Smartphone "Lenovo S898T": description, specifications, prices

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Smartphone "Lenovo S898T": description, specifications, prices
Smartphone "Lenovo S898T": description, specifications, prices

Company "Lenovo" is a big fan of releasing proven devices in an updated form. The manufacturer slightly changes the characteristics - and a device with the addition "T" appears on the shelves of the store. That is how, in addition to the beloved S898, there was also a “T” version.


Lenovo S898t

The appearance of the device is fully consistent with the style of the company. In the outlines of "Lenovo S898t" one can easily recognize a representative of the middle class of the company. Roundness and metal-like plastic give the device solidity.

Of course, the device will not satisfy all expectations. Given that the phone is from the “S” series, that is, the middle class of devices, its appearance does not correspond to this situation. The smartphone is completely made of plastic. In the S898t, the body material is much inferior in quality to its predecessor. Even a weak blow can cause noticeable damage.

Lenovo S898t's screen protection is also lame. Despite the tempered glass, the user will break the display if the device fails to fall. Slightly improves the impression of being inphone oleophobic coating. You can forget about dirt and fingerprints that interfere with the sensor.

On the front of the mobile there is a display, a main speaker, sensors, a front camera, controls, a company logo and even a microphone. The glossy edge on the left is empty, and on the right is the volume control.

The rear part sheltered the camera, the main speaker, the flash, the noise-cancelling microphone, and the company logo. The back panel can be removed. Behind it is a battery, operator card slots and a slot for a USB flash drive. The device's power button is located at the top, at the end of the device, near the headset jack. There is a usb socket on the bottom of the phone.

The smartphone looks quite large, which is not surprising with a diagonal of 5.3 inches. However, the large size is smoothed out by a small weight, only 140 grams. Naturally, working with the device with one hand will be problematic, but the user will quickly get used to it.

As always, the number of colors produced by the manufacturer is minimal. The phone comes in standard white and black. Such a solution for a mid-range device looks rather ridiculous.

In general, the design is pleasant, although it has already flashed in the predecessors of the S898t. The device has a lot of flaws, but still remains attractive.


Inexpensive smartphones

The phone "Lenovo S898t" from the manufacturer received a 5.3-inch display. The size looks weird. One gets the impression that the company wanted to find a compromise between 5 and 5.5 and not make the device toooverall.

The screen resolution of the device is 1280x720. The feature looks attractive, but the pixels per inch are not the best. The phone received only 277 ppi - it's more like inexpensive smartphones. The user will occasionally notice subtle "cubes".

The sensor with excellent sensitivity will please the owner. Be sure to note the color rendition. The image comes out saturated with a slight bias towards cold tones.

The device has an IPS-matrix with all its charms. The screen even at medium brightness does not fade from the sun or strong lighting. Improved and viewing angles. Now the user can see the image at almost any angle with minimal distortion.

The display of the gadget is not bad, but there are no special advantages. The screen can be compared in characteristics even with some representatives of the budget class of the company.


Lenovo S898t phone

Lenovo has its Achilles' heel, and that's the battery. Regardless of the device class, the manufacturer installs weak batteries. The trouble did not bypass the "Lenovo S898t", which received only 2000 mAh.

Given the large screen and not the weakest hardware, the battery will last for 7-10 hours of continuous operation, depending on the functions used. In principle, with a low activity of the device, it will be enough for a day. In standby mode, the device can work up to two days.

The battery in the smartphone is removable, and this makes it possible to replace it withsimilar model with higher capacity. The reinforced battery will save the user from having to recharge the Lenovo S898t.


case for lenovo s898t

Matrix of 13 megapixels will please owners of "Lenovo S898t". Resolution specifications are 4128 by 3096 pixels. The picture taken by the main camera is detailed and has little noise.

With video, things are much worse. Although the video is recorded in HD, it cannot be called successful. The reason for this is not the best stabilizer and the lack of noise reduction. Most likely, the user will refuse to shoot a video, because the quality is lame.

Present in the S898t and the frontal matrix of 2 megapixels. The resolution of the front camera is 1600 by 1200. Unfortunately, unlike the main matrix, there are no additional functions in the front camera. Photos taken with the front eye are grainy, but still legible. The front camera is ideal for video calling, but you should not count on more.


Lenovo S898t Firmware

Chinese companies are increasingly equipping low-cost smartphones with budget MTK processors. The manufacturer S898t resorted to the same solution. The device received MTK6589T c with four cores, each at 1.5 GHz. Performance is pretty good. MTK processors have proven themselves in many of the company's phones.

RAM is rather meager for a middle-class device, only one gigabyte. Native memory also causes only sadness. The user was allocated 4 GB, of which the largestpart is reserved for Android. There is an opportunity to expand the memory capacity with a flash drive up to 32 GB.


Lenovo S898t price

The asking price for "Lenovo S898t" is not the most modest by the standards of the company. You can buy a device for 6-7 thousand rubles. Compared to other, more successful models released by Lenovo, this is a lot. Naturally, it is difficult to find a worthy competitor for S898t among other brands both in terms of features and price.


In the box, in addition to the phone itself, the buyer will find a standard set. The package includes: usb cable, headset, battery, AC adapter and documentation.

You can't do without additional purchases. For example, the cover for "Lenovo S898t" comes first in the list. The fragile material of the body necessarily needs additional protection. You will also need a flash drive to increase the amount of memory.


The device goes on sale with Android 4.2. Firmware "Lenovo S898t" is updated to a more recent version. If desired, the user can use the wireless installation or download a custom system.

As in other devices of the company, a proprietary shell is installed here. The interface is not particularly different from its predecessors. Together with the shell, the user will receive several non-removable applications and a basic set of programs.

Positive Feedback

Lenovo S898t specifications

All S898t owners speak positively about its screen. Telephonereally got a good display. The manufacturer cannot always provide a large diagonal with the necessary quality. In the S898t, performance is in perfect balance. The huge display shows rich and vibrant colors.

Advanced users were also interested in the possibility of updating the firmware. The factory system does not always show its best side. In addition, the new Android is always more interesting and more functional than the previous version.

The camera of the phone also attracted attention. A 13 megapixel matrix is ​​able to replace an ordinary soap box, which comes in handy. Although the video recording capabilities of the machine are not the best, the camera should not be underestimated.

Negative reviews

The main disadvantage of the S898t was its appearance. Modern devices are chosen by design, and the brainchild of Lenovo does not shine in this. In addition to an inconspicuous appearance, the assembly is also lame. Users found not only small gaps, but also unpleasant body squeaks.

The weak battery was not to the liking of people actively working with the device. The battery drains quickly, and the lack of fast charging technology literally ties the phone to a power outlet.

Unpleasant for buyers at "Lenovo S898t" price. Among the model range of the company, it is possible to choose a device with a similar cost and with fewer drawbacks.


Changes don't always make a phone better than its predecessor. On the example of the S898t, this is especially noticeable. The middle-class device is more like a budget series than an advanced smartphone. The manufacturer ignoredon the shortcomings that greatly spoiled the impression of the S898t.

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