How to make the phone louder ("Android") using the engineering code?

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How to make the phone louder ("Android") using the engineering code?
How to make the phone louder ("Android") using the engineering code?

Often there are cases when in a purchased iPhone or "Android" device you are pleased with fancy functions, a large amount of memory and a stylish design, but the quiet sound of your favorite songs is not at all inspiring. Then tricky and useful recommendations on how to make your phone louder in a matter of minutes will come to the rescue.

Mobile phone Alcatel

Engineering menu via code

In order to use this function on an Android-enabled smartphone, you need to dial the following key combination "3646633". Then tabs in English will appear in the menu, you need the third "Hardware testing", the "Audio" option and the "Normal mod" item. In the Tipe line, a choice will open indicating how to make the speakers louder on the phone when talking, where you need to press Sph, below select the desired sound level and a number, for example "160", save by clicking on Set and OK. To improve the sound when talking"Skype", you must select the "Sip" item in the "Normal Mode" section. For audio and video players, as well as mobile toys, the Media mode is suitable. How to make the phone ring louder, the line "Ring" will tell you. To adjust the sound of the radio, you need to click on the column "FMR".

This common method depends on the firmware, where the engineering menu is not blocked. In the absence of such a possibility, methods for downloading special utilities with support for such a function are offered. To call this function, you can use the following sets, according to the phone model:

  • for Samsung: 4636 or 8255;
  • for HTS: 3424, 4636 or 8255;
  • for Sony: 7378423;
  • for Huawei: 2846579 or 2846579159;
  • for MTK: 54298 or3646633;
  • for Philips, Alcatel, Fly models: 3646633;
  • for Lenovo: 537999;
  • for Xiaomi: 6484 or 4636.
  • phone on the table

Mobileuncle tools on "Android"

This application can be found and downloaded for free on the Play Market. The program is useful for those who do not know how to make the phone ring louder and increase the sound of music, as well as for those whose smartphone is not flashed. Depending on the version, the menu may differ in interface. In the menu, you need to find and select the item for the MTK platform and click the "Audio" line, where the following functions will open:

  • Normal Mode for ear speaker when talking;
  • Headset Mode will tell you how to make your phone ("Android") louder through headphones.
  • LoudSpeaker Mode for hands-free calls and external speakers.

So that there are no questions about how to make the phone louder, you should select the desired line in this audio menu, dial the speaker sound type Tipe and Sph, adjust the sound level and set the gain number. Then press Set to save the settings.

When adjusting the microphone sensitivity, you need to press the Mic function in the Type item, adjust the level depending on the location when talking.

The way to make the phone play louder through the headphones is in the Audio ModeSetting item. When entering, select the type and sound level through the headset, remembering to save by pressing Set.

Volume options

Using utensils

In order not to bother with codes and thoughts on how to make a push-button phone louder, the good old way, which has gone through fire and water, comes to the rescue. To do this, you need to turn on music in your mobile phone and carefully put it in a clean, dry wiped glass. You can also use a jar of Pringles chips, a small glass jar or a plate, preferably deeper.

phone next to the glass

Through columns

This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to make your phone louder. The main thing is not to run into irritable neighbors. Connect the speaker plug to the headphone jackplug the equipment into the outlet and adjust the desired volume on them.

Idea "Fix"

The installed special Fix utility will tell you how to make your phone louder, for example, Samsung, and give the sound a stereo effect. You can upload it to smart through a special website on the Internet using custom recovery. After downloading, you need to turn off the phone, hold down the volume up and "Home" buttons at the same time and hold until the menu appears. Then enter the recovery in the "Install" line, find the "Fix" file, the name of which will be indicated by question marks and start the installation. Then restart your smartphone.

Phone volume settings

iPhone settings

Missing music on iPhone? How to make the phone louder, prompt settings. You need to enter the options menu, go down to the "Music" line, click on "Volume Limit", turn off the green icon opposite the item "Volume Limit (EU)" and set the maximum sound level. Next, press the line "Equalizer" and select the "Late night" mode. If the hands of the owner of the iPhone are not always free and he does not know how to make a speakerphone on the phone, you need to activate the "Speaker" function. Then, in the log, select the contact number of the person you want to call and speak it into the gadget's speaker. To return to the call options, you need to click on the phrase at the top of the display "Pressing will return you to the call".

EQ Volume+

For devices withAndroid support is suitable for the free Volum Plus application, which can be easily found in the Play Market store. After downloading and installing, you should enter the application and select the "Speaker Settings" line, tick the Speaker Modifications column, then check the Virtual Room Effect item. It is in this order that you press Volume Level, then Bass Enhance and Virtual Room, increasing the levels not by 4, but by one, so that there are no unpleasant freezes in the technique.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos program

The application is universal, works on all models of "Android" gadgets. Its installation is made only from the existing custom recovery. The program includes a wide variety of settings for both audio compositions and videos. You can adjust the parameters both manually and automatically. Simplifies the task of having a smartphone "Lenovo A7000", where such a "fancy" modern technology is already built in.

"SpeakerBoost" for headset

In order to avoid difficulties with how to make the "Android" phone louder in headphones, you need to open the installed SpeakerBoost program. In a special pop-up window, the first volume slider should be at maximum, and the second should be carefully moved to level 40, not higher, otherwise there is a huge risk of ruining the headset and damaging the eardrums. Play any song and check the changes.

