninterruptible power supply systems


Uninterruptible power supply systems
Uninterruptible power supply systems

An uninterruptible power supply system is a system that allows you to ensure the normal operation of devices during power surges, including the ability to maintain the operating mode of the device for some time when the central power supply is completely turned off.

An uninterruptible power supply is an automatic device that serves to provide equipment connected to the system with uninterrupted voltage within normal limits. These sources may differ in power size and schematic base.

uninterruptible power supply systems

Uninterruptible power supply systems are mainly used by consumers for whom the stable operation of the equipment (in any situation) is extremely important. These are people who work with computers that require a constant supply of current. For example, Internet providers, which must ensure high server performance, medical centers, whose equipment is used to support the life support of patients, etc.DC UPS can be conditionally divided into two types. The first is devicesable to generate electricity on its own. These include diesel and gasoline generators, solar power sources, wind towers, etc. The second is devices that provide electricity when needed. In fact, such systems can be safely called a battery. These include UPS or UPS.

uninterrupted power supply

UPS uninterruptible power supply systems are divided into two classes: online SPB and offline SPB. Today, online systems are more in demand. For example, SPB with a double voltage conversion system. In this mode, the alternating voltage turns into a constant one, and the battery is charged. In the event of a shutdown of the flow of electric current or its sharp jump, the reverse action occurs - the direct current is converted into alternating current. The battery as an energy storage device is connected between the inverter and the rectifier, which performs the reverse action. The quality of the conversion result directly depends on the accuracy of the voltage and the sinusoid.Uninterruptible power supply systems that are offline are installed in parallel with the main electrical network. The incoming voltage first passes through the filters. In the event of voltage failures or its complete absence, they also automatically switch to batteries. However, if there is a complete absence of electric current in the network during switching to backup drives for a while, literally a few milliseconds, the voltage disappears altogether. Such uninterruptible systemspower supplies are used in areas that are not so categorical in relation to short-term power outages.

dc UPS

There is another big plus in the possibility of using such equipment. Uninterruptible power systems can be designed in such a way that the power supply to the appliances of the maximum consumption is supplied, bypassing the UPS, for example, to the main power supply network, through automatic switching systems or gas generators. Accordingly, equipment that is sensitive to voltage drops (TV, computer, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.) will be reliably protected.

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