Amfiton-002 amplifier: specifications and reviews


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Amfiton-002 amplifier: specifications and reviews
Amfiton-002 amplifier: specifications and reviews

Audio amplifier is the most important component of any speaker system. Anyone who knows even a little about sound knows this. But the trouble is that modern amplifiers from such giants as Yamaha and Pioneer cost fabulous money. What to do if the budget is limited, but you want high-quality sound? There is a solution: Soviet audio devices.

They cost a penny, and in terms of quality they are in no way inferior even to many modern Hi-End class receivers. One of them is the amplifier "Amfiton-002". This monster is able to provide high-quality sound for purely symbolic money. Of course, subject to the availability of an appropriate speaker system and the "correct" connecting wires. Now let's take a closer look at this device. But first, a few words about the manufacturer.

amphiton 002

A little about the company

There were a lot of good amplifiers in the Soviet Union. One of them was Amphiton. It was produced by Lvov PO named after Lenin (now PO "Lorta"). The release of "Amfiton-002" began in 1983. And since then, the design of the amplifier has not fundamentally changed. And really, why change what is already greatworks? This was the opinion of the leaders of the Lenin Production Association. However, since the mid-nineties of the last century, software has ceased to exist. Accordingly, Amfiton devices disappeared from store shelves.

It should be noted that in addition to amplifiers under the Amfiton brand, very decent acoustic systems with a power of 25 to 150 watts were also produced. Moreover, these were "real" watts, and not fictional ones (which are popular with modern manufacturers). It can be said that the amplifier "Amfiton-002" is the last successful creation of the Lenin Software. After that, all development stopped. And soon the software itself died. But the Amphiton technique is still appreciated by music lovers. Even some audiophiles respect this brand.

Look & Design

Amplifier "Amfiton-002 Stereo" looked very impressive. It is made of thick metal. Moreover, the metal covers it from all sides. The controls are located on the front panel. This is where the huge volume knob catches your eye. This is very convenient, as you can freely navigate the controls in complete darkness. The side faces of the device serve as a heat sink and have a ribbed surface. This gives the amplifier a somewhat futuristic look. He looks powerful and dignified.

amphiton 002 amplifier

On the rear panel there is a set of connectors, a speaker switch and an auxiliary power connector. "Amfiton-002 Stereo" weighs 9 kilograms.This is a decent result. Any high-quality amplifier is quite heavy, since its components are far from budget. On the top panel, which is also made of a single sheet of metal, there are "gills" of the cooling grille. This allows for more efficient heat dissipation from the amplifier components. However, let's move on to other features of this device.

Amplifier Specifications

So, let's take a closer look at "Amfiton-002". The characteristics of the device allow it to be used in tandem with Hi-End speaker systems. Judge for yourself. Rated power is 25 watts. The maximum short-term power is 100 watts. The frequency range varies from 40 to 16,000 hertz. This is a perfectly acceptable result. Especially when you consider the "age" of the amplifier. The frequency response range is between 20 and 25,000 Hz. This already sets the device apart from similar Soviet-made amplifiers.

amphiton 002 scheme

"Amfiton U-002 Stereo" also boasts a decent bass boost, perfect highs and excellent mids. It doesn't matter what source the sound comes from. There is also no hiss at high volume, which is typical for many entry-level Soviet amplifiers. As connectors for connecting equipment, five-pin sockets are used. Connecting a computer or CD player is a breeze as there are plenty of adapters available at retail.


Amplifier "Amfiton-002" has some features that make it more comfortable to use. These include the ability to connect multiple audio sources. The front panel has a "Selector" type knob that allows you to select the playback device. There are also two modes of operation: mono and stereo. There is a button for correcting the sound picture when listening to sound from vinyl records and a button for equalizing low frequencies at minimum volume. In general, many consider this particular amplifier to be the best of the Amphitons. And the point here is not at all in his class. It's just made very high quality and has many useful options.

amphiton 002 characteristics

"Amfiton-002" is able to give excellent, deep bass. Many people use this device as a bass booster. And they are partly right. However, the amplifier does not cope well with other frequencies. To fine-tune the sound picture, there are special controls that will help you adjust the tone and all the main frequencies. This amplifier can be considered one of the most functional among those produced in the Soviet Union before and after. And now let's move on to another section of our material.

