Lenovo S8: stylish design and powerful hardware in one package

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Lenovo S8: stylish design and powerful hardware in one package
Lenovo S8: stylish design and powerful hardware in one package

Lenovo S8 became a stylish novelty of 2014. It combines a high-performance platform with an elegant appearance. At the same time, the price of this gadget is quite affordable - $ 175 at the moment, which makes it an excellent purchase.

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Package, appearance of the device and ergonomics

Relatively modest equipment for a device of this class. It includes the following components and accessories:

  1. Actually, the smartphone itself.
  2. A battery with a nominal capacity of 2000 milliamp/hours.
  3. USB/Micro USB cord.
  4. Charger.

Stereo headset, protective film and cover will have to be purchased separately for it. Only two color schemes exist at the moment: gray and gold. The latest Lenovo S8 GOLD variant is the most sought after. The phone looks very stylish and is somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone in a golden case. Its dimensions are quite impressive: 146 mm by 77 mm with a thickness of only 8 mm and a weight of 146 grams. The screen size is 5.3 inches. Manage it with onehands is still possible. The power button and volume rocker are neatly grouped in the upper right corner of the gadget. And the standard three touch control buttons are located below the display.

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Hardware, cameras and display

Let's continue the review of Lenovo S8 with the parameters of its hardware. He has a processor - MT 6592 with 8 cores on board revision "A7" and a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. Of course, it is impossible to get the highest number of test scores on it, but its capabilities are quite enough to solve all the problems that exist today. Complements this CPU graphics adapter Mali-450MP4. Of course, it does not have enough stars from the sky, but its hardware resources are quite enough for the comfortable launch of most applications. The main camera is based on a 13 megapixel matrix. It is equipped with almost everything possible. The only thing missing is the automatic image stabilization system. But this does not affect the quality of pictures and videos. Either way, the camera works flawlessly. There is also another camera with a matrix of 5 megapixels. It is displayed on the front cover of the gadget. According to this parameter, this smartphone model leaves many of its competitors far behind. In general, communication with with the help of this gadget brings only positive emotions. Another plus of this smart phone from Lenovo is a screen with a diagonal of 5.3 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720.

Memory and its capacity

Lenovo S8 is doing well with the memory subsystem. He has 2 GB of RAM. And the built-in flash drive has a standard capacity of 16 GB,of which 10 GB is allocated for the needs of the user. There is also a slot for installing memory cards standard "TransFlash" with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. In any case, the specified parameters will be enough for comfortable work on this device.

Battery and its capabilities

The Lenovo GOLDEN WARRIOR S8 has a fairly modest 2000 milliamp/hour battery. Reviews indicate that its one charge is enough for a day, a maximum of two. In reality, the battery capacity should be 2 times larger. And so, a processor with 8 cores and a screen with a diagonal of 5.3 inches “eat up” this battery very quickly. An external battery connected to the Micro USB port could be the solution, but this is no longer a very elegant solution for such a stylish device.


Operates Lenovo S8 running the most popular operating system for smartphones - "Android". At the moment, its firmware is based on version 4.2.2. On top of the OS, the standard for this manufacturer is Lenovo Laucher. There is also a rich set of utilities for social services and standard programs from Google. Everything else that you need to work on this smartphone will have to be installed from the Android Market.

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An impressive set of interfaces for this smartphone model. Everything is possible here. Therefore, problems with data transfer in the presence of such a gadget should not arise. The main ones are:

  1. "Wi-Fi" - allows you to exchange data with the Global Web of any size.The maximum speed is about 150 Mbps. With it, you can even download videos of impressive size and in any quality.
  2. "Bluetooth" is a standard for transmitting information over a short distance and at a low speed. Ideal for when small files need to be transferred to a similar device (such as a mobile phone or smartphone).
  3. Mobile networks of the 2nd or 3rd generation allow you to send and receive various messages, make calls and exchange data at a maximum speed of several Mbps.
  4. There is also a GPS navigation sensor. With it, you can turn this smartphone into a full-fledged navigator.
  5. Wired MicroUSB interface.
  6. The last important port is the 3.5mm jack for external speakers. It is not included in the kit, so you have to buy separately.
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And what do we have?

The Lenovo S8 is the perfect combination of design, price and performance. Everything in this smartphone is there: a fast multi-core central processor, a powerful graphics adapter, a large amount of memory and a large screen size. Cons, in turn, he has 2. The first of them is a modest package. But with the desire and the availability of additional material resources, this issue can be resolved. The second significant drawback is the small capacity of the complete battery. It can also be solved with the help of a second external battery, which will have to be purchased separately. But in this case, the appearance of the device deteriorates. And so it isgreat buy today. It has everything you need for comfortable work.

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