Epson Expression Home XP-342 printer: reviews, description, specifications


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Epson Expression Home XP-342 printer: reviews, description, specifications
Epson Expression Home XP-342 printer: reviews, description, specifications

Multifunction devices are increasingly replacing classic printers from the desktops of ordinary users. It is understandable. The MFP combines three devices: printer, scanner and copier. That is, this device can not only print. This is what attracts users. The inkjet MFP Epson Expression Home XP-342, reviews of which we will consider a little later, is one of the most prominent representatives of the class. This device can even print in color and is excellent for printing photos. However, first things first. First, a few words about the manufacturer.

epson expression home xp 342 reviews

A little about Epson

Seiko Epson Corporation was founded in 1881 in Japan. At first, she did not produce anything and was exclusively engaged in the sale of watches. In 1912, its own division for the production of watches was created. Japanese watches were valued in everythingthe world. During World War II, watch production in Japan slowed down. At that time, watch mechanisms for bombs and mines were much more valued. The company was able to reach the pre-war level of sales only in the second half of the fifties.

The world's first mini printer was launched by the company in 1968. In the same year, their mass production began. From that moment began the history of the company as a manufacturer of printing devices. Epson has brought a lot of new things to this industry. To this day, Epson products are considered the highest quality. Proof of this can serve as a share in the market of office peripherals. That's how the watch company grew into the largest supplier of office equipment. But the company's products are widely used at home. For example, the Epson Expression Home XP 342 printer. Let's start looking at this model in more detail.

epson expression home xp 342 ink

Package set

This All-In-One comes in a recycled cardboard box. In the most conspicuous place is a colorful image of the MFP itself and the corporate logo. The main technical specifications of the product are printed on the sides of the box in small font.

Inside everything is spartan simple: a disk with original drivers and other necessary software, Epson Expression Home XP 342 itself, instruction manual and warranty card. All. There is not even a cable to connect to a computer. This move by the company is completely incomprehensible. They seem to be counting on everyone to useWiFi. No matter how. By the way, about the instructions. The latter is well done. Translation into Russian is by no means crooked. Yes, almost everything is written in the manual itself. Down to the smallest detail.

epson expression home xp 342 cartridge

Look & Design

So, what can we say about the appearance of this multifunctional device? The device looks stylish and strict. Matte plastic alternates with glossy, and this gives the device a rather interesting look. The front panel (which is highlighted separately) houses the LCD color screen and printer controls. Everything is done in a minimalist style. Therefore, even a child will understand the management. The top panel is the cover of the scanner. It is made of high quality plastic. Also on the front there is a special slot for mini-SD memory cards. Supports direct printing. On the back wall there are connectors for connecting to a computer and an electrical network. In general, Epson Expression Home XP 342, the review of which we started here, looks quite impressive. However, it's time to consider the main technical characteristics of the device.

epson expression home xp 342 printer

Main Specifications

What is interesting about this multifunctional device? So, the device is based on inkjet printing technology and uses four-color cartridges for this process. Also, the MFP has a Wi-Fi transmitter and the ability to print directly from a smartphone or tablet. Connection to a PC is carried out using a USB cable or Wi-Fitransmitter. Epson Expression Home XP 342, reviews of which we will analyze a little later, also supports the inclusion of a continuous ink supply system. Without it, paint consumption becomes not entirely acceptable. But to activate this option, in no case should you update the drivers for the device. Otherwise, the firmware of the multifunction device will be updated. And it already prohibits the inclusion of CISS. Need to be careful.

epson expression home xp 342 driver

Print Features

So, what does the Epson Expression Home XP 342 offer the user, the characteristics of which we are analyzing here, in terms of printing? A piezoelectric head is used as a printing element. On the one hand, this has a positive effect on quality. But on the other hand, it can lead to problems if non-original cartridges are used. Mono print speed is 33 pages per minute. For an inkjet printer, this is an excellent result. Only a laser printer prints faster than it. But there is a completely different technology used. Color images are printed at a speed of 15 sheets per minute. The drop size is only 3 pl. This means that it is impossible to examine individual drops on the finished printout without a special device. And this is good news. Now let's look at some other features of the multifunction device.

epson expression home xp 342 manual

Scanner Features

And now let's turn to the scanner of the Epson Expression Home XP 342 multifunctional device, reviews of which wewe will explore in the following chapters. The scanning element has a flatbed architecture and is based on a CIS sensor. This allows you to quickly and efficiently scan images of any complexity. The maximum resolution of the scanner is 5700 by 1470 pixels. This is an excellent result for a budget device. Many owners of this MFP note that the scanner quickly copes even with complex images. At the same time, the depth of colors practically does not suffer.

