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Internet auction Bonusmall: reviews
Internet auction Bonusmall: reviews

Somehow we didn't notice: over the past few years, in addition to traditional shopping centers, shops and markets, another place has appeared near us where you can buy almost everything you need - the Internet. This is truly a gigantic trading platform that continues to develop, despite the fact that billions are already being turned around here.

Online auctions

In addition to traditional online stores that operate on a simple “order-receive” scheme, auctions also operate on the Web. They are arranged in the same way as real ones - users place a bet on a certain product, after which the winner wins it. The advantage of auctions over stores is obvious - here everyone has a chance to get a lot at a lower price than the one announced by the seller. No wonder such services have become quite popular.

Step-by-step auction system

True, in addition to the "traditional", there are also extraordinary, "step by step" auctions. We will talk about one of these today, it is called Bonusmall. Reviews about this site, as well as its description and characteristics, participation rules and even some "pitfalls" that you should beware of, we will describe in this article.

Bonusmall reviews

Afor now, let's briefly note that such auctions are called "step by step" for one simple reason - bids in them are made not at the discretion of the user, but according to certain steps. For example, wanting to buy item X, a person at a regular auction can put 100, 200, 500 or 1000 rubles (at his discretion). In step-by-step auctions, which is (reviews about it will confirm this), you can place bids in a fixed form. For example, each of the participants can increase the cost of the lot by 10 kopecks. This means that players cannot bet 5, 10 or 50 rubles - they are limited to increments of 0, 1 rubles.

Site Reviews

As mentioned above, Bonusmall also works according to this scheme. As you might have guessed, this leads to the fact that some lots here gain in value no more than 200-300 rubles. We are talking about smartphones like LG G3 or iPhone 6, as well as tablet computers like iPadAir 2. The prices are really ridiculous, aren't they?

Therefore, it is not surprising that many are wondering how this can be. You can find out by reading reviews about Bonusmall. "Divorce and scam" - that's what first comes to mind about this site for most visitors. However, this is not actually the case.

There is a lot of evidence on the web that Bonusmall really honestly sends won equipment to auction winners for a ridiculous price. Moreover, the auction site has the contact details of its organizers, the legal address - everything you need to confirm their honesty.

Bonusmall enreviews

How does Bonusmall work?

You ask: “What's the catch? What is the point of giving a store equipment that costs 80 thousand rubles (for example) for 200-300 rubles? And this question is obvious, so let's hasten to answer it, based on the rules for placing bets.

In fact, the auction does not work at a loss. The catch lies in the need to make "steps" and, of course, in the cost of each bet. Judge for yourself: you cannot increase the cost of the lot by more than 10 kopecks in one move. Thus, if a product costs 100 rubles, this means that a total of 1000 bets were made by users. Each of them, according to the rules, costs 10 rubles. It turns out that every 100 rubles paid for a particular product corresponds to 10,000 real rubles that will be spent by bidders. Of course, you should take into account the so-called "bonus" bets that the site gives for free.

And now let's go to the auction site, where we will see the following: the same iPhone 6 has already gained 6 thousand rubles in price. With the help of simple calculations, we determine: the Bonusmall online auction (which we will post reviews later in the text) received about 600 thousand rubles from users in the form of rates. Agree, this is several times higher than the face value of this device. Here is the answer to the question of why the store needs it.

What can I buy here?

http Bonusmall ru reviews

If you look at the list of lots that are already at auction, we can conclude that the well-known and popularproducts. This is understandable: the user is more interested in fighting for the iPhone 6 than betting on a lesser-known and cheaper model.

Thus, on Bonusmall (reviews are proof of this) you can find Apple equipment (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook); "flagship" models of the most famous mobile manufacturers (Samsung Galaxy S6, Microsoft Lumia 532), as well as other popular electronics (GoPro camera, HP Pavillion 15 laptop, xBoxOne, Dr. Dre headphones and more). In addition to all this, you can also purchase betting packages here. The benefit in acquiring them lies in the further reduction in the cost of each of them. For example, in this way you can win 1000 bets in the future, and with their help try to get a bigger prize.

Where to start?

