Best budget TV: rating, review, features, advantages and disadvantages


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Best budget TV: rating, review, features, advantages and disadvantages
Best budget TV: rating, review, features, advantages and disadvantages

Inexpensive TVs do not have high hopes: enough high-quality images are not expected from them. The proposed rating includes the best budget TVs, which are distinguished not only by their low price, but also by good functionality.

What are inexpensive but good TVs?

Low cost plays an important role, but choosing a model based only on its cheapness is not the best option, which can lead to serious disappointments. Therefore, when compiling this ranking of the best budget smart TVs, several criteria were taken into account.


TVs of the Korean brand LG occupy a leading position in the market in terms of price and quality ratio. Samsung is in the same category, but the products of this brand are somewhat more expensive. Good TV models are offered by the Chinese Supra and BBK.

Production countries for most budget TVs -Belarus, China or Russia. Reputable brands - Panasonic, Sony - produce their equipment in Europe or Malaysia.

Functional specifications

Basic functional requirements are most often limited to the presence or absence of Smart TV. The need for this platform is determined individually. Before purchasing, it is advisable to carefully study the specification in order to know exactly all the functions of the model.

Diagonal and screen resolution

With the first characteristic, everything is clear - the larger the diagonal, the steeper, but this increases the cost. Image quality depends on the second parameter. HD-Ready format is allowed for small TVs, while medium and large diagonal models must comply with Full HD or 4K standards.

best budget 32 ​​inch tvs

Rating of budget TVs under 15,000 rubles

LG 32LJ510U with 32-inch diagonal is the best budget TV in the price category under 15 thousand rubles, confirming that functional simplicity is not always a disadvantage. The model does not have a network connection and Smart TV, but there are no special "brakes" of the system, and the affordable price for many is much more attractive than the presence of Internet options. The broadcast image is quite good, and stable reception of digital broadcasts is supported.

The model appeared on the market in 2017. Diagonal - 32 inches, matrix illumination - Direct LED. External devices are connected via two inputs - component/composite and HDMI. Media files from hard driveor flash drives are played via the USB connector. The only drawback is that it is located on the back side, which is extremely inconvenient when wall mounting the TV. The audio system consists of two speakers with a total power of 10 watts.


  • Affordable price.
  • Attractive design.
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • VESA compatible.
  • Virtual Surround Sound System.


  • Regular sound and no output for connecting an external audio system.
  • No HDMI CEC and DTS decoder.

LG 28LH451U

Second in the ranking of the best - budget TV 28 inches from the Korean brand. The compact size is ideal for small spaces - bedroom, kitchen, children's room, as the menu includes a built-in free games section.

Widescreen display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels and Direct LED backlight. The Triple XD GPU delivers high image quality. The Picture Wizard III image adjustment system allows you to edit sharpness, brightness, black depth and color gamut. The power of the audio system with two speakers is 6 watts. There are 6 sound modes available, including Clear Voice, designed to highlight dialogue.

Support for various broadcasting systems is provided: terrestrial digital DVB-T2, analog signal, cable and satellite TV. The built-in media player plays files from flash drives using HDMI and USB interfaces.


  • Compact size.
  • Convenient and informative menu.
  • Good contrast and clear image.
  • Stable reception of digital channels.


  • No Smart TV.
  • No headphone jack.
best budget smart tvs

Rating of budget TVs under 20,000 rubles

Inexpensive best budget 43-inch TV - Hyundai H-LED43F402BS2 made in Kaliningrad. The brand, originally from Korea, does not have such ambitions as its competitors, so the cost of models on the Russian market is low. The technique does not have special functionality, but it is distinguished by high workmanship, a good image and a modern design with thin frames.

Universal tuner works with cable, terrestrial and satellite broadcasting. Matrix with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, frequency - 50 Hz, viewing angles - 176o/176o. The power of the audio system with two speakers is 16 watts. Despite the fact that this budget smart TV is the best in the ranking, you should not expect any miracles from it. Almost all video formats are supported, including MKV.


  • USB media player.
  • There is a headphone output.
  • Built-in power supply.
  • Cl+/PCMCIA slots.
  • External sources connected via 3 HDMI connectors.


  • Average sound quality.
  • The legs are not rearranged in width.

