Mutual fund "Mercury": reviews. Fraud or real money?

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Mutual fund "Mercury": reviews. Fraud or real money?
Mutual fund "Mercury": reviews. Fraud or real money?

So, today we will find out with you what the Mercury mutual fund is, reviews about it and its activities, and we will also try to figure out how you can make money on the World Wide Web. In addition, let's also consider with you some of the ways of fraud. After all, this is what will help us not to become victims of deception.

Mercury mutual fund reviews

What is this?

Project address - "Mercury" is a mutual fund, which we will study today. At this address you can get acquainted with what the site creators and project managers offer us. Let's see what we have to deal with today.

The situation is as follows: everyone wants to earn money and not put any effort into it. Offers that help us realize our dreams through the Internet look especially tempting. That is why the Mercury mutual fund was created, reviews of which we will read a little later. First, let's see what it is.

You can find it at "Mercury" (mutual fund) is nothing but a real financial pyramid. Now welet's see what's good and what's bad here.

First meeting

So, let's start with the fact that our today's site is important for both Russia and Ukraine. It works on the territory of these countries. So if you live outside of them, you will have a hard time. Mutual fund "Mercury", reviews of which we will see today, is a way to make money on the Internet.

mutual fund mercury russia

Visit the main page and study it carefully. If nothing alarmed you, you can register and see how this system works. To be honest, it is very difficult to find those who will immediately start working. Mutual Fund "Mercury" (Russia) received quite a lot of feedback, which can be studied at any time. Nevertheless, we can see with you what administrators and project managers promise us.

As a rule, all the main information is published on the first page. It is enough to visit the site and see what they promise us. Earnings, trust, quick income - this is what they lure us to. To be honest, the Mercury project (mutual fund) is a rather suspicious thing. And today we will tell you why.

Registration does not cause us any suspicions yet. Everything is pretty formulaic. So we can try to start contacting this project. Mutual Fund "Mercury" (Russia) has already attracted many.

Trying our hand

And why is this resource so popular? Of course, the so-called passiveincome. That's how he beckons. As already mentioned, who does not want to receive money, but do nothing at the same time? Probably everyone dreams of this.

Once you have registered, you can start making profits. When performing certain work, "golden mountains" promises "Mercury" (mutual fund). Ukraine or Russia - it doesn't matter where you live. And the work is to attract more users to the project.

mercury mutual fund negative reviews

Actually, it's not that difficult, especially if you have many friends and acquaintances who agree to participate in the project. You compose an ad, place it on specialized sites, and then indicate your referral link for registration. That's all. After the user registers, you will begin to receive not only passive income, but also bonuses for attracting people. The Mercury Mutual Fund is a pyramid that you and the rest of the participants are building. At the same time, you are promised that it will be very stable. Let's see what else you can see when you get started.


The most interesting item that can only contain the so-called "Mercury" mutual fund, reviews of which we will study today, is a special calculator. It helps us to calculate how much we will receive "passive".

The thing is that the Mercury project (mutual fund) gives us income from our own contribution. The larger the deposited amount,the more we earn. The maximum you can deposit is 500,000 rubles. For this, you will receive about 21,000 passive income per month. It's a hefty sum per year. With all this, you are guaranteed that you will not have to do anything.

In addition, the calculator has a small postscript, which says that if you are active, your income will increase. By whom? The people you invite will take care of it. Your additional income will depend on their contributions. Tempting, isn't it? But let's not jump to conclusions and take a closer look at Mercury (the mutual fund). Negative reviews are not uncommon here. Now let's see why.

Everything is fine

But first, let's look at the more positive aspects that can only be related to our today's topic. For example, a rather interesting situation is that on the World Wide Web you can find a lot of positive opinions about the work of the project.

pmvf net mercury mutual fund

Users write that the scheme proposed by "Mercury" really works. All this is confirmed by numerous screenshots of payments and earnings. Naturally, if a person sees that someone receives 100,000 rubles per month, then such a user will immediately run to register. After all, earnings are very tempting. Especially when it's all confirmed. And not once, but many times.

Unfortunately, as some users point out, "Mercury" (mutual fund) is a pure scam. Let's see whatyou should pay attention so as not to lose your own money and not go into the "minus".


It's no secret that pyramid schemes are unstable, especially if they are carried out exclusively through the World Wide Web. Such "communities" have one interesting property - to disintegrate. With all this, the fall is observed when a huge number of users took part in the project.

"Mercury" - a mutual fund (negative reviews about him can be found quite often), which is no exception. Now this project is alive, but we have no guarantee that tomorrow it will not "die", and our money will really return to us, and even increased.

If anyone else doubts, let's remember with you the great financial pyramid "MMM". It was she who deceived many people who hoped to make a profit. This project failed, leaving everyone with a nose. But the leader profited decently from the stupidity and gullibility of society. So keep in mind: "Mercury" is also a pyramid that can fall apart at any moment.

project mercury mutual fund

What they say

And now let's move on to the specifics. What exactly do users say about this project? Is everything really that good or bad? We will see it now.

If we discard the paid flattery, we can see that our project is not at all as good as it seems. Users are already complaining about being scammed. They contributed money, someeven invited comrades, but did not receive any income. Although it has been quite some time since the start of work.

In addition, you can also find words that say that now a lot of spam and unnecessary mailing comes to the email address of users. And there is no way to get rid of it. As you can see, our today's project is not a very good thing. But what if you still want to earn at home? Let's see.

Working from home

In general, work at home in the modern world is very, very much. However, if you want to do something that has to do with the Internet, there are some pretty interesting options.

The first way is to make money on Internet surfing. Browse websites and ads, and you get paid for it. Money is not like this

mercury mutual fund ukraine

The money isn't that big, but it's still better than participating in Mercury.

The second scenario is a job for hire. You are given a task and deadlines for the delivery of work, you agree on the cost of the work and complete it. After that, you are credited with money. It is this option that is the most popular method of earning.

Another way is to write ebooks or real books. Now absolutely anyone can do this activity. True, this option is suitable for those who have a great imagination. As a last resort, you can write tips on home economics, needlework, cooking, and so on. This is also a rather interesting method of earning and no less profitable thanperformance of work for hire. But not everything is always so good. Let's now see what kind of scammers we meet on the way.


We have already met with one type of fraud today. This is nothing but financial pyramid schemes. They are the favorite method of fraud.

In addition, if you decide to work at home at the computer, then be wary of job advertisements for PC operators, as well as typists and so on. This is also a scam. Just close ads like this.

mercury mutual fund scam

Another scenario is an interview after completing the test task. Probably, it is not even worth explaining how this scheme works. Be careful when trying to surf the internet. Avoid pyramid schemes and ways that require you to invest.

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