Company "Beeline", tariff "Children's": features


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Company "Beeline", tariff "Children's": features
Company "Beeline", tariff "Children's": features

Today you will be presented with an innovation from "Beeline" - the "Children's" tariff. This option is already very popular in many regions. True, it has its own characteristics and disadvantages. It is better to know about all this before connecting. Maybe it would be more profitable for you to choose a different tariff plan for your child, and the tariff "First Children's" ("Beeline") is a waste of time. Let's get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible.

beeline tariff for children


Each tariff plan has its own specific description, which often attracts potential subscribers. To be honest, the "Beeline" operator describes the "Children's" tariff extremely briefly and clearly. More precisely, the features of the plan are simply highlighted.

This tariff provides the ability to send messages and make calls with a zero balance. Just what is needed to maintain the bond between parents and child. But what is special about the tariff "First Children's" ("Beeline")? Is he really worth itto get attention? Or can you find some analogue in your region?

Calls by region

The first thing subscribers look at is the cost of calls within the city. And here the "First Children's" tariff is very popular with the "Beeline" operator. Moscow and the region, for example, are territories where, after connecting, you can receive incoming calls for free, and the first minute of a call will cost 3.75 kopecks. The second and subsequent - in 2 rubles. With all this, this condition applies to both mobile and landline numbers. The "Favorite numbers" function allows you to call on more favorable terms: the first minute - 1.88 rubles, the next - 1 ruble.

As you can see, the "Children's" tariff of the "Beeline" operator is really pleasing. You can not think that the child will spend a lot of money when talking and remain without communication. But there are a few other points that deserve attention. And now we will look at them. You may still have to refuse the connection.

tariff the first children's beeline


The Beeline operator, the "Children's" tariff (Moscow and other regions), as subscribers note, offers quite favorable conditions for long-distance calls. Perhaps, for a child, this is not so important. But this moment still causes great sympathy among subscribers.

To Beeline numbers in cities outside your region, a minute of conversation will cost 7.5 rubles. Not so much, when compared with similar offers, then mobile operatorsThey offer 10-15 rubles for such a conversation. If you just call long distance (not to Beeline), then pay 14 rubles per minute, but that's not all. Calls to Kyivstar in Ukraine will cost 12 rubles, and to other mobile operators 24 rubles per minute.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the "Children's" ("Beeline") tariff is really beneficial, and not only for a child, but in general, for any active person who is used to talking on a mobile phone. True, this is not all the features of the tariff plan.


Sometimes international communication is also important. Beeline (Children's tariff) offers quite favorable conditions for making such calls. And this, of course, pleases. But what opportunities does the subscriber get when connecting?

beeline tariff first children's moscow

In the CIS countries calls to "Beeline" will cost 12 rubles, but just to mobile phones of other mobile operators 2 times more expensive - 24 rubles. Europe, Canada and the USA will be in touch with you for only 35 rubles - a rather small amount, especially if you start comparing it with peers. So, it's time to think about the connection. North and Central America will require 40 rubles per minute on a cell phone, while other countries will cost you 55.

If you think about it, the cost is not so big. True, if you plan to make many calls to different countries, then it is better to find another plan for yourself. But in general, the tariff "Beeline""Children's" (Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as other regions of Russia) is really great for conversations.


Don't forget that not only calls play an important role in tariff plans. Messages are also often required. As already mentioned, with a zero balance, it will be possible to send them. But what is the cost of funds on the tariff?

beeline tariff for children moscow

The first message per day will be very expensive - 9.95 rubles. And this factor quite often repels buyers. But the next 100 SMS will cost only 10 kopecks. Just what the modern sociable child needs. In fact, in this situation, the tariff "First Children's" ("Beeline") is very profitable.

If you have exhausted the limit, then 102 messages per day will cost 2 rubles. Exactly the same as the next ones. Thus, the overpayment will be only for 1 SMS per day. All MMS cost 9 rubles 95 kopecks, and messages to international numbers cost 3.95 rubles. In principle, the conditions are favorable. Only now, not everyone likes the Beeline operator, the Children's tariff.


For example, due to unfavorable conditions for accessing the mobile Internet. What kid wouldn't use it now? Of course, you can't do without it. And here "Beeline" showed itself not in the best light.

Why? The whole problem is that 1 megabyte of transmitted data will cost the subscriber almost 10 rubles, to be more precise, 9 rubles 95 kopecks. Quite a big amount to be honest.

children's beeline tariff

If you want to use mobile Internet at the "Children's" tariff on more favorable terms, you will have to choose a special package with a monthly fee, its cost will be an average of 150 rubles. It turns out that the conditions are already not so favorable, so you have to think several times before connecting.

Overall impression

The "Children's" tariff from the "Beeline" operator (Moscow and the region) receives various reviews. And according to them, many judge the benefits of connection. Practice shows that this "innovation" is not always appreciated.

Many subscribers often say that the first minutes of a conversation literally "suck" money from the balance, often there is simply no need to talk with a child for more than 1-2 minutes. Children, in general, do not use intercity and international communications, but they constantly use the Internet. The cost of downloading data and downloading the necessary material at the end of the month is huge. Sometimes you have to replenish your SIM card account weekly.

All this, of course, negatively affects the popularity of the tariff plan. And therefore, do not be surprised that at the moment it is not available for connection. The "Beeline" operator's "Children's" tariff is archived, which means that it has simply lost its relevance.

beeline tariff for children moscow and moscow region

In principle, such a result was to be expected. It is important for parents that the tariff plan connected withthe child was useful to him and his relatives, that is, there were inexpensive calls (in the region, of course), as well as messages. And most importantly - the Internet is available. After all, giving a lot of money just for the fact that a child uses the World Wide Web from a mobile phone is stupid. Thus, do not be surprised that you cannot switch to the "Children's" tariff from "Beeline". It can be used only by those subscribers who purchased it before the tariff plans were archived.

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