How to adjust the steering wheel in games: tips for gamers


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How to adjust the steering wheel in games: tips for gamers
How to adjust the steering wheel in games: tips for gamers

Computer games enjoy unprecedented popularity. Among them there are full-fledged driving simulators in which you can control the car using the steering wheel and pedals. This well conveys the atmosphere and feelings of the driver when driving. However, not every person knows how to set up the steering wheel for the game. To do this, you must follow clear instructions.

Types of devices

Good game wheel
Good game wheel

There are many models on the market, it is very difficult to choose a worthy device among them. They are expensive, cheap, with vibration, pedals, handbrake and so on. There are many devices on the market from manufacturers Hori, Defender, Sven and so on. There is no need to wait for a complete transfer of driving from the products of these companies, because these are simplified and cheap models. More serious steering wheels are produced by Logitech, Thrusmaster. Models from these brands are of high quality. They are more suitable for a real car simulator, as they convey all the subtleties of driving well.

How the steering wheel conveys sensations

Gaming steering wheel and pedals
Gaming steering wheel and pedals

Cheap models cannot offer any additional features. Often onthey can simply turn the steering wheel and press the pedals. More expensive models allow:

  • Feel the return. Thanks to this function, a person feels every pit and bump on the road. It can also convey the feeling of a car sliding. On hard turns, the steering wheel can literally escape from your hands.
  • Feel the vibration. High-quality devices are able to transmit the movement of the car using vibration. Also, thanks to this function, a person feels the car more realistically.
  • Realistic steering wheel. A variety of manufacturers produce models that can rotate from 180 to 900 degrees.
  • Shift gears. Some devices have it. This makes the person feel close to real driving.
  • Tactile sensations. In the manufacture of most steering wheels, high-quality materials are used. Some parts have rubber pads. This allows a person to drive virtual cars more comfortably.

Each person chooses a steering wheel from personal preference. For some, an inexpensive model with limited functionality will be enough. The main thing is to approach the purchase issue as responsibly as possible, because it costs decent money.

How to adjust the steering wheel

The modern video game industry offers a lot of driving simulations and street racing. Some companies design them specifically for total immersion in the atmosphere of car driving. However, not everyone knows how to adjust the steering wheel in the game. For this you need:

  1. Install software. Many askthe question is how to set up the steering wheel on the computer. First you need to install the drivers that come with any device, often on a disk. This is just an installation wizard, you need to follow the suggested steps in it. After that, you need to go to the "Control Panel", click "Hardware Installation", where a person must select his steering wheel and click "Next" and "OK". Some companies do not supply an installation CD in the kit, but drivers can be downloaded from the official website. After these steps, you can connect the steering wheel to the computer.
  2. Check if the device is working properly. To do this, you need to go to the "Control Panel", then select "Gaming Devices" and in the "Status" item, make sure that there is a signature "O / C", and in it you need to click on "Properties". After that, you can test whether the pedals, steering wheel, buttons and various switches work. If the device is working, then it will be displayed on the screen.
  3. Set up the steering wheel in the game. To do this, you need to open any racing game. Then you need to go to the options and select the device as the main type for management. In the same section, you can adjust the sensitivity, recoil, degrees of rotation, and so on. Ideally adjust the steering wheel for yourself on the first try will not work. Will need to spend some time on this.

This algorithm of actions is suitable for almost all manufacturers of steering wheels. Also, with the help of such manipulations, it is rather problematic to calibrate some devices. However, these are the basic steering wheel settings, more advanced users need to follow other instructions. To make driving comfortable for everyone.

Setting with standard programs

Setting the steering wheel on the computer
Setting the steering wheel on the computer

Every personal computer has utilities that can help you calibrate your device. They should be resorted to by a person who does not have enough functions in the game and needs something individual. To do this, go to the "Control Panel", "Hardware and Sound" menu, and then open "Devices and Printers". A menu will appear where you need to click on the section with the name of the device. A section will appear, in it you need to go to the "Parameters" and "Calibrate" columns. After that, before the eyes of a person there will be all the necessary data of the equipment, where it will be possible to calibrate all the necessary parameters of the manipulator, keys and pedals individually.

Logitech Utilities

Some manufacturers make separate software with parameters for this. For example, you can set up a Logitech steering wheel using the included utility. This is a very convenient solution where you can create a profile for each individual game. It's called the Logitech Profile. Thanks to this utility, you will not need to configure the steering wheel in the game itself and the operating system. It also turns on automatically when you start any racing simulator.

Settings in popular games

racing simulator
racing simulator

In different driving simulators, the list of functions may differ. Some people don't even know how to adjust steering wheel in GTA, Crew, Need for Speed and so on. Basically everything is the same, but there are some nuances:

  • Game Crew. A lot of gamers do not know how to adjust the steering wheel in it. In this game, the individual characteristics of the device for each player are very important. It will be most convenient for users of the Logitech brand. They only need to go into the original utility and calibrate all the settings for easy turns. Users of other devices need to do everything according to the standard in the main menu.
  • The line of GTA games. In it, people are faced with the problem of synchronization of steering wheels and pedals. Often only one thing works. To fix this problem, you need to install a special program San Andreas Advanced Control. It must be installed, following all the steps that are required for this. After that, you need to open the application and set up the steering wheel with pedals for the game.
  • "3D Instructor". This is a very popular driving simulator and is designed to be played on the steering wheel. The game setup has all the options to customize. You can also do this with the Logitech Profile utility.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2. One of the most famous driving games. However, users are wondering how to adjust the steering wheel in Euro Truck Simulator 2? It's pretty simple. You just need to go to the game settings and calibrate them individually. This may take a long time, because they will need to be tested in practice.

These are the main problem games, where you need to do a little different manipulations. Basically, the settings are suitable for almost all games. Differences only in the main menus of racing simulators.

Settings on the set-top box

Game console
Game console

This can only be done on those gaming platforms that support the steering wheel. Most manufacturers indicate compatibility with game consoles. If the model is suitable, then you first need to connect it, then go to the game settings and set all the necessary settings. A person should calibrate based on their personal preferences.


Driving simulator car
Driving simulator car

Thanks to the development of modern technology, a person can get a large number of sensations and emotions from video games. At the beginning of their gaming activity, many gamers do not know how to adjust the steering wheel in Euro Truck Simulator or any other similar game. However, after a little practice, not a single user asks this question anymore.

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