Using a tape recorder

Easythe way to make the sound on the phone louder is to "attach" a boombox or an ordinary cassette recorder in which you need to turn on the Tape function. Next, open the compartment for inserting cassettes, adjust the volume to the end and insert a playing mobile phone with music.


This sound amplification method is suitable for devices with low volume frequencies, as well as Android versions from 4 and higher. How can I make my phone sound louder without a headset?

  1. First you need to install the "Viper" program, select the desired item "Speaker" or "Headphones".
  2. Click on "Select driver" and "Standard quality", allow the root request and reboot the phone.
  3. Then you need to enter the downloaded program, tap on the "Interface" item and select the "Expert" function'.
  4. Next, select any melody, turn on "Viper", click the checkmark on "Equalizer" and adjust the sound quality by adding high frequencies.
  5. To add an echo, click on the "Reverb" checkbox and click on "Wet signal", setting the level to 40.
  6. To remove unnecessary echoes, set the "Wet signal" to 0 and add a level of 100 in the "Dry signal" column.
  7. Turn on "Super Volume" and adjust the sound amplification settings.

Many functions of the program belong to listening to music with headphones. How to make music louder on the phone, adjust the quality and maximumsound volume, the following simple steps will prompt:

  1. Enter the Viper FX application.
  2. Select column "Headphones".
  3. Set the icon in front of the "All effects" column.
  4. For maximum volume, select "Auto Gain Control".
  5. For clarity of sound, click on "Analog Compressor" and adjust the "Digital Correction" item.
  6. To listen to songs in compressed formats, the "Spread Spectrum" line will help.
  7. Setting the equalizer will help give the song a noble sound without unnecessary crackles and extraneous noise.
  8. For specially loaded tracks, the "Convolute" function is suitable.
  9. For surround sound, the item "Spatial sound" or "Virtual room effect" is suitable.
  10. The original "gadget" called "Chaos effect" will give an unusual sound.
  11. "Reverb" will add an echo to the music.
  12. To enhance the bass and low frequencies, click on the "Dynamic Processing" and adjust the "Bass Restoration" item.
  13. For high frequencies, the "HF Restoration" function is needed'
  14. So that fatigue from the long sound of music does not overtake, the "Crossfeeder" column will come to the rescue.
  15. To play music softly, you can use the "Analog level" item.
  16. To set up a full-fledged sound without extraneous distortion, the "Output signal" line is useful.

Mobile Uncle

This simple method is suitable for inexpensive gadgets with "Android" systems of old versions and the MT platform. Through the "Google Market" you need to download the engineering menu program for the MTK. For the driver to function properly, root is required. After installing "Mobile Uncle", select the Engineer Mode (MTK) item and the "Audio" option. To set up the speaker of a conversation with an interlocutor, you need to enter the "Normal Mode" column and select the "Mic" mode from the list from the "Type" line. In the "Level" item, the sound level settings are adjusted. To set up the speaker, in the main menu "Audio" select the option "Speech Enhancement", from the top list - the item "Normal Mode". To improve the audibility, adjust the "Level" settings to 6. To edit the headphone settings, from the "Audio" menu, you must click the "HeadSet Mod" function and select the parameters suitable for a particular device model.

Player "TSC-Music" for Apple

To start using this useful program, you need to calibrate by hitting the volume rocker in the middle range and scan five frequencies for each ear in a quiet room. This procedure is necessary for further perception of music without harm to hearing. A headset is recommended.

Player Benefits:

  • equalizer with a huge number of modes;
  • sleep function to listen to music for 60 minutes with gradual decreasevolume;
  • app statistics that only work online;
  • no ads and donations;
  • free download.

Helpful tips

If the MTK functions cannot be opened, it is due to the lack of a developer menu. To correct the error that has occurred, you need to download the application "MTK Engineering Menu" from the "Market" and open it. Next, in the smartphone settings, find the line "About phone", enter and click several times on "Build number" until the item "For developers" appears, where you need to enter, check the enabled slider and mark the item "Factory unlocks". In the downloaded engineering menu, open "BandMod" and leave the checkboxes on the ranges that are used in accordance with the location.

When there is no sound in the push-button Nokia

If the sound suddenly disappeared in a Nokia phone of a budget model, you should not panic prematurely and run to repair it, investing a lot of money. This can be done absolutely free. To begin with, thoroughly check all the sound settings to finally make sure that the sound is "covered". Then turn off the device and disassemble it, getting to the motherboard. Probably, oxidation has formed on it, dust has accumulated or dirt has got in. You need to remove all this with an ordinary toothbrush, which none of the household members use. At the same time, it does not hurt to clean the body and hard-to-reach places where dirt particles easily get. Verifysound, if everything is restored, carefully assemble the device and enjoy musical compositions again.

Old push-button phones

Water is enemy number one

In the case when the gadget suddenly decided to "swim" in the water, after drying and complete cleaning, the sound disappeared, the first thing to do is to examine all the icons that appear. The sign of listening in headphones, standing even when the headset is turned off, can interfere with the sound. To return the volume, you need to find and download the small SoundAbout application in the Market. In the installed program, select the "Speaker" options in the "Media audio" and "Background call audio" tabs.

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