International community "Elevrus": real reviews, earnings or fraud

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International community "Elevrus": real reviews, earnings or fraud
International community "Elevrus": real reviews, earnings or fraud

Earning money on the Internet is what everyone dreams of. True, not everyone can realize their desire. Therefore, on the Internet there is a lot of talk about the so-called mutual funds. For example, "Elevrus". Real reviews about this organization are what will help you understand whether you can earn money in this way or not. Let's take a closer look at this organization. Maybe we have nothing more than the most common deception?

eleurus real reviews

What is an internet fund

It is important to understand what a virtual mutual fund is. "Elevrus" just refers to the number of such organizations. Such "enterprises" appeared a very long time ago. What are they?

In reality "Elevrus" is a pyramid of economic type. Exactly the same as any other so-called mutual fund. The main advantage of these organizations is that they promise you a full return on your deposits. That is earnings. Daily income varies depending on the type of organization. And in fact, you get a constant passive income. Very convenient, isn't it? Butdoes such a method really exist? What real reviews about the Elevrus Foundation are left by participants and simply users of the World Wide Web? Let's try to figure it all out.


To begin with, the promises the organization makes to us are more than tempting. First, you will receive, as already mentioned, earnings. And secondly, various drawings are very often held among the project participants. And the prizes are quite impressive: sometimes equipment, sometimes decorations. In general, everything that a modern person may need.

Project Eleurus is a mutual aid fund that positions itself as an international organization. So, the participants there are not only from Russia. The project management assures us that you will receive your first earnings the very next day. True, you have to invest a little. And income will depend on your contribution.

eleurus pyramid

Elevrus managers say that their organization is nothing but the best means to achieve their goal. For example, you will now be able to develop spiritually. And creative too. After all, earning will no longer be a problem. Just withdraw money to a card or an electronic wallet when necessary, and then spend it as you like.

Very tempting, isn't it, earnings? "Elevrus", as you might think, is just a dream. But for some reason, some users are skeptical about such organizations. Why does this happen?


"Elevrus" is a pyramid scheme that promises its participants simply unrealistic earnings. And just this fact makes you think several times before joining the community. In addition, the "work" conditions are also questionable.

What should I do? Join the community and then invite a few more people to the organization. They, in turn, invite new members, and so on. Everyone, of course, invests some amount of money in development. And you get income. Here is such a pyramid this "Elevrus" (international community).

As many people say, do not trust this kind of organizations. After all, it turns out that money just falls on your head just like that. But, as practice shows, this does not really happen in real life. To fully understand what is at stake, let's introduce some specifics.

eleurus fund

On the day you can get an income of approximately 0.8-2% of the amount of your investments. That is, the more you pay, the more profit you get. In a year, as the managers assure, about 202% of income from investments is obtained. Quite large amounts. Especially if we take into account the fact that a person will really start to invest decent money in an organization to increase his own income. "Elevrus" - divorce or truth? It is rather difficult to understand.


Nevertheless, some people still willingly believe (even somewhere in the back of their minds) that pyramid schemes and mutual funds will help them make money. And for this reason they becomeparticipants. Anyone can do this with a few mouse clicks.

The thing is that registration in the "Elevrus" fund is not much different from the usual registration of a user on a particular site. The only thing that can confuse is the requirement to enter bank data, passport data, and also give your address of residence. In principle, if we discard all the risks, then this is quite a normal phenomenon. After all, project managers should know where to charge you money to withdraw funds!

After a short registration process, you will become a member of the mutual fund. Elevrus is an international community that really helps to make money. And all that is needed for this is a small investment at the very beginning and registration. As already noted, all this is quite a dubious pleasure. It turns out that huge earnings will appear literally out of thin air. When a person understands this, he thinks. "Elevrus" - a scam or a real way to earn money? What do the members of this organization say directly?

Happiness comes to us

Of course, on the Internet you can find a lot of different opinions about our today's project. And it's hard to figure out what's true and what's false. After all, someone assures that Elevrus is a conscientious company that pays out funds. And some people think and say something completely different. Distinguishing lies from reality is difficult.

Most often you can find more or less positive opinions about the fund "Elevrus". Real reviews say that the first receipts onyour bill will indeed be around tonight. Or the next day. Their size depends on your initial investment. As already mentioned, the more you invest, the better. After all, then the profit will be big.

eleurus reviews are negative

Many participants say that this fund helped them change jobs and do what they love. In other words, this is a fairly solid income. "Elevrus" saved people from the issues of providing for their families and themselves. You can sit at home, do what you like, and even not think that you will be fired, your money will run out, and so on. Just a fairy tale, not life. And people who have not yet joined the project, having read such opinions, unconditionally join the fund. Is it correct? Maybe there is a catch somewhere?

