How to choose a cell phone for pensioners?

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How to choose a cell phone for pensioners?
How to choose a cell phone for pensioners?
Telephone for pensioners

Today it is hard to imagine what the world would be like without cellular communications. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and more than one. Even modern grandparents got their own devices. Often for them this is not just a whim, but a vital accessory. Especially if the elderly live separately and far enough from their children. In this case, they will not only want to just chat with them, but they may also need emergency help. This is where a phone is needed.

Not any device is suitable for pensioners. Of course, they don't need a touchscreen phone with incredibly fast social media access. Although there are advanced grannies who communicate with their children and grandchildren via Skype. But this is more the exception than the rule. For the majority, completely different parameters are important. A telephone for pensioners should above all be convenient and easy to use.

Therefore, when buying such a device, you should pay attention to its appearance. It should be large enough, fit well in the palm of your hand and not slip. FROMAs a person gets older, it becomes harder to hold any objects in his hands. It is also very important that the buttons are large and easy to press. It is unlikely that a phone with a small keyboard will be convenient for an elderly person. It is worth paying attention to the backlight. It should be bright.

Cell phone for pensioners

Since people see rather poorly with age, it is important that the screen not only be large, but also display characters large. Another cell phone for pensioners does not have to have a color screen. Sometimes the black and white version looks even more attractive and understandable for grandparents. It is also worth paying attention to the menu of the device itself. It should be simple and intuitive. It is unlikely that an elderly person will be able to figure out a complex multi-level menu.

And, probably, the most important thing for the elderly is the possibility of emergency calling their loved ones in case of trouble. It is worth paying special attention to this. It is best if the phone for pensioners is equipped with a special button for this. If it is not there, then it is advisable to check how the speed dial function works in the selected device.

But today you don't have to go through all the available cell phones. Since the cellular communication market has long been saturated, naturally, manufacturers began to look for potential buyers not only among young and modern ones. As a result, a special phone for pensioners appeared, and not just one. The most popular models in the domestic market are Just5 CP09, Fly Ezzy and MTS 268.

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All three phones are distinguished not only by the qualities listed above, but also by a number of nice bonuses. Among them, one can note the presence of a flashlight, a built-in radio or an MP3 player, and some others. The device from MTS, for example, is also equipped with a special stand for charging the battery and a color display.

Since children most often buy their parents a phone for pensioners, they don't care much about the price. They are more important than other characteristics. But still, hardly anyone would like to overpay for a simple mobile phone. True, most "babushkophones" have very affordable prices: from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles.

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