How to disable autorun applications on Android: methods and recommendations

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How to disable autorun applications on Android: methods and recommendations
How to disable autorun applications on Android: methods and recommendations

The Android platform, like other operating systems, starts to work slower after a certain time. On expensive premium devices, the performance degradation is practically not felt, because they have a powerful processor and more than enough RAM. But not everyone can afford such gadgets, so for many this problem is more relevant than ever.

There can be many reasons for performance degradation, but the most likely and common, as a rule, is only one - the work of third-party programs in the background. That is, such applications are launched automatically at system startup and load the processor with RAM, thereby directly affecting the speed of the device.

The only viable option in this case is to disable autorun applications on Android and work without lags and brakes. But not everything is so simple in this matter,as it seems at first glance, and the platform, along with software developers, often throw up problems.

Should I disable auto-start apps?

If you install a dozen programs per platform every day, then there should be no problems here, in principle. Because the platform itself must, so to speak, fight for RAM. That is, if the performance of the gadget starts to fall, the system automatically closes unused applications to stabilize the OS.

autostart apps for android

It is possible to manually disable auto-start programs in Android, but this would be counterproductive and in some cases simply not needed. But it also happens that some program does not want to be closed even by the efforts of the platform itself. As a result, the processor is loaded, the RAM is cluttered, and the performance, together with the battery charge, tends to zero.

Features of the procedure

But you shouldn't turn off autorun applications on Android for everyone. There are also necessary exceptions, like official applications from Google and some kind of working anti-virus programs. Of course, the Android platform has good “foolproof” protection, and if you unknowingly try to stop system or really important processes, the system will warn you, and very persistently.

how to disable unnecessary apps

But the sad truth is that a good half of the programs downloaded from the Web (usually gaming and illegal) settle inautostart and prevents the operating system from working normally. And, as mentioned above, the only option left is to simply disable the automatic launch of applications on Android. This is exactly what we will try to do, since there are enough tools to solve this problem.

So, let's figure out how to disable autorun applications on Android and do it as painlessly as possible for both the platform itself and the user. Consider the main options for solving the problem and the features of different versions of the OS.

Disabling autorun on "Android 4.x.x"

Before you disable auto-start programs in Android, you need to find out which applications consume (and whether they consume at all) operating system resources. To do this, go to the gadget settings and open the "Applications" or "Application Manager" section.

how to view running applications

It's worth mentioning right away that disabling autorun of unnecessary processes in Android 4.2.2 by local means is only a temporary solution, and third-party software will be needed to make fundamental changes.

Process Features

Next, you need to find the "Running" tab and familiarize yourself with it. "Play Market" from "Google" mail clients and programs with a specific android icon should not be touched, but you need to take a closer look at the rest. Opposite each application, the occupied amount of RAM is displayed. According to this indicator, it is just possible to determine the voracity of the software. To disable, you must select an objectionable application andtap on "Force stop" and then answer "Yes" or "OK".

how to stop apps

If some suspicious utility is running in the background, it is also better to disable it. Autostart applications on Android will start after each reboot of the gadget, so the procedure will have to be repeated again and again. But often there is no need to restart the operating system, so this temporary solution suits many. As mentioned above, it will be possible to remove the autoloading of programs in Android only with the help of third-party task managers.

Disabling autorun on "Android 6.x.x"

It's not so easy with Marshmallow firmware. It is not clear why, but the developers have put the ability to disable autorun applications on Android 6.0.1 and in versions above, as they say, to hell with it. In principle, the new "Android" is very good in terms of optimization, flexibility of user settings and visual component. But the system functionality is hidden very well.

how to stop apps on 6 0

Before you disable autorun applications on "Android 6.x.x", you must enable developer mode. In the menu, go to "Settings", then "Information about the device", and then you need to click several times on the item "Build number". After that, the developer mode is activated and special functionality is available.

Features of the procedure

After that, you need to go back to "Settings", and the item "Developer options" will already appear there. Click on it and select a section"Launched Services". Here, by analogy with previous generations of the Android OS, there is a list of active applications. You can view the total running time of programs, their disk space and the amount of RAM.

To disable the process, you need to tap on the active application and select the "Turn off" item. Then the program should close. But this procedure, again, is a temporary solution to problems, and after a reboot, everything will be the same. You can completely get rid of the application in startup only by deleting it or adopting specialized third-party utilities. We will consider the most intelligent representatives of the latter below.


This is one of the most popular startup utilities for your mobile gadget. The software can be used with or without administrator rights (root). In the first case, the application will disappear from startup once and for all, and in the second case, you will have to make a couple of clicks after rebooting the gadget.

application management software

After installation, the utility will leave its widget on the desktop. By clicking on it, you will go to the working area of ​​the program. To exclude unnecessary applications from the list of autoloads, just click on the plus at the bottom of the screen and add the problematic program to the list of prohibited ones. With root rights, once is enough, and without them, you will have to open Greenify and confirm the previously performed actions.

The program interface is simple, clear, and even a beginner in this business can handle it, not to mention hardenedusers. The product is distributed under a free license, but there is also a paid version with advanced functionality. The latter will come in handy for advanced users, and ordinary modifications will be enough for ordinary users.


This application allows you to take full control over startup. Using the utility without administrator rights is meaningless, because the programs will be back in their places every time you reboot.

autoloading software

The software neatly and meticulously puts everything on the shelves. In the menu, you can configure what will be launched before, during and after the operating system boots. All processes are decoded as detailed as possible, which allows us to find out their interference in the platform with an accuracy of a byte.

The interface is simple and the tools are intuitive. In addition, the application is completely Russified, so no problems should arise. Here, in the menu, you can free up memory on internal and external drives, as well as play around with the battery consumption settings. The last moment allows you to turn off a good half of the system processes at a low charge and return them at a high one. Thresholds are easily adjusted in percentage terms.

The product has both paid and free modification, but, as in the case of Greenify, the first is completely unnecessary for ordinary users.

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