Frisbee payment system (Yekaterinburg): features and benefits of the service

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Frisbee payment system (Yekaterinburg): features and benefits of the service
Frisbee payment system (Yekaterinburg): features and benefits of the service

Ekaterinburg payment system "Frisbee" provides all the financial needs of the inhabitants of the city of the region. These services are designed to facilitate the free exchange of money in the virtual space. This is their main difference from the postal transfer. The key to the popularity of such resources is efficiency, convenience and security.

There are many examples of payment systems that cover the whole world or operate within a country. There are also systems that operate within one large city and region, and are focused on local residents. An example is the Frisbee payment system (Ekaterinburg), which operates within the same region and is gradually expanding its presence in the market. It will be discussed further.

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The payment system of Ekaterinburg "Frisbee" appeared more than 16 years ago. At first it served the city, over time it took a leading position in the entire region. Gradually, through this virtual e-commerce site, it became possible to make many payments online. The company has opened several showrooms with Frisbee cash desks (Yekaterinburg). Here, existing and potential customers of the company can consult with specialists on all issues of interest. Many Yekaterinburg residents know Frisbee's addresses in Yekaterinburg and visit them when making the necessary amounts to cover urgent loans and urgent expenses. Here are some of them:

  • Canyon shopping center, st. 40 years of October, 54;
  • Shopping center "Kalinka", st. 40 years of October, 75;
  • Shop "Pyaterochka", st. Agronomic, 30.

The company has a 24/7 hotline.

Where are payments accepted?

A registered client on the Frisbee website opens a personal account where you can easily regulate and analyze your expenses, as well as control incoming income. You can pay for the following options of the necessary account replenishment for customers:

  • payment for all utility items (water, electricity, gas, solid waste removal, etc.);
  • the services of cellular operators (mobile communications), intercom, Internet, preschool institutions, kindergarten, mugs are also paid here;
  • you can also pay fines and make a contribution to the loans of those banks that support thissystem.

The above list shows that the Yekaterinburg Frisbee payment system provides a large list of functions that can be performed within a vast region.

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Recently, transfers can be made not only by residents of this region, but also by residents of Omsk. The system is gradually expanding its geography, mastering the market of the Urals and Siberia.

System advantages:

  • instant transfer of money from one bank account to another;
  • fast and secure payment of current needs;
  • no queues;
  • large throughput and system reliability.

These benefits are reinforced by the fact that the transfer fee is minimal.

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Personal account

The Frisbee payment system in Yekaterinburg has its own modern website, where any user can register a personal account and make payments safely. Registration provides the following benefits:

  • all information about completed financial transactions is stored, you can always find information about the amount and where the money was transferred;
  • transactions for money transfers are immediately reflected in your account;
  • work "Frisbee" (Yekaterinburg) is different in that all information is automatically sent to e-mail;
  • important is the fact that information and information about bonuses will also be instantly received by the client.

A very important point is that any document executed in your personal account is saved automatically.

Frisbee card

When registering in your personal account, a plastic card is issued upon arrival at any Frisbee branch. It differs from a regular bank card in that it contains information about the client and all transactions that were made within the system.

She is an important element in the interaction between the customer and Frisbee. In general, it helps to carry out maintenance much faster, in addition, it is a backup medium in case there are any failures in the system and data is lost.

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"Frisbee" encourages its customers and implements a loy alty program. With frequent use of the system, users are awarded bonus points. When a certain amount is accumulated, the client has the opportunity to receive a prize, choose a gift, receive a discount or take advantage of the complete cancellation of commission fees for some types of payments.

Main differences from other payment systems

"Frisbee" is a regional payment system. The service is gradually expanding its network in the Siberian region. The advantages of the resource over similar systems are as follows:

  • own network of payment points;
  • low commission;
  • using a "single window", which allows you to serve several services at once;
  • own terminals.

All this allows the system to maintain a stable position in the market, provide quality customer service and demonstrate steady growth.

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