"Bonusmall": site reviews. How to win at the Bonusmall auction?

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"Bonusmall": site reviews. How to win at the Bonusmall auction?
"Bonusmall": site reviews. How to win at the Bonusmall auction?

People have always been interested in getting something for free. This explains our love for gifts, discounts, various bonuses and winnings.

One way to express our love for freebies is to buy at the so-called Scandinavian auctions. You may have heard of them if you were wondering how you can buy something cheaper.

How such an auction works and what it is, we will describe below. Also in this article we will talk about one of the most interesting projects in the field of online trading on the Russian-speaking Internet - the Bonusmall auction. Feedback from users who have already managed to work with this service is attached.

Scandinavian auction system

So, to begin with, let's explain the system of operation of such auctions. The main principle, which is that the lot is taken by the user who made the largest bid, is preserved here. True, the meaning is somewhat different - trading for goods does not take place in the usual price form, but in the form of microbets step by step.

"Bonusmall" reviews

Say, if in a usual auction a user can bid 50, 75, 100 rubles for a product, depending on how much he is willing to spend, thensystem of Scandinavian auctions, this step is fixed. For example, it is equal to 10 kopecks. Consequently, a person cannot dramatically increase the value of the lot and, thus, take it away by paying more than others. He is obligated to bid until the auction ends or trading stops.

Auctions and shops in Russia

There are many online stores in the domestic Internet space. The form of their activity is quite simple - you just need to order a product, pay for it and receive it in the most convenient way. We also have quite a few auctions where bids are made and whoever pays the most gets the item. However, the form of Scandinavian auctions does not take root in us so actively. Most of these services are outright fraud, extorting users of their money. The Bonusmall auction that we would like to tell you about in this article is one of the few that can really please you with cheap goods.

Bonusmall - an opportunity to save on purchases

Bonusmall auction reviews

The auction in question talks about the possibility of buying a smartphone like iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 tablet for only 100-200 rubles. The organizers promise that the one who makes the last bid in the auction for the specified item will have the opportunity to purchase it at an incredibly low price.

Judging by the information that the reviews contain about Bonusmall, all this is the purest truth. People can really get cool stuff for really cheap and they actually get a lot sent.mail in the most convenient way. You just need to understand that getting a chance to pick up a phone at such a price is very difficult. There is huge competition at each of the auctions, every few seconds someone tries to outbid your bid and thus “steal” the lot.

You might think: what is the point of such an auction to give away expensive equipment for a penny? Is the store operating at a loss? Nothing like this! Read on for details.

How does Bonusmall work?

So, you already know that you can pick up vehicles here by placing bets. Each move in the auction is equal to 10 kopecks. Thus, if Petya bets after Sasha, then the price of the iPhone 6 increases by exactly 0.1 rubles, for example, from 139.5 to 139.6 rubles as a result. True, attention: the actual cost of the bet is 10 rubles. That is, Petya actually spends not 10 kopecks on a bet, but 100 times more - 10 rubles. And the rate itself is 10 kopecks. exists in order to attract other bidders - they say, look how cheap.

reviews about the site "Bonusmall"

Therefore, the conclusion is obvious: in fact, in the iPad Air 2, which is sold at a price of 140 rubles (which equals 1400 bets of 10 kopecks), people have invested 100 times more - 1400100=140 thousand rubles. Accordingly, if such a lot goes not for 140, but for 200 or 300 rubles, the final amount that the resource administrators will receive will increase proportionally.

How to bid?

The bidding system of the Bonusmall auction (reviews confirm this) is quite simple. They are made with one click.In addition, it is possible to connect "autopilot" - a system that will continue to bet even when the user is offline. Again, automating the process of increasing the cost of goods plays into the hands of resource administrators, since in this case there are more users, and the final amount of profit will be higher.

"Bonusmall" how to win

The auction continues until no move has been made within 20 seconds (sometimes 15). Thus, it turns out that users themselves determine how long they will fight for the lot and what will be its final cost. True, you need to understand that one bet costs 10 rubles. As an exception, you can remember the bonus rates that are given upon registration if you find an error in the description of the product, as well as if you bring friends, put a “like” on social networks, and so on. Of course, you don't have to pay for bonus bets. As evidenced by Bonusmall reviews, many auction participants play on free bets, thus reducing their final losses in case of loss.

What to do if you lose?

Speaking of failure, by the way. Yes, since only one person can win one product, it is obvious that everyone cannot be lucky here, someone will leave with nothing. Such people may then shout that Bonusmall is a scam that does not keep its promises. But believe me, it's not.

The organizers have made a system that reduces the loss of players in case of loss. It consists in giving the opportunity to redeem goods at the price of the Internet.store, taking into account the funds that went to the rates. Agree, this is true for those who have already invested a lot of money in the trading process. True, then do not expect to pick up the goods for free (as happens in the case of a win). You will have to pay for the services of the transport company.

Delivery and payment for goods

As they write about "Bonusmall" reviews, the cost of delivery varies depending on the region where the package will go. If this is Russia, and the price of the lot is less than 5000 rubles, all this will cost you 500 rubles, if more - 1500. If the buyer is from the CIS countries, he will pay 1800 rubles, and the one who is in Europe - 2300 rubles. As you can see, the audience of players is not limited to one RF, which is good, because it allows you to create competition for goods.

"Bonusmall" reviews divorce

Reviews on the Bonusmall website show that even with an overpayment for transport services, buying things that you have already bid for is profitable because of good prices. The cost of some goods here is even lower than in other online shops. And this again plays into the hands of both the organizers of the site and ordinary bidders.

Win recommendations

Well, having described the system of this resource, it remains only to reveal the secrets of Bonusmall: how to win, what determines the victory in the auction, how to pick up the goods as cheaply as possible.

"Bonusmall" divorce

Unfortunately, there are no single recommendations here: the chances that you will become the next owner of the iPhone 6 for 200 rubles are exactly the same as those of othersparticipants. However, experts insist that it is necessary to be active in the process of trading. Do your best to block your opponents' step, even despite the high costs - if the latter do not pay off, you can always buy the lot at a fixed price. Of course, you need to bet more and more often - this is the only way you have the opportunity to beat your competitors and be the last one in the auction. True, expecting it to be easy is not worth it.

The auction itself would not function if everyone could safely buy an expensive gadget extremely cheaply.

auction "Bonusmall"

And so, it turns out that the victory here is a big financial and monetary investment. And many users simply give up, starting to leave such reviews about Bonusmall: divorce, scammers, and so on. You should remember: if someone succeeded in something, be sure that it is available to you. The main thing is to try your hand, and you will definitely succeed. At the same time, remember that it is not worth investing more in the lot than you would like to pay for a new device. It didn't work out this time - wait for the next one.

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