How to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB? Step-by-step instruction


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How to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB? Step-by-step instruction
How to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB? Step-by-step instruction

iPhones are gaining more and more fans: it is fashionable, practical and stylish. But since the information storage place that is placed in this gadget is not dimensionless, sooner or later the question will arise, where to put the accumulated data: photos, videos and other files that are a pity to delete. One way to store media files from an iPhone is to move the information to a computer hard drive. But here the next question arises: is it possible to connect an iPhone to a computer? The answer is obvious: of course you can. Moreover, there are practically no difficulties in this procedure. To complete all the steps correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic knowledge of how to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB.

how to connect iphone to computer via usb

Basic knowledge of connecting this device to a computer

This method of transferring information is quite simple in terms of operations, the process takes place at high speed and allows you to simultaneously chargedevice.

What is this connection for?

  • Allows you to install or uninstall applications.
  • You can upload different files in both directions.
  • If necessary, you can restore information from a backup stored on your computer.
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How is data transferred?

The iPhone comes with a USB cable. This is an adapter that will help you synchronize the device with a PC. It is equipped on the one hand with a standard USB connector, on the other hand with a special connector for the device. They may differ depending on the model. When deciding how to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB, it is important to consider that the presence of a USB 2.0 connector on the computer is essential. What can be a snag? The fact is that the appearance of USB version 2.0 is absolutely identical to the previous version 1.0. If you connect the machine to USB 1.0, the computer will display a message that the device can run faster. This will mean that, most likely, it will not be possible to transfer data from the device to the hard disk. But do not be afraid, connector 1.0. used only on older models, which are already quite problematic to find.

Data transmission algorithm

How to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB? You can use step by step instructions.

  1. Connect the USB cable to the computer.
  2. Connect the other end of the wire to the device.
  3. Open the "My Computer" tab on the monitor's desktop
  4. Bfolder that opens, find the digital camera shortcut.
  5. Double click on the label. This should open the contents of the iPhone.
  6. After that, you can copy folders from the device to the hard drive by dragging them with the mouse to the specified address on the hard drive. You can also right-click, select "Send to" and specify the location where you want to move the selected media files.
The computer does not see the connected iPhone

After executing this algorithm, the question of how to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB should not arise. But it may turn out that the USB version is correct, the connection is also correct, but there is no connection. What could be the problem? The iTunes program ("ITunes") can help solve the problem.

Helpful problem solver

"iTunes" for iPhone – is a free application that is easy to find and download on the Internet. This app helps you sync your iOS device with PC. Moreover, by downloading the utility, you install basic drivers along with it, which will make it easier to work with the gadget. In particular, the application helps to synchronize contacts, install games, download media files, books and many other useful programs.

If iTunes for iPhone is installed on the computer, then when connected via a USB cable, synchronization should occur quickly and automatically. There is an important point: if data is being transferred, in no case should you pull out the cord. Such interruption of work can negatively affect the file systemdevices. If you need to pause the file transfer, you just need to drag the slide, cancel the sync, select safe eject, then unplug the cable.

Sometimes it may be that even after installing iTunes, the computer may not see the iOS device. In most cases, such a nuisance occurs after a new firmware of an "apple" friend or after a PC update. To resolve this issue, do the following.

  1. Install the latest version of iOS.
  2. Connect the iFunBox file manager or an identical iExplorer.
  3. Use this program to find the section var/mobile/Media.
  4. Copy it to your computer and then delete it from your gadget.
  5. Restart iPhone.
  6. Connect to PC.
  7. Everything is ready. If some of the files disappeared after connecting, they can be found in the copied Media folder.
itunes for iphone

Additional features

Sometimes, especially at work, you may need to connect your "bitten apple" to a computer, and the employer may prohibit installing additional applications on the PC, and Wi-Fi is also not available. Is there a way out of such a stalemate? And here the answer is also positive: yes.

How to connect an iPhone to a computer as a flash drive?

The free USB Drive for the iPhone app has been created for this. The very idea of ​​​​the developer of this program is for the PC to recognize the device not as a digital camera, but to seeits just like a flash drive.

It should be noted that there is a problem here. The fact is that the iPhone was originally used for synchronization or for downloading media materials. Therefore, the USB driver conflicts with these functions. We should pay tribute to the developers, they solved the problem quite simply: they introduced three separate modes of the gadget.

Program modes

Default - the mode in which devices are synchronized and photos and videos are transferred. When this feature is enabled, the computer does not see the iPhone as a USB flash drive.

Drive + iTunes. On devices with Mac OS, it is possible to synchronize and use an iOS device as a storage medium. On the Windows operating system, the flash drive does not work.

Drive Only – any operating system only recognizes a flash drive and nothing else.

Before using the iPhone as a flash drive, you need to create a virtual disk - a special partition that will be reserved for space for information. When the device is connected to a PC, only this section and its contents will be visible. It is also important that after this procedure it will be possible to use an iPhone as a USB flash drive on any device without additional drivers.

how to connect iphone to computer as flash drive

App details

When creating a virtual disk, you need to specify the required size and come up with a name for it.

After that, you will have to wait a while while the formatting is in progress. Those who have already done such an operation say that it takes time to create such a folder.quite a lot.

The big disadvantage of the program is the fact that before switching modes each time the device needs to be rebooted.

The following point is also important: if you installed the USB Drive for the iPhone program, and then decided to uninstall it, you can only delete it when the Default mode is enabled. Otherwise, the iPhone may behave unexpectedly or even break down.

Connect iPhone to PC without USB cable

Naturally, the question may arise whether information can be moved without a cord. In other words, how to connect an iPhone to a computer without USB? For owners of the fifth model, there is another way to transfer data from their "apple" to a PC. You can do this using a wireless network.

The algorithm for connecting an iOS device to Wi-Fi is described below.

For such a connection you will need:

  • iPhone;
  • personal computer;
  • wireless router (router).

First of all, you need to activate the Wi-Fi module in your device.

Then, in the settings, select the found wireless network provided by the router.

After that, the connection should occur.

can i connect iphone to pc

Sometimes a situation arises when the computer does not see the connected iPhone over the wireless network.

There may be several explanations for this. Without delving into all the nuances of such reasons, let's try to correct this situation.

  1. Use the USB cable to sync devices.
  2. Enter the "iTunes" section, find the "Devices" folder andselect the desired gadget model.
  3. Open the "Overview" section and select the "Settings" folder.
  4. In this section, you need to select "Synchronization".
  5. After that, disconnect the wire from the PC.

That's it, now you can connect devices using a wireless network.

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