Determining the choice of a white or black iPhone

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Determining the choice of a white or black iPhone
Determining the choice of a white or black iPhone

Today, Apple products have captured most of the market for smartphones and other devices. This company dictates its brands, introduces innovations and is a leader in sales and net profit. The presence of an iPhone is no longer a surprise, many choose this particular phone for its design, uniqueness and popularity. Indeed, a very understandable interface for everyone, increased data security and other advantages of the iPhone among its competitors make it a symbol of the 21st century.

Black and white iPhone

Today, the line of this phone has become much more affordable than before. This is due to the fact that last year's iPhones are falling in price, and it is not difficult to guess that the earlier the smartphone was released, the cheaper it is at the moment. Since the past years, the immortal classic of black/white iPhone palettes has been diluted with new intermediate and complementary shades. Next, we will consider which iPhone is better - black or white. Let's track how the colors changed and how they harmonized with the design.

What to choose - white or black iPhone?

Priority onthe choice must certainly fall on your taste, for example, if the user does not like the white color at all, then it is impossible to force him to use a white iPhone. Of course, there are a number of subtleties that will directly affect the choice of device - your profession, wardrobe, lifestyle, and so on.

New iPhone 10

The advantages of white colors

If we do not take into account the fact that, according to statistics, girls buy white colors a little more often, then this color will interest everyone who wants to stand out from their surroundings. The white color of the flagship marks its brightness and attracts people's attention. In practice, it has been noted that highly visible prints do not appear on a white iPhone. One of the biggest draws of this palette is that it pairs well with any iPhone case. That is why the light range is the most suitable choice for girls who have more than a dozen cases in stock.

White iPhone on the background

Disadvantages of white color

Users who actively use their device know that at first the black border of the screen against the white front panel hurts the eye. The same situation with the Home button - on many versions it is also framed. According to most people, white is less practical than black. Visible defects in the form of scratches and scuffs on the back of the case. In addition, the smartphone quickly loses its unique look if carried casually without a protective case.

White iPhone 10

The benefits of black.Disadvantages

A classic color that will never go out of fashion and the hearts of those who appreciate style and rigor. Suitable for absolutely everyone, without exception, but is in special demand among business people. It goes well with a wardrobe of any complexity, taste and even nationality.

black iphone case

The phone in this color has exceptional practicality - it barely shows wear and dirt. Basically, the owners of such an iPhone like to wear it in a black, transparent case or without a case. Of great value to perfectionists is the monotony of color. Sometimes there are fingerprints on the back of the case, color inconsistency with many bright iPhone cases.

Two black iPhones

Alternative colors and features

  • iPhone 4/4S. This series was available in two colors of the iPhone - black and white. The stainless metal frame of the phone goes well with both colors.
  • iPhone 5C. Added new iPhone body colors - white, yellow, green, blue, pink. The case is made of durable plastic, it does not bend during bumps and falls, the paint does not peel off. However, against the background of bright colors, scratches are visible, which are often clogged with dust and dirt.
  • iPhone 5S. One of the most popular models of the past years. Decent value for money + style. Colors - silvery, gold, "gray space". Users of Apple technology really liked these varieties of colors, so the following models began to be released notmonotonous colors (black, white), and with the addition of the iPhone's gray gradient - white and black, which tend to a gray tint.
  • iPhone SE. A good attempt by developers and technologists to return to the proportions of the iPhone 5S that are loved by many, only with improved internal characteristics. Available colors are space grey, rose gold, silver, gold.
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus. The case design has been updated - the rear part of the case has been changed. In general, the phone has become thinner and larger, which has created a new trend for new iPhone models. Available in Silver, Gold and Space Grey.
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus. Improved model of the "six" + new color of the iPhone case "rose gold".
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus. Preservation of the proportions of past models, but the structure of the reverse side of the case has been changed. The 7 Plus has a revolutionary camera design. An expanded range of colors has appeared - gold, silver, red, black, "black onyx", "rose gold".
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus. The back of the case has been changed. The company decided to cut the color selection by two positions. Now the owners have colors - gold, silver, red, space gray.
  • iPhone X. A complete redesign of the phone. The absence of a front panel, a Home button, and a total change in the look of the camera captivated the hearts of millions of owners of previous versions. Apple provided a choice of only two colors - silver and space gray.
Screen blackiPhone


It is quite difficult to decide and choose any color of the phone. The future owner should start from his preferences, but do not forget about the nuances of a particular color, its compatibility with cases and other accessories. To date, the choice of a white or black iPhone is slightly incorrect in relation to models newer than the iPhone 5S. In this case, the question is in choosing a light or dark shade, or another color.

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