How to find out the region by mobile phone number?


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How to find out the region by mobile phone number?
How to find out the region by mobile phone number?

The federal mobile phone number contains so many digits that most don't even try to remember them. Yes, and today it is absolutely useless. Any mobile phone has its own phone book, in which you can store not only information about the number, but also the data of its owner. True, already familiar people do not always call. Looking at this set of numbers, one often wants to understand at least which region the mobile number belongs to. Such information will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses, and not only.

A bit of history

Find out the region by mobile phone number

But first, it is desirable to understand why a cell number has so many digits, unlike a city number, in which there are usually no more than 7. The fact is that when dialing a number tied to a specific place, it is enough just called "closed plan". But for a cell phone, which can be anywhere in the world, this option is not suitable.

In addition, the first cellular operators are faced with the fact that most of the available short (urban)numbering was already owned by large telephone monopoly companies. Her redemption from them often cost a very round sum, as a result, all these costs fell on the shoulders of subscribers. The emergence of an open dialing plan or DEF codes was a way out of this situation. In those years, even an advertising slogan appeared: "Long number - short account." True, it was more difficult for subscribers to remember it, and it also became difficult to recognize the region by mobile phone number.

How is a cell number formed?

And indeed, at first glance it seems that 11 digits of a mobile phone is nothing more than a random set. But this is only for those who have never heard of the rules for the formation of telephone numbers. For the rest, it is not only easy to find out the region by the mobile phone number, but also to determine the mobile operator and the country from which the call came. It's just that all this information is encrypted in it so that cellular companies and other telecom operators can correctly bill.

Region by mobile number

Most often a cell number in Russia looks like this:

+79ХХ-ХХХ-ХХХХ, where

  • 7 is the code of the Russian Federation;
  • 9XX - mobile operator code;
  • XXX - region code;
  • ХХХХ - just numbers that distinguish one number from another.

So, for example, the number +7927-123-4567 is registered in the Saratov region with the MegaFon mobile operator and, of course, in Russia.

Codes of other countries

What if the number they are calling from starts withanother number? Most likely, the call came from another country. After all, each state has its own international code. It can contain from one to three digits. So, for the USA and Canada it is "1", for Ukraine - 380, and for Belarus - 375. Often it depends on the size of the country, and hence the number of available subscriber numbers.

What region does the mobile number belong to

All other numbers, just like in the case of Russian numbers, help to find out the region by mobile phone number. True, in most cases for international calls such information is redundant. The fact is that the cost will no longer change from this, which means that for the majority there is no need to clarify such information. Unless you need to understand whether familiar people really called or just someone had the wrong number. In this case, you can check the information in the long-distance help desk.

Code of mobile operators

Find out the region code of a cell phone

In Russia, after +7 or 8 (for domestic calls) for city numbers, the next 3 or 4 (rarely 5) digits determine the area code. So, for Moscow it will be 495 or 499, and for Samara - 846. And in the case of cell phones, the same function is performed by 6 digits after the country code. Knowing only them, you can determine the region by mobile number. True, to do this simply by looking at the existing series of numbers, unfortunately, will not work. You need to have a table of codes DEF.

To the delight of most subscribers, this information is not a secret, and it can be found out without muchlabor. The simplest thing is to contact the help desk of the mobile operator. But first, it is desirable to understand what kind of mobile communication services this subscriber uses. And 3 digits is already more than enough to clarify such information. For convenience, this information is given in the table (for the "big three").

Mobile operator Telephone code
JSC "MegaFon" 920-929, 937
JSC "Beeline"

903, 905, 906, 909, 967

MTS OJSC 910-919, 987

It is worth noting that there are also local cellular companies that will already have their own codes. But they work mainly only on the territory of one or two regions. And, of course, they do not have such extensive numbering.

All ways to find out the region code of a cell phone

The easiest way to do this is to contact the operator's help desk. It will be enough to dictate the first digits of the number, and the specialist will immediately provide the information of interest. But, unfortunately, sometimes it is simply impossible to wait for his answer. It seems that it is already easier to call an existing number. Those who have a computer at hand can use the free service on the MTT website. Here you can not only find out the region by mobile phone number, but also what other numbering belongs to the same operator. And also this service provides free information about international and long-distance codes.

It is worth noting that special applications can be downloaded for smartphones,which, even without Internet access, can provide such information. There are paid and free offers. But having such a program, you can always easily find out in which region the cell number is registered.

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