Rating high pressure washers. Popular models. Description, prices


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Rating high pressure washers. Popular models. Description, prices
Rating high pressure washers. Popular models. Description, prices

High pressure washers are multifunctional devices that allow you to clean not only cars and vehicles, but also household plots in a timely manner. The rating of high pressure washers will allow each buyer to choose equipment that will meet his requirements.

What are the benefits?

pressure washer rating

Sinks are in high demand due to significant water savings, compact size, competent equipment, which opens up great opportunities for the operation of equipment. As a rule, this equipment is additionally equipped with wheels and a convenient handle, so the process of washing something becomes easier. A modern high-pressure washer for car or domestic purposes can be regulated in terms of pressure and switched depending on the detergents used.

How does it work?

Any sink is an equipment in which a pump is installed. It is he who increases the pressure of the water that comes out. Heading through the hose, the water enters the gun and sprays with a certain pressure. Moreover, the jet can be adjusted independently depending on the area to be cleaned.

Allsinks are electric, petrol or diesel. The former are convenient and compact, but they work exclusively from the network, and they can be single-phase or two-phase - more powerful and mobile. Gasoline models are also mobile, they can be used for any purpose - both for washing a car and for working on a personal plot, and no wires will be tangled under your feet.

Which one to choose?

Bosch high pressure washers

The rating of high-pressure washers allows you to evaluate the features of many models, but still you should pay attention to their technical characteristics. So, to perform small-scale work, compact electric sinks are also sufficient, which do not take up much space, are light in weight and easy to operate. For more serious work, you will need a powerful, albeit massive, apparatus. Equipped with wheels, they are easy to move around the site. A large resource of work distinguishes stationary sinks.

The pressure washer nozzle plays an important role. The standard version comes with a regular nozzle along with a gun that can regulate the flow of water by changing the diameter of the outlet. If you plan to wash floors and facades, you will need a nozzle without a spray arm. When cleaning buildings made of brick, concrete, stone, you will need a sandblasting nozzle that can easily deal with old paint and rust.

Special nozzle for high pressure washer is used to clean pipes, for example, when a clogged sewer or gutter system. Thanks towith jet streams beating back at a certain angle, the nozzle pushes itself into the pipes, cleaning them. Brush attachments are needed for washing cars and their components.

Design Features

The heart of a pressure washer is the pump, which can be made of plastic or metal. The overall life of the equipment depends on the strength of the material: plastic and semi-metal products can last about four years when used for a maximum of an hour a day. The metal pump allows you to work much more - about four hours a day.

pressure washer nozzle

High pressure washer for the car can be operated with cold and hot water. Models with heating are more expensive, but their functionality is more interesting. For example, such a sink can be used when heating the formwork before the foundation is poured. Some sinks are additionally equipped with a steam stage, which not only cleans the surface, but also disinfects it.

Rating of pressure washers for cars

Dirty car hardly anyone likes. Therefore, timely care of it plays an important role not only for aesthetics, but also for the protection of the vehicle. Modern mini-sinks open up ample opportunities for car care and effective cleaning from various influences. Consider the most popular sinks that are in demand among modern buyers.


The Karcher pressure washer is traditionally a combination of highquality and reliability. It was the models of this brand that were the first to appear on the Russian market. Distinctive features include an affordable price: within 3,000 rubles you can buy equipment for cleaning bicycles and scooters, and more expensive models - from 5,000 rubles - are suitable for cleaning cars.

high pressure washer karcher

Worthy of attention was the high-pressure washer "Kärcher" model K 5 Car. This equipment allows you to efficiently and effectively remove dirt from various surfaces - cars, facades, paths in the garden. The water-cooled motor ensures a long service life and reliability of the unit. The use of detergent depends on the type of contamination. This Karcher pressure washer costs about 19,000 rubles.

For almost 25,000 rubles, you can buy a Karcher K 7 Compact sink, which features easy storage, a high-quality aluminum telescopic handle, a Quick Connect system (with which the high-pressure hose can be easily attached and detached), as well as two handles for transportation equipment. The technical characteristics of the model are sufficient to work with stubborn dirt.

Karcher sink with water intake

High pressure washer with water intake is a modern equipment that is widely used, including for domestic purposes. As a rule, most models of sinks are able to collect water from additional containers or open reservoirs. So, Karcher premium equipment is washing machines that canused as a professional. They easily cope with old dirt, and a wide range of nozzles makes it easy to clean any surface, including those that need delicate cleaning.


Any rating of high pressure washers necessarily includes products of the Stihl brand. This equipment cannot be attributed to the budget, but according to the technical characteristics, it is always in trend. So, the RE 98 model can be purchased at a price of 9,000 rubles, and it is ideal for non-professional private work. The equipment effectively washes cars, cleans the area from dust, fallen leaves and debris.

stihl pressure washer

More expensive stihl pressure washer - RB 402 PLUS: it costs under 150,000 rubles and is used in car services, construction companies or farms. According to consumers, this model works perfectly with any detergents, while the process of washing the car is simple and convenient. The disadvantages of the model are limited functionality and the impossibility of taking water from tanks.

