MTS service "Zero without borders": conditions and features


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MTS service "Zero without borders": conditions and features
MTS service "Zero without borders": conditions and features

Everyone has experienced such a problem as costly calls to a mobile phone outside of their region. This is especially true when you are abroad. Many mobile operators are trying to create optimal tariffs for their subscribers, additional options that reduce the cost of mobile communications. The MTS company is no exception, providing the service "Zero Without Borders", the connection of which will significantly save on calls when you are outside your region or country.

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Incoming call rates

When you activate the MTS service "Zero Without Borders", incoming calls will be free. However, there are limitations. Call rates are as follows. Being in any country, excluding South Ossetia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, incoming calls are charged as follows:

  • from the 1st to the 10th minute incoming call is free;
  • from the 11th minute the fee is 5.00 rubles for every 60 sec.

The same system applies for corporate clientsdiscounts. Therefore, the Zero Without Borders service is suitable for both private clients and employees of various firms and companies.

Tariffs for outgoing calls

Outgoing calls to all numbers in Russian regions are charged as follows:

  • the first 60 seconds and from the 6th minute are charged according to the tariff roaming in the host country. The exceptions are Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkmenistan, where 25 rubles are withdrawn. per minute;
  • from the 2nd to the 5th minute the tariff is 15 rubles.
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For using the additional MTS service "Zero Without Borders", a fee of 33 rubles is charged every day.

While in roaming with activated service, each subscriber can receive only 200 minutes of incoming calls per month. The only exception is corporate numbers. After exceeding the limit, from the 201st minute, all incoming calls cost 5 rubles. for every 60 sec. And such a tariff remains until the end of the month.

The total number of incoming calls during international roaming can be found in two ways: use the services of an Internet assistant or dial 4191233 from your mobile phone and press the call button.

MTS service "Zero Without Borders": conditions and features of connection in some countries

In some countries, tariffing has its own characteristics. So, when you are in the territory of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan with the “Zero Without Borders” service activated, incoming and outgoing calls are paid according to the base costinternational roaming. In South Ossetia, when using the mentioned service, all calls are charged according to the national roaming tariff.

Zero Without Borders (MTS): enabling and disabling options

To activate the service, you can use any method that is most convenient for you:

  • service mts zero without borders

    use the "Internet assistant";

  • dial on your mobile phone a combination of numbers 1114444 and press the call button, and then select the desired item in the menu that appears;
  • send an SMS from your phone to "111" with the code 33 to activate the option and 330 to disable it.

It should be noted that you can activate the service from any territory, including abroad. Thanks to this, you can use the option even if you have already left your region.

You can still activate the service in Russia by dialing 444.

Connection fee

mts zero without limits conditions

Regardless of the tariff plan, the command to activate the service is free for all subscribers. For sending SMS in the territory of the native region, as well as for intranet and international roaming, the fee is also not charged. The only exception is being in national roaming. In this case, the message is paid according to the tariff.

For the first day of the activated service, the money is withdrawn from the balance immediately. During the entire period of using the option, payment is madedaily (full or partial 24 hours), regardless of the location of the subscriber. And the service is valid until the subscriber disconnects himself.

It is recommended to disable the option at the end of the trip.

Option conditions

The subscriber can use the service "Zero without borders" if the option "International and national roaming" and "International access" or "Easy roaming and international access" is enabled. You can find out about activated services through the "Internet assistant".

It should be noted that if the "Easy roaming and international access" option is activated, it is possible to use a mobile phone in the networks of operators with which MTS OJSC has signed an agreement on CAMEL-roaming.

If the service "Zero Without Borders" is not activated, then when traveling, the cost of calls and messages corresponds to the base tariff. You can find out all the prices on the website of the mobile operator by going to the "Tariffs and geography" tab. You can also get acquainted with the information in the salons of MTS.

If the subscriber uses the "European" tariff plan, then when the "Zero Without Borders" option is activated (when located in Europe), an additional discount is provided for outgoing calls.

zero without country borders

If the subscriber has not used the services of the MTS network in Russia for more than 30 days, then with the additional option "Zero Without Borders" connected, the cost of all incoming calls, starting from the first minute, is 15 rubles. when staying on the territory of any country, with the exception of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and SouthOssetia. Rates vary between states. In Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, incoming calls cost 59 rubles/min, which is very expensive, and in South Ossetia - 17 rubles/min.

Thus, the additional option of MTS "Zero Without Borders" allows you to significantly save on international negotiations during business trips and personal trips. The service is especially relevant for those who like to talk a lot. When connecting the option "Zero Without Borders" (MTS), the countries of near and far abroad will become much closer.

Of course, there are some nuances that need to be taken into account. Among them - an additional subscription fee and restrictions on the terms of using the service. It is also necessary to take into account the place of your stay, since certain states have their own special conditions (Ukraine, Turkmenistan, South Ossetia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus).

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