Amp Repair

Like all Soviet technology, this device is perfectly repairable. If any component fails, it will not be difficult to replace it. You just need to correctly determine what exactly is broken. And then everything will go like clockwork. However, in order to repairamplifier itself, you need at least a little understanding of radio engineering. Without this, there is nothing even to climb into the insides of Amphiton-002. Repair is also simple because finding suitable parts or their analogues is not a problem. It is enough to go to any radio store. Capacitors, windings, wires, transformers - it's all on sale.

amphiton y 002 stereo

However, there is one more feature of the repair "Amfiton-002". The amplifier circuit must be present before your eyes without fail. Without it, it is not possible to figure out what the Soviet engineers have done. If you do not have time to fix the amplifier, then you can bring it to any workshop. They will gladly take over the repair of this unit. And they won’t take it very expensive, because the parts are cheap. And for repairs, you just need a regular soldering iron.

amphiton 002

Sound quality

As mentioned above, "Amfiton-002" is a Hi-End class device. This means that the amplifier is capable of providing very high quality sound. True, the quality depends on many factors. The first step is to pay attention to the source of the sound. It should either be a decent quality CD player or a computer with an external DAC. But even on a computer, you need to play by no means ordinary MP3 files, but lossless formats (FLAC, APE, WavPack). Only then can you enjoy truly high-quality sound.

amphiton 002 stereo amplifier

However, do not forget about the qualityconnecting wires. It is unacceptable to use cheap cords from unknown manufacturers. They will not be able to provide decent quality. Yes, and some components of the amplifier itself can be replaced with modern analogues, which are sometimes much better than the Soviet ones. Then the amplifier will sound exactly as intended by the manufacturer. But modification is not required. And without that, the sound is very good.

Where to buy?

Currently, it is not possible to find the original "Amfiton-002" in retail. That is, it is unrealistic to buy a new device. It can only be found in the secondary market. Here at all kinds of "flea markets" it is quite possible to buy such an amplifier in good condition. Sometimes you can even come across modified models that boast better sound quality. The price of such an "Amfiton" can vary from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles. It is not expensive. Especially considering the device class.

Positive feedback from owners

It is necessary to study reviews. Especially with regard to devices such as amplifiers. It is they who are able to explain to a potential buyer how high-quality sound this or that receiver is capable of producing. So what do people say about "Amfiton U-002"? Reviews about this device are mostly positive. The owners praise the high-quality and clear sound, rich low frequencies and high-grade highs. Also, many people like the design of the amplifier. It looks really impressive: shiny, metallic, with reliable controls. Robust, thick-walled housingmetal is also a reason to be proud. But most of all, users are impressed by the price and compatibility of the device with all passive speakers.

amphiton 002 repair

Negative owner reviews

There is almost no constructive criticism here. For example, many complain about the excessive weight of the amplifier. Any opinion should be heard, but for comparison - the Brig amplifier weighs 25 kilograms! There are users who do not like the sound of the device. Of course, you shouldn't expect Yamaha or Bowers&Wilkins Hi-End quality from a Soviet amplifier. Such miracles do not happen, especially for 1,000 rubles. No other negative reviews were found for this amplifier. And this can only mean one thing - the product is really of high quality

In conclusion

So, we have considered the amplifier "Amfiton-002". What can be said about him? This is an excellent receiver that is capable of delivering high-end sound (assuming comparable speaker components). It has a spectacular appearance and the ability to play from multiple sources. But its main advantage lies in the cost. For a symbolic amount, you can get a reliable high-level device. "Amfiton" is perfect for arranging a zone with high-quality sound. Moreover, finding it in the secondary market is not difficult. Yes, and in the repair it is unpretentious. Not to mention refinement and maintenance.

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