Specs Fly IQ4411 Quad Energie 2

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Specs Fly IQ4411 Quad Energie 2
Specs Fly IQ4411 Quad Energie 2

The hero of this article is the Fly IQ4411 Quad (see smartphone specifications below). This model in 2013 was sold for approximately 9 thousand rubles. It has one indisputable advantage - a powerful battery. The performance characteristics may not please the modern user, since the device is under the control of the fourth version of Android. But, as they say, to each his own. For those for whom battery life is a decisive factor, this smartphone will appeal. So let's start reviewing the features.

fly iq4411 quad specs


What is this smartphone model? Outwardly, it looks like a classic gadget. The design, by and large, does not cause either admiration or negativity. Everything is pretty typical. The plastic body is pleasant to the touch. On the back coverapplied texture pattern. The quality of the material is good. With pressure on the back cover, there is no deflection. There are no gaps or backlashes.

Given the characteristics of the Fly IQ4411 Quad, the manufacturer brought to the body connectors for headphones and a USB cable. With the help of the latter, not only the battery is charged, but also synchronization with the PC.

There are standard control keys on the front panel. They are sensory. There are three in total. A “window” of the camera and sensors are displayed above the screen. There is also a speaker hole used for calls.

Mechanical control keys are located on the side ends. The volume control is on the left side. On the right there is a lock button. There is a slight play when pressed, but it is quite comfortable to use.

There are two speaker holes on the back panel. The camera lens is also displayed here. Emblazoned on the case and the logo of the manufacturer. Under the battery cover there is a battery, slots for standard format SIM and memory cards.

fly iq4411 quad specifications

Fly IQ4411 Quad Energie 2: screen and camera specifications

Let's start studying the characteristics with a description of the cameras. Unfortunately, there is nothing attractive in the optics of the smartphone. The front camera is installed, so to speak, just for show. Its resolution is only 0.3 MP. Naturally, we are not talking about selfies at all. All it can do is video call. The main camera matrix is ​​better, but not by much. It uses a 5-megapixel sensor.There is no autofocus, which makes it impossible to get a high-quality and detailed frame. The recording function is available. Video resolution - 1280 × 720 px.

What are the characteristics of the screen in Fly IQ4411 Quad? It is worth noting that they are quite good. The display diagonal is 4.65ʺ. The pixel density is high - 212 ppi. The resolution for such a screen is sufficient - 864 × 480 px. Unfortunately, the TFT-matrix let us down a bit. Its capabilities are not enough for a high-quality image. It is also worth noting that the viewing angles are quite narrow. But the manufacturer has provided a large range of brightness. In bright sunlight, the picture does not fade. The multi-touch option only supports 5 touches.

fly iq4411 quad energie 2 specs

Fly IQ4411 Quad Energie 2 performance specs

When considering the characteristics of a smartphone, one cannot help but pay attention to performance. The performance of the gadget is provided by a pretty good Qualcomm trademark processor. The chip model is Snapdragon S4 MSM8225Q. It is based on four computing modules. The maximum capacity of each of them is 1200 MHz. The video card is great too. The Adreno 203 accelerator is responsible for the graphics, which, together with the main processor, forms a fairly powerful platform.

At the time of release, the smartphone belonged to the middle-class gadgets and the characteristics of Fly IQ4411 Quad are fully consistent with this segment. In work, he has proven himself only on the positive side. The Android 4.1.2 operating system functions without delays and freezes.Smooth operation is ensured by 512 MB of RAM. There is 4 GB of built-in storage for storing application files. It expands with an external drive.

Fly IQ4411 Quad Energy 2


The Fly IQ4411 Quad battery life specifications will satisfy even the most demanding user. The manufacturer installed the battery at 3 thousand milliamps per hour. This capacity is enough for a long time. The specifications indicate that the gadget can work in standby mode up to 500 hours. And this, just imagine, about 20 days. In talk mode, the smartphone is able to operate for approximately 8 hours, provided that the battery was 100% charged. Checking in AnTuTu Tester showed 776 points, and for a phone of this level, this is quite a decent value.

What results of autonomy can a user expect during active operation? Even with Wi-Fi turned on, the phone does not need to be charged for two days. It will take up to 3.5 hours to restore the battery life.

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