TV Haier LE42u6500TF: reviews


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TV Haier LE42u6500TF: reviews
TV Haier LE42u6500TF: reviews

Haier LE42u6500TF belongs to the group of premium TVs with a high degree of functionality. Feedback on this model of home multimedia center, its technical characteristics and setup procedure will be discussed in detail within the framework of this review.

The software capabilities of this device will also be described. This information in the complex will allow the potential buyer to decide how such a TV meets his requirements and requests.

haier le42u6500tf reviews

Producer. Design

Nominally, Haier is considered a German electronics manufacturer. At least for this moment, attention is focused in advertising. But in fact, its production facilities are located in China.

Atypical case color in LED TV Haier 42 LE42u6500TF. Reviews of the owners focus not on its beige design. This non-standard solution of the manufacturer favorably distinguishes this solution from the background of analogues. Almost the entire front panel is occupied by a screen with a diagonal of 42 ". It is framed along the edges by mediumframe thickness, as noted earlier, beige. On the lower side along the edges are the installation sites for two supports. The dynamics of the acoustic subsystem are also displayed here. The back cover of this device is made of plastic and it is also beige. There are also communication slots. In addition, blanks are provided on the back side for mounting a television solution on a vertical surface (for example, on a wall).

haier le42u6500tf tv reviews

Cost. Equipment

Now such a multimedia center for the home can be purchased for 25,000 rubles. Competing similar solutions from LG, Samsung, Philips and Sony are 3000-5000 rubles more expensive. Therefore, the hero of this review has a very competitive price tag. The Haier LE42u6500TF multimedia device considered in this material can boast of an excellent delivery list against the background of competing solutions. Reviews at the same time focus on the sufficiency of this list. The manufacturer included the following:

  1. TV.

  2. A set of branded props for him.

  3. Control panel and a set of batteries for the implementation of its power supply.

  4. User's manual, supplemented by a branded warranty card. The validity of the latter is 2 years from the date of sale and this is a significant advantage against the background of most similar competing solutions, in which this period is 1 year.

  5. Power cord, with whichthe power supply of this multimedia center is realized.

The above list will certainly be enough to connect and configure this solution. After that, it will be possible to start using it for its intended purpose without any problems.


The screen of this TV model is based on the SlimLED matrix. Its contrast ratio, according to the manufacturer's specifications, is 4,000,000:1, and the aspect ratio is standard for most similar television devices and is 16:9. At the same time, its brightness is 250 cd/m2. The format of the displayed picture in the highest quality mode corresponds to the FullHD format and has a resolution of 1920x1080. The image refresh rate is fixed and its value is quite modest by today's standards of 60Hz.

Only a tiny bit falls short of the level of modern flagship TVs in terms of image quality of the 42 "LED Haier LE42u6500TF matrix. Reviews draw attention to the lack of 4K mode. Also, the refresh rate of the picture is much lower than 1000-1200 MHz. But at the same time, the quality the image is acceptable and there are essentially no flaws in it.

haier 42 le42u6500tf reviews


The NICAM stereo system included with this unit includes 2 x 8W speakers. The total sound level of this device is 16W. In this case, the manufacturer does not provide additional software solutions to improve sound quality.

Haier LE42u6500TF TV is equipped withthree ports 3.5mm. One of them is designed to output sound to an external speaker system by wire. Another of them allows you to output sound to a wired stereo headset. Both in the first case, and in the second, it is possible to reconfigure the sound subsystem to the needs of the owner.

The main disadvantage of the multimedia center in question from the standpoint of acoustics is the lack of a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Communication List

The multimedia solution considered in this review can boast of a really excellent list of communications. With it, you can significantly improve the level of functionality of this solution. In it, the manufacturing company included the following:

  1. Three digital ports for HDMI signal reception. As a rule, they are used to output video signals from personal computers, modern modifications of satellite tuners or DVD players.

  2. This solution boasts three universal digital USB ports. With their help, you can implement switching to any storage media and play from them or record various multimedia information.

  3. This TV is equipped with an RF1 input to receive a TV signal. Moreover, reception of both analog and digital TV programs is allowed.

  4. When receiving satellite broadcasts from older tuners, you can use either the SCART port or the RCA combo jack.

  5. A possible alternative to the HDMI port when outputting a picture from a PC is the D-Sub jack.

  6. In some cases, when decoding TV programs, it is necessary to install a special module in the TV. For these purposes, this device has a slot CI.

  7. To the "global web" this solution can use either a wired RJ-45 port or a wireless Wi-Fi interface.

tv led haier le42u6500tf reviews

Power consumption

The Haier LE42u6500TF boasts a fairly low level of power consumption. Reviews indicate that this multimedia center corresponds to energy class A. At the same time, the maximum power consumption of such a TV does not exceed 76 W.

Also, an additional power saving button is implemented on the control panel, with the help of which a special mode of operation of the device in question is activated. In this case, the hero of this article automatically switches to the mode of maximum savings in the level of consumed electrical energy.

Program shell

Like most similar multimedia centers, this TV has full support for the Smart TV function. It allows you to configure the device in such a way that it will meet the needs of the owner as much as possible and will play the media content that the user requests.

The Android operating system acts as a system software for a 42” Haier LE42u6500TF television center. Reviews atThis focuses on its high degree of functionality. Also, this software platform continues to develop actively, more and more new applications appear for it regularly.

led haier 42 le42u6500tf reviews

Setting algorithm

A very simple and fairly clear setup procedure for the Haier LE42u6500TF TV. Reviews indicate that, as a rule, there are no problems when performing such an operation. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Unpacking, removing the transport locks and assembling the multimedia system.

  2. Making all the necessary connections to power the device and receive a TV signal. Also, in some cases, it is necessary to bring a twisted pair cable to it, with the help of which a direct connection to the Internet is implemented.

  3. After that, turn on the device in question. We search for all the necessary channels.

  4. The next step is to configure the shell and install mini-applications.

TV led haier 42 le42u6500tf reviews


This LED TV Haier LE42u6500TF boasts a number of significant advantages. At the same time, reviews primarily highlight such of them:

  1. Warranty period - 2 years.

  2. Great functionality.

  3. Affordable price.

  4. Great set of ports.

  5. Good qualitydisplayed image.

  6. Perfect shell.

The only downside in this case is the lack of 4K support.

haier le42u6500tf tv

In closing

All of the above indicates that such a Haier LE42u6500TF multimedia center is great for home use. Reviews from satisfied owners indicate the relevance of this device. Its tech specs are perfect for this use.

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