Samsung UE32M4000AU

The best budget TV made in Korea. Going toterritory of Russia, as well as LG. The 31.5-inch diagonal is not the best option for creating a multimedia center, but the screen resolution is up to HD 720p standards. The model is ideal for small spaces - children's room, bedroom or kitchen.

The TV was released in 2017 and is considered a fairly recent model in the Samsung lineup. It does not differ in innovations and functional delights and in many respects resembles the previous version. The image is clear, but not perfect, but in comparison with similar models of Chinese, Russian and Turkish production, the quality is decent.

Smart features and internet connectivity are absent, which is offset by the best value for money, with the cost being considered more significant.


  • Edge LED backlight.
  • Slim body.
  • Picture-in-picture feature.
  • The tuner plays all formats - digital, analog.
  • Childproof.
  • Component jack, USB, HDMI, optical audio output.


  • Average sound quality.
  • Wall mount preferred as legs do not provide adequate stability.
best budget 55 inch tvs


The Supra LED TV is the best budget TV for "cheap but cheerful". The model features are limited: there are no "smart" applications and network connections, but the image is clear,bright and contrasting, resolution - Full HD, which allows you to watch TV broadcasts in high quality.

The DVB-T2/C/S2 tuner receives satellite, digital and cable broadcasting signals. HDMI interface with 2 connectors allows you to play content from external sources. The built-in USB media player serves a similar purpose and reads most video and audio formats.

Two 6-watt front-facing speakers provide realistic and powerful sound, built-in A2/NICAM stereo tuner and headphone audio output.


  • Large diagonal.
  • Affordable price.
  • LED-backlight and Full HD-matrix.
  • High quality picture.


Viewing angles differ from those declared by the manufacturer

Rating of budget TVs under 30,000 rubles

One of the best budget webOS 3.5 Smart TVs with a 43-inch display is the LG 43LJ595V. The 2017 line also includes a 49-inch model, which is considered inexpensive in its class and quite value for money in terms of features and specifications.

The laconic and modern design of the TV is accentuated by a crescent-shaped desktop stand. Direct LED backlighting with less glare and greater image uniformity significantly enlarges the body compared to similar models on the market. Standard screen refresh rate - 50 Hz, resolution - 1980x1020 pixels. Supports True Motion system, smoothing dynamic scenes, and quality enhancement indeximages - PMI 1000.

Telesignal reception is carried out in digital and analog format. Smart functions available: Magic Zoom, app and content store, browser, quick access, audio player.


  • Functional and clear Smart.
  • Resolution Upscaler - image upscaling to FHD resolution.
  • Light level sensor.
  • A large number of interfaces to connect.
  • Virtual Surround Plus audio system.


  • Only optical audio output available.
  • The use of unnatural shades in the design.
best budget smart tv 32 inch

LG 32LK615B

Versatile new 2018 from the LG brand continues the ranking of the best budget smart TVs 32 inches. The matrix installed in the TV does not have a good resolution - only 1366x768 pixels, which reduced the cost of the model.

It is worth buying the options discussed earlier if the priority is a high-quality image and an affordable price. A good budget 32-inch TV from LG is a more modern, comfortable and compact device that outperforms previous models in terms of performance.

LED TV is equipped with Smart TV, webOS, resolution scaling, Wi-Fi module and noise reduction system. Support for Active HDR technology is available. The manufacturer does not guarantee high detail and image processing typical for high-end UHD screens, howeveraffordable price is the main advantage.


  • Dynamic Color Booster.
  • 4-core processor;.
  • Receive digital and analogue TV broadcasts.
  • Ability to sync with smartphone.
  • Available optical audio output, Cl slot, component input, USB, LAN, HDMI and Simplink connectors.


  • No headphone jack.
  • Stripped down Smart functionality.

BBK 50LEX-5039/FT2C

One of the best budget TVs that will appeal to those who prefer modern, large and "smart" LED-models, but do not want to overpay for the brand. A 50-inch Full HD TV at a low price is a real gift. Good viewing angles and a minimum response time are significant bonuses.

The model from BBK is not in vain considered by users to be the best: for a budget TV, it has excellent image quality. The tuner accepts digital and analog signals. USB 2.0 port is designed to play video, photo and audio files from HDD and flash drives, three HDMI connectors, composite and component inputs allow you to connect other external sources.

Wireless and wired network function formats are provided. The Android operating system is not the fastest, but you should not expect more from a budget TV.


