How to choose a cheap but good tablet?


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How to choose a cheap but good tablet?
How to choose a cheap but good tablet?

Now we have to choose a cheap but good tablet. Find the so-called "golden mean". The thing is that it is difficult to find really high-quality equipment at a small price tag. Somewhere you have to overpay for a beautiful name, somewhere - for design or fictional features. And some models are just well advertised. Therefore, choosing a tablet is a huge problem for the modern buyer. But she is solvable. There are many criteria according to which tablet reviews are formed. And today we will try to study what characteristics and features a worthy gadget should have.

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Price tag

Since you have to choose a cheap but good tablet, the price plays a huge role in this matter. Of course, it should not be high, there is a limit to everything. But what is the limit in our case?

Actually, it all depends on your budget. For someone, for example, 30,000 rubles is a penny, but for someone it’s a pity to give that kind of money for equipment. Especially if it's not essential. The average cost of a tablet in our case should be about 10-12 thousand rubles. Sometimes you can raise the "bar" to 15,000. Of course, depending onthe needs and demands of the buyer. Often a client wants to buy the latest technology for a penny. And it won't work.

In general, you can find a cheap but good tablet. And if you know what to pay attention to first of all, it will not be so difficult to do it, as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to many other selection criteria. And now we will get to know them.

Screen sizes

Another important criterion is the size of the screen. It is believed that the larger this parameter, the better. And often this is true. After all, a tablet is more of a gaming gadget. It needs a big display. Only in practice it is difficult to find such a cheap, but good tablet. It is for the size that you have to overpay.

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In fact, an inexpensive gadget can be found with a diagonal of 10.1 inches. But this is a huge exception. And basically it is found in Lenovo. Often, cheap options can be found with a diagonal of 8 inches. This should be enough to comfortably play and work.

You should not choose a very small screen. If you see an inexpensive tablet with a diagonal of 6 inches (or so), you do not need to immediately buy it. After all, with the same success you can buy a modern smartphone. It will be more functional and useful. And sometimes even the price will give way to the tablet several times. But the final choice will always be yours.


The cost of a tablet and its diagonal are very importantComponents. But there is another extremely important point. It's about the manufacturer. The thing is that different companies produce gadgets of various capabilities and quality. Some people are better at TVs, others are better at smartphones, and still others are better at tablets. So this fact is also worth paying attention to.

But just remember - it's hard to find a cheap but good tablet, and even a branded one. Often you will be offered "Samsung", "Sony" and "Lenovo". In principle, quite good manufacturers. The main thing is to follow the rules for using the device.

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Please note: if you want to buy an iPad, for example, you can not hope for a low cost. Such a gadget will cost about 20-30 thousand rubles. And with all this, in terms of its main characteristics, it will not differ from the same "Samsung Galaxy". You don't have to pay for a logo. But also be stingy. Reviews of tablets before the final decision is also recommended to read. Maybe you were wrong about one or another manufacturer.


For any technique, its characteristics are important. And a lot of attention is often paid to RAM. In general, the more, the better. But in everything you have to look for harmony. On average, a cheap but good tablet can come with about 2 GB of RAM. This is not much, but not enough. It is enough to run many games and programs.

If you are looking to buy a gaming tablet, at a low costhope is not worth it. On average, RAM in such models is 3-4 GB. And this forces the manufacturer to raise the price. For example, all new tablets are now expensive. And mostly because of their characteristics. In a couple of years they will become obsolete and cheaper. Remember, RAM is an important, but not the most necessary parameter for a cheap gadget.


The processor plays a more significant role. This applies to both phones and tablets. And the more powerful it is, the more productive our gadget will be. Of course, it must be in harmony with the RAM.

8 inch tablet

On average, an 8-inch tablet (or any other size that's inexpensive) will offer a 2-core processor. Quad-core cheap gadgets are now a huge rarity. And it's almost impossible to find one. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the bit depth (clock frequency). Do you need a gaming tablet? Then take models of at least 2 GHz. For business use, 1.5 GHz models are more suitable.

The most powerful model in this regard is the Samsung tablet. If you add a little specifics, then you should pay attention to the "Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0". This is a great and inexpensive option with a powerful processor. In principle, there are a lot of analogues. The main thing is to set a goal.