Job or fund

For example, the truth is that real reviews about the Elevrus Foundation are extremely rare in practice. In other words, all these beautiful songs about "free" earnings are nothing but fairy tales. At least that's what a smart person might think. Money just doesn't come from nowhere. And no one "beautiful eyes" will help you with earnings.

The first pitfall people face is the choice between work and foundation. In fact, in order to get a good return from Elevrus, you will also have to invest heavily. And where to get money for this? Only earn. If you have already deposited quite a lot of money, then you will have an irresistible desire to quit real money.job.

This is the first sign that we are facing nothing more than the most common deception. All virtual earnings that really exist encourage users to work. Not just sit and mind your own business. So pay attention to this fact before going through the registration process on the Elevrus website. After all, if you make a mistake, you can not only lose your job in the future, but also be left without a livelihood. And sometimes get bogged down in debts, credits and loans.

Withdraw funds

All the negativity about the project begins when the immediate question arises of withdrawing the money you have earned. To be honest, in this regard, "Elevrus" receives negative reviews almost constantly. But, as practice has shown, such opinions are very quickly removed from various sites. And people can't read them.

eleurus international community

What do users who have problems withdrawing money say? For example, the fact that funds began to disappear from the bank card linked to the account. Or that the funds are simply not withdrawn. That is, they are on a virtual account, when making a transfer, they are debited, but they never come to the card balance. It turns out that you just donated your funds. In such cases, "Elevrus" absolutely always receives negative reviews. Nobody wants to be deceived. But in practice, it turns out that this is how it is - they simply "pull" money from you and charge some virtual funds without the possibilitytheir use.


The financial pyramid is an extremely unstable thing. Therefore, some members of the organization express their negative attitude towards the Elevrus project. Actual feedback often reflects concerns about the sustainability of the system. Will she collapse? After all, many similar projects have already "covered themselves with a copper basin", deceiving many of their participants and taking all the funds for themselves.

As the management assures, "Elevrus" will not collapse. But people are skeptical about such promises. The thing is that the same financial pyramid "MMM" fell very quickly. And behind it, other similar projects began to appear and fade away. Statistics show that, on average, a mutual aid financial fund lives for about 2-5 years. After that, it either closes, or it is recognized as a fraud and an illegal way of money laundering. After such statements, the organization is closed. And other similar firms are coming to replace it.

Reading real reviews about the Elevrus Foundation, you can see that the lion's share of users, especially those who speak negatively about the organization, are sure that the fund will close in the next few years. Or it will be closed for deceit. That is, they are advised not to even begin to cooperate with the leadership and community managers.

Proof of work

There are a lot of reviews with screenshots on the Internet now. That is, with screenshots of computer screens. They usually show the process of withdrawing money from the Elevrus system. This is necessary in order to convince people that the community really pays and helpsothers.

In fact, such evidence cannot be trusted. After all, this is all the work of "Photoshop" in most cases. Especially if the earnings in the picture are huge. Plus, you do not need to trust the photographs illustrating the withdrawal of money to a bank card. Now, with the help of specialized programs, even a schoolboy will be able to make such a fake in order to convince gullible users that they are right.

eleurus divorce

One conclusion can be drawn so far: "Elevrus" is a hoax. But why then are there so many good opinions about this company on the Internet? Maybe people are just doing something wrong?


Not at all. It's just that someone was paid for the fact that the user left a good review of the pyramid scheme. This is a common practice. Especially when it comes to some product or technique.

That is, good reviews on the Internet about the Elevrus project should not be trusted. As practice shows, the negative is also ordered in the direction of competitors. But this is a very rare occurrence. Please note - all reviews about "Elevrus" will say how well a person can earn "just like that, doing nothing." And at the same time, you will be given several screenshots with withdrawals. Pure deception. Be skeptical of opinions that are too short or long ones that describe all the benefits of the community in colors.

What to look out for

Especially attentive users, even at the stage of reviewing the organization's website, can understand what is in front of them - the truth orFalse. And in the case of "Elevrus" we can say for sure - we have before us a real deception. What to look out for?

For example, the website template. Sometimes the web pages of mutual funds differ only in the name and photographs of the management + personal information of the project managers. Everything else is the same.

Next is nothing but beautiful promises of big earnings. No man will reveal his secrets of good profits. After all, this is competition. Unnecessary hassle, in other words. Plus, on the website of "Elevrus" you will definitely find positive reviews about the company. But there will be no negative opinions here. This should also be a concern. In general, the list can go on for a very long time. But the main key points are already known to us.

eleurus project


So it's time to sum up our today's conversation. "Elevrus" - is it a scam or a real way to make good money? Of course, the answer is simple - a pure trap for gullible investors. Quite a common way to extract money from people.

Perhaps only the leadership of the community really makes money on the project. They simply "breed" users so that they invest in the project. And that's it. When the danger of full disclosure draws near, most likely the executives will simply abscond with the money. And the Elevrus fund will be closed once and for all. Don't trust international mutual aid communities and you won't be fooled.

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