Bonusmall reviews are negative

The answer is simple - to try to participate, you need to register at User reviews indicate that this is quite simple to do - you need to go through a standard registration form, indicating your data. After you do this, you will be credited with "bonus" bets in the amount of 20 pieces. In addition, the site also distributes such bonuses for creating pictures and videos with the won product, for reviews and their distribution from lot winners.

Actually, after completing the registration procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with the interface of the service, after which you can start betting. Experts recommend not to rush and not to bet on various expensive lots like iPhones and iPads. Dothis is not worth it for the reason that you will simply lose your bonuses at the initial stage, after which you will be forced to buy betting packages at a price of 10 rubles apiece.

Try your hand at less competitive bidding, say for small bonus bet packages. There, as a rule, the competition is many times less than at the "top" auctions, which means that you have the opportunity to understand how everything works and, in addition, get a small gift.

It is also recommended to take "steps" at the last moment, just before the closing of the auction. Obviously, it is still quite difficult to win in this way - you will not be the only one who will bet just before the end of the auction. However, this will at least increase your chances.


online auction Bonusmall reviews

Bets on (reviews say the same) are the main "currency". In view of this, we describe some of the most common ways to obtain them. Because if you have the information, you can reduce the cost of each of them from 10 rubles to 0.

So, first of all, we should remember the 20 bids for registration, which are given to us by the Bonusmall online auction. Reviews point out that this help is not that significant, but with it you can start trading without depositing real money. Secondly, as mentioned above, bonuses can be received for content with won goods. Both a photo and a captured video will do. You can win 100 bets for a photo, and 200 bets for video filming with the opening of a box with a product. True, of course, you need towin something to shoot.

Thirdly, reviews of the website mention the so-called "happy hours". This is the period when packages with rates are sold for up to 25 percent off their base price. It is impossible to know exactly when this will be, since this period of time is chosen randomly.

Fourthly, there are also bonuses for finding errors on the site. So, if you find any typo in the characteristics of the product and report it to the administration, you will receive 10 rates. The number of such assistance packages is unlimited.

Bet conditions

Of course, there are some conditions on the site regarding the betting system. For example, the time during which the user must make a “step” of cost is from 15 to 20 seconds. If no bids are made during this time, the auction will be considered ended.

auction Bonusmall reviews

In addition to sitting and pressing a button manually, the user also has the option to set up what is known as "autopilot". This is a function that allows each participant to place bets in a delayed form, without direct personal participation. On the one hand, if you read reviews about Bonusmall, it will become clear that it is convenient. Yes, you are not required to stay on the site 24 hours a day, but they allow you to set up a program that will do everything by itself. On the other hand, this feature significantly reduces the chances of everyone to win, since there is a high probability that even at 3 o’clock in the morning someone has set up their “autopilot”, and therefore you will not be able to “take away” this or that product.succeed.

Guarantees for losers

Meanwhile, the advantage of Bonusmall (user reviews confirm this) is that the auction allows you to "return" the money spent on bets. This is done by surcharge and full redemption of the lot. Moreover, its cost will already include the amount paid for those bets that did not win, at a price of 10 rubles per piece.

This is beneficial if, for example, you made bets for 10 thousand rubles, while the face value of the product (you can find it in the description) is about 20-30 thousand. This also applies to those who simply do not want to lose their money.

Terms of purchase at full price are elementary - the user must pay the entire amount and, in addition, pay for shipping. Depending on the recipient country, it will cost from 1000 to 1800 rubles. Such conditions are set by the Bonusmall auction. Feedback from players about this opportunity, by the way, is only positive.

What does the winner get?

site reviews Bonusmall ru

Finally, what does the person with the last bet win? Of course, firstly, it is the product itself. Or rather, he gets the opportunity to purchase it at a ridiculous price, which is much lower than the market price. Secondly, according to the terms of work, Bonusmall takes care of the delivery of the goods to the winner. Reviews (negative and positive) confirm this. Although, of course, if we talk about negative reviews, then they are left mainly by those people who either did not try to work with this site, or simply could not win and feel offended.

BOn the whole, Bonusmall is an excellent platform that gives you the opportunity to get expensive equipment at an indecently low price with your mind and experience. Of course, not everyone can do this, but at least the system works honestly and transparently. And the testimonials of thousands of participants will confirm this.

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