  • Low cost with decent parameters.
  • Large diagonal.
  • Clear and simple menu.
  • Wide network functionality.
  • Line and coaxial digital audio outputs, including headphones.


  • No satellite broadcast support.
  • The system is somewhat slow.
best budget 43 inch tv

Sony KDL-40RE353

Budget TV model from a well-known Japanese brand. Traditional Sony with classic stylish and minimalist design, eye-catching thin aluminum bezels, high image quality. The TV stands out from the competition.

Resolution - 1920x1080, display diagonal - 40 inches. Motionflow XR 100 Hz technology is responsible for the smooth display of dynamic images. Real frequency - 50 Hz, Clear Resolution mode ensures the clarity of the picture, contrast optimization is available thanks to the dynamic backlight function.

The TV is equipped with all the necessary connectors, including composite, rear and side HDMI, USB port for playing and recording files to third-party media. Two 5W speakers are responsible for sound reproduction. DTS and Dolby support available.


  • Clear Resolution Enhancer.
  • Live Color image enhancement technology.
  • The unique X-Protection PRO system protects your TV from moisture, dust and power surges.
  • Line and digital audio outputs.
  • Assembly and production - Malaysia.


  • Flimsy table stand.
  • Absencesatellite receiver.

Best budget 4K TVs ranked

Korean brand LG occupies a leading position in the low-cost TV segment. The line offers different models - the best budget 28-inch TVs, and the most popular model 43UJ634V. It is rather difficult to call the budget sixth series, but the ratio of characteristics and an adequate price is more than attractive.

Designed with an attractive and modern body design, this TV features a 4K IPS panel with wide viewing angles and bright, high-contrast images. Active HDR technology has the added benefit of enhancing content captured in the dynamic standard range. There is an HDR Effect contrast enhancement mode. The Smart TV platform is based on webOS 3.5 and supports all major functions. Synchronization with a smartphone is available via DLNA, Miracast and WiDi.


  • Scaling image resolution to 4K.
  • Image quality improvement index - PMI 1600, dynamic scene display clarity - TM100.
  • DVB-T2/C/S2 digital television reception standards.
  • Optical audio output, multiple HDMI interfaces, USB port, LAN, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.
  • Option to use Magic Remote.


  • Inconvenient controls.
  • Insufficient black level.
best budget 28 inch tvs

Samsung UE40MU6100U

40" Smart TV with 4K andHDR support. The model does not have wide viewing angles compared to a competitive TV from LG, but it has a large margin of brightness, which makes the dark areas of the image more realistic. The design is not the most attractive, the price could be lower, but it all depends on the preferences, perceptions and capabilities of the consumer.

The TV is equipped with a set of technologies that optimize picture quality: Pure Color to improve color brightness, Micro Dimming to detail, Motion Rate 100 to enhance the clarity of dynamic scenes. Image scaling up to Ultra HD quality is available. The TV is equipped with an analog tuner and a 20W audio system. Assembly is carried out at the Russian factory.


  • Tizen operating system, Wi-Fi support.
  • Quad-core processor.
  • Pure Color Technology improves color reproduction.
  • Optical output, Bluetooth audio option.
  • Three HDMI, 2x USB, Ethernet.


  • No headphone jack.
  • Frequency - 50 Hz.
budget smart tv tvs best

How to choose the best budget Smart TV TV: some tips

One of the most important questions when choosing a TV is whether it needs SmartTV or not? Not every best budget 55-inch TV has this feature, and smaller models are even more often released without it. Supporters of the platform are of the opinion that a modern TV mustbe equipped with network functions, opponents, on the contrary, believe that SmartTV is an extra option. Their arguments are quite convincing:

  1. "Smart" features are more expensive, which affects the availability of the TV and its cost - the most important criteria.
  2. In the budget segment, smart TVs are practically not equipped with "serious" hardware and modern software, which affects system performance and causes applications to freeze. However, this is not limited to such shortcomings: the TV is often more difficult to control and responds to commands more slowly than its competitors.
  3. Similar features are available on Android set-top boxes, which are much cheaper but have better performance.

A common marketing gimmick that draws consumers' attention to even the best budget 24-inch TVs is the manipulation of the terms "100Hz, 200Hz". Most modern LCD TVs are equipped with matrices with a refresh rate of 60/50 Hz, and all the stickers indicating the increase in image quality in dynamic scenes are just a marketing ploy. Budget TVs are usually not equipped with expensive and powerful processors.

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