Hard drive

Space is another important point when choosing any gadget. Especially when it comes to gaming technology. New tablets (by default they are expensive) are offered to customers in a wide range of variations. Here you can find 64 GB, and even 128 gigabytes of free space.But inexpensive gadgets do not have such a wide range.

However, there are some mandatory characteristics here. A cheap but good tablet should have at least 8 GB of space. And better - at least 16. The more, the better. The main characteristics of the gadget do not depend on this. But the space on the "hard drive" will depend on how much information you can store on the device. Of course, everyone wants these numbers to turn out to be more and more every time. Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab in this sense is just perfect. It has 16 GB of space, a fairly powerful processor and RAM. Just something that can not be changed for the next 5 years. Of course, if the model itself does not bother you.

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Operating system

Perhaps the next thing to consider is the operating system of the device. All modern tablet models, regardless of their cost, can be divided into several categories in this sense: Android, Windows, iOs. And everyone will choose which option is suitable for himself.

Only in practice it is clear that the Android operating system is the most common. It is considered versatile and reliable. Updates quickly, easily and simply. An 8 inch tablet (or any other) at a low cost with "Android" is a great way to turn the device into a game room or office. After all, the range of launched programs depends on the system. Most of them are on Android. Second placeoccupies "Windows", on the latter - iOS. Also, the cost often depends on the operating system. It is also growing from Android to iOs. Looking for a budget tablet? Then it's really better to pay attention to "Android".


Modern gadgets are interchangeable. And they offer us to get in the "kit" with them numerous opportunities. So, for example, a phone can simultaneously replace an alarm clock, an organizer, a computer, a browser, and a camera. The same applies to tablets. In other words, you should pay attention to the functionality. Particularly on camera.

For example, the Sony Experia tablet offers customers pretty good performance. The rear camera will be 8 MP. And the quality of the pictures will still be better. Especially if you have some photography skills. True, this option cannot be called budgetary. The model is really expensive.

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In general, the camera of the tablet should be at least 5-8 megapixels. Sometimes you can find models with 16-20 megapixels at a low cost. But with all this, the rest of the characteristics should also remain at a decent level. It makes no sense to buy a tablet with a good camera, but without the main power. Such a device would be non-functional and even useless. Even if you don't really need a camera, it still needs to be paid attention to.


Of course, sockets for connecting additional "features" must also be present. Especially if you prefer to buyinexpensive, but functional and durable devices. A tablet for girls or boys, kids or adults - it doesn't matter. The main thing is that it should have worthy characteristics and have all the nests necessary for a modern person.

What can be attributed to this? For example, a USB socket. It is used to synchronize the device with the computer. In addition, an important point is the presence of a headphone jack (3.5 mm), a SIM card, and a charger. Make sure that all wires are tightly inserted into the holes. Otherwise, they will quickly loosen up. This will lead to a loss of contact and, as a result, to the failure of one or another wire from working. This problem is very often encountered by the Sony tablet. Despite its cost, in some respects it is significantly inferior to its cheap counterparts.

Body and panel

It is also worth noting that a good gadget is one that is not susceptible to damage. We can say, to some extent, an indestructible device. And this applies to tablets too. This means that such a gadget should be well protected.

It is better if the model you choose is equipped with a metal or titanium case. Sometimes you can pay attention to plastic with silicone. In addition, ask if the model you have chosen has a protective glass. If the answer is yes, then you can safely buy a tablet. Not? Then either be prepared for quick breakdowns or look for a more versatile option.

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What to look out for

In principle, advice on choosing us alreadyknown. But now a completely logical question may arise: what specific low-cost models should you pay attention to? And here it is impossible to give a definitive answer. It all depends on your needs and personal preferences. But, based on the rating compiled by buyers, we can distinguish leaders among tablets. This is:

  • LG G Pad 8.3 (11,000 rubles);
  • Acer Iconia Tab A3-A11 (9,000 rubles);
  • Microsoft Surface RT (from 15,000 rubles);
  • ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 (12,000 rubles);
  • ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 (from 11,000 rubles);
  • Nexus 7 (10,000 rubles);
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (16,000 rubles);
  • iPad 4 (from 18,000 rubles).

Some of the listed models (for example, "ipad") are expensive, but they are really worthy of attention. Sometimes just reading reviews about a particular model is enough to understand whether it suits you or not.

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