And many are also pleased that with the help of this very scanner, a multifunctional device can be used as a copier. Not connected to a computer. And it's really impressive. Until recently, this option was the lot of powerful professional machines. However, let's move on to other features of Epson Expression Home XP 342. The cartridge, for example, is worth a separate mention.

epson expression home xp 342 specifications

Features of cartridges

This multifunction printer is factory-installed with genuine Epson cartridges. And the MFP will print great as long as they stand there. However, it is worth replacing them with cheaper options, as the print quality will drop very much. Moreover, various artifacts in the form of smeared drops will be noticeable on the prints. And if you try to pour ink into Epson Expression Home XP 342 yourself, the result will be even worse.

This device simply does not tolerate consumables that are not certified by Epson. This is a kind of method of dealing with non-originalconsumables. Say, use the original. No problem. If only the price for them was reduced to an adequate one.

A separate story with a continuous ink supply system. The original module does not have such a plan. You have to install a third party. But even in this case, the print quality falls below the plinth. And the original cartridges do not help. When the CISS module is installed in Epson Expression Home XP 342, ink can pour out directly onto the paper, leaving blots and streaks there. Well, who needs this? And without CISS cartridges are depleted in a couple of days. So users face a difficult choice: use the printer for a long time, but be horrified by the quality of printouts, or use a little, but enjoy the picture.

Features of connection interfaces

This multifunctional device can be connected to a computer in several ways at once: using a standard wired connection and using a Wi-Fi transmitter. Apparently, the manufacturer relied more on the second one, since there is no classic USB cable in the package.

But be aware that the wireless connection is extremely unstable. This is such a feature of Epson Expression Home XP 342. The drivers that come with the device on the bundled disk will not work normally until you update them. But this way you can lose the ability to install the CISS module, since the firmware of the device can also be updated. What's interesting: direct printing from a smartphone and tablet occurs without any problems even without drivers. Apparently, in the firmware of the multifunctional device, the manufacturer also didlots of mistakes.

Positive feedback from owners

And now it's time to consider the reviews of those who have already bought this miracle of engineering. It should be noted right away that the reviews are mixed. There are roughly equal numbers of positives and negatives. But we'll start with the positives.

Many owners of this device note that the multifunctional device provides incredibly high quality printing. A little strange. Apparently, this was written by those who use original cartridges. Only with them the print quality does not deteriorate. Users also note that black and white pages are produced at a very high speed. But this is the absolute truth. Only laser models work faster than this printer. The scanner of the device received special praise from users. It is he who makes the device multifunctional. And it is he who allows you to use the device as a copier (copier).

Some owners can't get enough of the built-in Wi-Fi transmitter. It allows you to directly print directly from your smartphone or tablet. This option is very useful. And the MFP can print directly from a USB flash drive. Without using a computer. Almost all users (even those who left a negative comment) note the high build quality and materials. And indeed it is. Still Epson. Japanese quality.

Negative owner reviews

And now the opinions of those who for some reason were disappointed with this multifunctional device. And there are quite a few of them. The first thing that upset the owners was the impossibilityusing third party cartridges. This is really not good. That is, you can use them, but the quality of the picture on the printout will be disgusting.

The second problem that was discovered by the owners is related to the notorious CISS. Many have noticed that after installing this module, Epson Expression Home XP 342 prints in red. This means that the printer diaper is clogged to the very top. You either need to reset it yourself (which is not easy), or carry the MFP to the service. By the way, after installing the CISS, many noticed that all images are printed with a green tint. Such is the peculiarity of this multifunctional device. It does not tolerate non-original components. And for a lot of people, it's just annoying. Still would. After all, this completely and completely blocks the ability to print normally when using third-party components.

The infamous Wi-Fi transmitter also received disapproving comments. The connection is extremely unstable. The multifunctional device constantly loses sight of the computer. But with smartphones it works fine. In any case, users have to look for a USB cable, since it is not included in the package.


So what can be said about this printer? Is it worth it to buy? This is a very interesting question and needs to be answered. So to speak. If you plan to use only original consumables with this multifunctional device, then it is definitely worth buying it. The quality of the printed material will be at the highest level. If you want to somehow customize the device,use cheaper cartridges or install a CISS system, then it is better to choose a less capricious model, since nothing good will come of it.


So, we have reviewed the Epson Expression Home XP 342 color inkjet multifunctional device. Reviews about this device do not give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether this purchase is good or not. Nevertheless, its price is such that for such money it is difficult to purchase something with the same characteristics. And if the MFP has any shortcomings, then they are leveled by the cost.

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