Compact Stihl devices supply cold water and are good helpers in everyday life. The stihl pressure washer has a telescopic handle, which is convenient for transporting equipment, a built-in running mechanism, thanks to which you can move the unit to any distance. Standard nozzles make it possible to regulate the water supply depending on the volume of the area. A special surface cleaner makes it possible to work with any surfaces, while splashing will not fall onneighboring items. Due to sufficient power, this high pressure washer is in high demand. Price - from 12,990 rubles.


German brand pressure washers are able to cope even with stubborn dirt. Thanks to a well-thought-out design and practicality, this equipment can be used with maximum efficiency. The main advantage of the models of this brand is a wide range of prices. So, the cheapest Bosch pressure washers cost from 2600 rubles. These, of course, are not the most powerful units, but they can easily cope with minor pollution.

bosch pressure washer

In the middle price category, the Bosch AQT 33-10 sink, which is widely used in everyday life, attracts attention. It costs a little more than 5,000 rubles, easily copes with cleaning garden tools, furniture, bicycles. In the rating of household appliances for home and garden, this model occupies a separate place. Bosch budget pressure washers are easy to wind the cord thanks to special hooks, have a built-in filter, are small in size and easy to use.

The most luxurious Bosch sink in terms of technical equipment is the Aquatak 150 model. It is made exclusively of durable materials, attracts attention with its ergonomic design and durability. The cost of equipment is from 17,000 rubles, while you get quality combined with reliability. The Bosch pressure washer received a lot of positive feedback, however, it is noted that even the most expensive models do not always have sufficientpower.

Another versatile model - Bosch AQT 45-14 X, which is suitable for use when washing a car, bike or just processing a summer cottage. For 16,000 rubles, you get equipment that has a well-thought-out design, works from the network and shows excellent performance. This Bosch high-pressure washer attracts attention with its versatility, powerful motor, self-priming mode, water filter and energy efficiency.


This brand has established itself as a reliable supplier of equipment in a wide price range. Various models can be used both for caring for a summer cottage and for washing a car. For example, one of the available variations is the Elitech M1800PKC, which will cost about 6,500 rubles. It is great for use in a garage, cottage or country house. A special ergonomic handle with a reel makes it possible to conveniently position the high pressure hose. This Elitech high pressure washer has suction function, compact size and light structure, high pressure metal plunger pump and collapsible gun.

elitech pressure washer

The ELITECH M 1600PC pressure washer is a reliable household appliance that can easily cope with various types of work - from cleaning a bicycle to full car care. Its peculiarity is the ability to work both from the water supply system and by taking liquid from the tank. The ELITECH pressure washer is equipped withmetal pump, which guarantees a long service life of the unit. Thanks to a well-thought-out design with wheels, the sink is easy to move around the job site, and convenient connection is made by a special water inlet. Such a model will cost about 7,000 rubles.

If you are looking for affordable options, then this brand will offer you a lot of solutions. So, one of the profitable models is ELITECH M 1400. For cleaning cars and other home appliances, this is the most affordable and simple pressure washer. The price for it is more than affordable - from 2500 rubles. Enough power to power even the simplest of devices, plus the base model can be equipped with wheels, a handle and a reel, all sold separately


Many good reviews about Huter products. The equipment of this brand is presented in the price range from 8000 to 12000 rubles. The Huter W105-GS pressure washer is a practical piece of equipment that can be used on a variety of surfaces to get rid of dirt. Thanks to the use of detergent, the work goes better and faster. The inlet is closed with a lid, which protects the unit from dirt getting inside. The stability of the device is ensured by reliable legs. The model costs about 4500 rubles.

The high pressure washer Huter W105-QC allows you to clean the surface of dirt with high quality. Due to the long cord length, you can work with this device even away from the mains source. Due to its ease of use and simple design, thisequipment is very popular with customers. In addition, at an affordable price, the models are reliable.

high pressure washer

How to choose?

Modern models of high pressure washers delight with numerous variations and special technical characteristics. Before choosing a specific equipment, there are a number of points to consider:

  1. Determine what material the pump is made of, since this element wears out the fastest. The most unreliable option is plastic, which wears out over time, aluminum products oxidize, and composite products are too fragile. The material of the pistons also plays a role: it is better if they are made of cermet.
  2. Determine the pressure. For domestic use, models with a maximum pressure of 13-14 MPa are suitable.
  3. Choose power consumption - you can take it with a margin. The lower the power, the more often you will have to take breaks in work.
  4. If the washer turns off automatically when it stops working, it will be more durable and reliable, as well as save energy.
  5. The presence of a water purification filter helps protect equipment from various particles entering it.
  6. If you choose professional washes, pay attention to the possibility of engine cooling. This affects the increase in the service life of the power unit.

If you plan to work with equipment away from the mains, consider the length of the hose: it should be enough to work with maximum comfort. In addition, please contactattention to additional equipment in the form of nozzles: very often they allow you to expand the range of work carried out, as well as reduce energy costs.

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