Nokia 700: features, instructions, photos and reviews

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Nokia 700: features, instructions, photos and reviews
Nokia 700: features, instructions, photos and reviews

Sleek appearance and many bright cases of Nokia 700 clearly hint that the model belongs to the category of fashion gadgets, sharpened, first of all, on appearance. The device runs on the more advanced Symbian Belle operating system, which, although it cannot compete with Android and iOS, still works much better and more efficiently than older versions of the brand's platforms.

Nokia 700 feature


This aspect is one of the biggest selling points of the Nokia 700. Users can choose from a variety of body colors including teal, white, black, purple and red. The design of the model is well done, but there is a slight backlash. The device is pleasant to hold in hands and conveniently stored in small pockets.

On the front panel of the device there is a Nokia 700 screen (the instruction describes it in detail), three control keys, a speaker for calls and notification lights. It is worth noting that the music speaker is also placed on the front panel just below the buttons. So now, even if the phone is on the table or some other surface, you will never miss an important call or message.Speaking of cons: if you cover the speaker with your hand, the melodies become almost inaudible. By the way, being in a tight pocket, the Nokia 700 produces a muffled and fuzzy sound.

nokia 700 photo

On the back of the device is a camera, one of two microphones and an LED flash. The left end is empty, while on the right is the volume rocker, the phone lock button and the camera activation key. Connectors are fitted at the top: a 3.5 mm headset slot, a hole for a branded charger, and a micro-USB connector. The lower part of the device was limited to the second microphone. Overall dimensions of the device - 50x110x9.7 mm., Weight - 96 g.


The display of the device measures 3.2 inches. When creating it, the developers opted for ClearBlack AMOLED, which looks much more preferable than the usual TFT-matrix used in the previous model. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass. The screen resolution of 640x360 pixels is not enough at first glance, but in reality the picture looks quite presentable.

16780000 colors allow the display to demonstrate excellent image quality: colors are bright and saturated, and viewing angles are also worth noting. In addition to the juicy palette of colors, the incredible depth of the black tint catches the eye, which is especially impressive in devices with a white body color.

nokia 700 manual

Multitouch does not work perfectly, but has no particular drawbacks: maps and photos scale without any problems.


The Nokia 700 has a single-core processor running at 1300 MHz. 512 MB of RAM is also responsible for processing information. For data storage, the user has 2 GB available, in addition, there is a slot for memory cards that accepts microSD flash drives up to 32 GB. As for interfaces, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB and NFS are available to users.

The characteristics are quite modest, and now you will not surprise anyone with them, but they cope with their tasks quite adequately. The transition between menu items is smooth, the device thinks quite quickly. The gadget is capable of running a lot of serious toys and applications, so those who plan to use this model as a smartphone will have something to do.

phone nokia 700


The camera incorporated into the Nokia 700 smartphone is impressive and disappointing at the same time. The 5 megapixel resolution allows you to get average shots, and the LED flash does a good job of lighting objects. A set of necessary functions is available to help you set up the shooting mode. But instead of the usual autofocus, full focus is set here, which is completely unsuitable for high-quality macro photography. The colors are bright, but often the image seen through the lens flickers and the colors are distorted.

The Nokia 700 camcorder, which looks somewhat better, shoots with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The quality of the videos is better than the photos. Good video recording is also due to a good processing rate - 30 frames / s.Turning on the flash will allow you to shoot in dark rooms or later in the day.


The speaker for playing music has a volume slightly above average. In a pocket on a noisy street, the sound is weak, so you have to use a vibrating alert. The device works well as a modest mp3 player, but you should not expect much from the variety of functionality and playback quality.

nokia 700 smartphone


The Nokia 700 has a 1080 mAh lithium-ion battery. In the music player mode, the device will last about 47 hours without recharging, in the telephone conversation mode -7 hours, and the standby time reaches the mark of 465 hours.


The filling of the device turned out to be weak, and the dubious operating system also confuses. But we must not forget that the smartphone was made with a bias towards design: nice appearance, compactness, a lot of bright panels, etc. - and in this regard, the device succeeded as well as possible and turned out to be very stylish and attractive. And models of a completely different plan make a bet on technical characteristics. The camera disappointed with the lack of a full-fledged autofocus, which is why it will not be possible to achieve truly high-quality pictures. With video, things are a little better. The screen left only pleasant impressions: the colors are saturated, juicy and attractive. There is an amazing depth of blacks. The battery has average indicators of autonomous functioning. In general, the smartphone has both significant drawbacks anddignity. He coped with the main task, but everything else depends on the preferences of users.

Customer Reviews

User reviews for this device vary greatly. For example, some consider the camera to be a weak part of the gadget, in particular, due to the lack of autofocus, others believe that it will fit perfectly for a phone.

The design and bright cases of Nokia 700, photos of which can be seen in the article, were liked by absolutely everyone. Reviews say that the device is very durable, comfortable and stylish. There is a slight design play.

Nokia 700

Criticize the quiet speaker, because of which sometimes the call is inaudible. As for using the music player with headphones, most of the reviews are positive. Some even compare the phone to a full-fledged mp3 player.

The bright screen turned out to be to the liking of most of the audience. Bright colors and ClearBlack technology are noted. Reliable Gorilla Glass protects the smartphone in case of a fall.

If we talk about the operating system of Nokia 700, its characteristics from users are ambiguous: some believe that it is quite capable of satisfying the needs of smartphone owners, others consider it a failed platform, which is an uncompetitive opponent for Android and iOS.

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