Industrial LED luminaires: ceiling, pendant


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Industrial LED luminaires: ceiling, pendant
Industrial LED luminaires: ceiling, pendant

Items such as industrial LED luminaires are a good alternative to outdated lamp counterparts. They meet all modern requirements for industrial lighting and have a wide range of applications.

Use area

Most often specialized lamps are installed in industrial buildings of the following types:

- industrial enterprises;

- production workshops;

- construction sites;

- storage facilities.

Projects for lighting especially heavy industries must take into account the load on lighting devices, so you need to choose them in advance and correctly. Industrial LED luminaires must meet all accepted norms and standards.

industrial LED luminaires

Appliances that have good quality characteristics and are installed in the right place will provide the necessary illumination of the building. Only carefully selected fixtures can create a comfortable working environment and ensure safety.

Industrial LED lights

Often in the industry, metal halide lamps or fluorescent lamps are installed. Their choice is determined by the low cost of devices and uniform light dispersion.

industrial led ceiling lights

The most commonly used LED fixtures. They will reduce lighting costs by up to 70% without losing quality. The products will greatly help to increase the profit of the enterprise.

Pros of LED lights

- Profitability. Such lamps require less power, so it is fashionable to direct the released energy to other processes.

- Durability. Industrial LED lamps remain operational for 50 thousand hours, with proper use, this figure doubles. At the same time, the lamps do not require additional maintenance.

- Payback. Despite the high price of the fixtures themselves, they pay for themselves in 2-3 years, while not requiring repair costs, which allows the company to increase profits.

- Increased degree of protection. For rooms with high humidity, special industrial LED lamps are produced, which are additionally protected from the external environment.

- Quick turn on. The lamps do not flicker before starting work, which reduces the strain on the eyes of the staff.

- Uniform distribution of light.

Hanging version

Industrial LED ceiling lights are produced without additions and frills, because the scopetheir applications are not office space, but work shops and other production facilities.

suspended industrial LED luminaires

When choosing a pendant lamp, you need to consider the following parameters:

- The lighting device should not create glare, so there is an option with a reflector that eliminates glare and normalizes the work of staff.

- The selected luminaires should provide uniform illumination of the entire room, while creating the possibility for equipment mobility, that is, a change of workplace.

- Some industrial LED ceiling lights have the ability to change brightness by directing the light beam to the right place.

- In places where there is increased pollution or humidity, it is better to install fixtures with a reflector at the bottom.

Types of ceiling lights for industry

The ability to embed LED lights is not always possible, so in production, the ceiling installation option is the best solution. It will not require changes in the architecture of the building, while providing the entire room with high-quality light.

Suspended industrial LED luminaires can be mounted on one or two hangers. They also differ in shape. They are: round or square, rectangular, in the form of narrow panels or with plafonds in the form of a sphere, as well as non-standard.

It is necessary to select suspended industrial LED lamps based on the shape and area of ​​the room. Last but not least is its purpose. Orderlighting fixtures are better in batches, thus reducing the risk of discrepancies in design or shape.

Lamp protection level

Many manufacturing processes involve significant amounts of dust and sometimes moisture. The best protection of lighting devices from the external environment will be the timely installation of lamps such as industrial LED lamps ip65.

industrial LED luminaires ip65

These items are made in a metal or plastic case. The last protection option is used for lamps up to 40 watts. IP65 luminaires can be used when temperatures fluctuate from +40 to -40 degrees. These devices are economical, easy to install and do not require special skills or equipment, and they are safe and easy to operate, requiring a minimum of maintenance and cleaning.

Choosing such devices as LED lamps for industrial premises should be for many reasons, in particular, they are indispensable for lighting places where work is done manually and requires special precision.

Differences between LED devices and analogues

Halogen lamps are efficient, compact and economical, and it is these qualities that attract consumers. They can operate on both direct and alternating current. A buffer gas is present in a halogen lamp, which reduces the performance of the device to only 4 thousand hours. The lamp can reach very high temperatures, so it must not come into contact with objects during operation. This is the main disadvantage of suchdevices. Modern lamps are coated with an infrared composition, which doubles their service life.

Fluorescent lamps have a wide range of advantages: long service life, increased efficiency, independence from voltage drops, heat up to a maximum of 50 degrees.

industrial LED luminaires

Lamps in fluorescent fixtures are made from mercury or sodium. They have power up to 400W.

They are produced with a heat-resistant case and IP65 protection, they are equipped with a ballast or an electromagnetic choke. Moisture-proof luminaires are lighter in design and available in single or dual-lamp designs.

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