Rating of narrow washing machines: dimensions, specifications, reliability, reviews


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Rating of narrow washing machines: dimensions, specifications, reliability, reviews
Rating of narrow washing machines: dimensions, specifications, reliability, reviews

Today, owners of small apartments are faced with the problem of the inability to install a standard-sized washing machine in the bathroom or even in the kitchen. Most well-known world manufacturers offer in this case to purchase special narrow models. Such varieties allow you to install even in a room with limited dimensions. The rating of narrow washing machines will be discussed further.

General Features

Before considering the ranking of the best narrow washing machines, you should pay attention to important aspects of choosing household appliances. It is customary to refer to this group of equipment models that differ from standard ones in shallower depth. In this case, the width of the machine, as a rule, is standard.

Washing machines narrow width 40 rating

In other words, models that also have a frontal glass hatch fall into the category of narrow ones, but at the same time, the camera for loading things into them is smaller. She is40-42 cm. In standard typewriters, the depth is 44-47 cm. This implies the main parameters of such a technique. Narrow models are characterized by smaller:

  • spin speed;
  • weight of things at maximum load;
  • power;
  • energy consumption.

Visually, the presented models have no other changes. When choosing, it is worth considering that a different category of equipment is on sale today. These are ultra-compact washing machines. Their depth can vary from 29 to 36 cm.

Recommendations for selection

Rating of the best narrow washing machines

The rating of narrow washing machines is definitely worth considering before going to the store. However, there are a number of other parameters that need to be taken into account. Narrow cars can be of two types:

  • Standard. The system provides a minimum number of functions, basic functionality.
  • Extended functionality. Many functions are provided, some of them are indispensable. This can be, for example, drying, steaming, washing down jackets, woolen or silk items, as well as antiseptic programs.

The main parameters to pay attention to are the depth of the tank, the spin class and energy consumption, the quality of the wash and the spin speed.

You should definitely familiarize yourself not only with the reliability rating of narrow washing machines, but also with consumer reviews. This will allow you to choose the best option. Reliable household appliances will be durable, functional andwill not require periodic repairs.

Going to the store, you need to measure the dimensions of the free space where you plan to install the machine. For each measurement, it is worth making a margin of 1-2 cm. It should be noted that all narrow models are built-in. They have a removable cover, which allows you to freely install the unit in the kitchen set, under the sink.

Rating of the best cars

The rating of narrow washing machines (in terms of quality, reliability, other parameters) is compiled based on feedback from customers and specialists. To make it easier to make a choice, household appliances are divided into groups. The rating is compiled separately for the following categories of cars:

  • Front loading models 40-42 cm deep.
  • Top loading 40 cm wide x 60 cm deep.
  • Super narrow varieties 33-36 cm deep.
  • Cars with drying function.
Narrow washing machines reliability rating

Considering the rating of narrow washing machines with a width of 40-42 cm, it is worth noting the following models:

  • 1st place - Bosch WLG 2416 (19,500 rubles).
  • 2nd place – Vestfrost VFWM 1241 SE (26,000 rubles).
  • 3rd place - Candy Bianca BWM4 (27,100 rubles).
  • 4th place - Vestfrost VFWM 1041 WE (21,000 rubles)

Among top-loading machines, the places were distributed as follows:

  • 1st place – Whirlpool TDLR 70220 (RUB 37,500).
  • 2nd place - Electrolux EWT 1064 (30,000 rubles).

In the category of super narrow washing machinesbuyers have highlighted the following models:

  • 1st place - LG F-1096SD3 (23,500 rubles).
  • 2nd place - Candy GVS34 (17,500 rubles).
  • 3rd place - Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701 (19,500 rubles)

Among models with a drying function, the places were distributed as follows:

  • 1st place - Miele WTF 130 (160,000 rubles).
  • 2nd place - Vestfrost VFWD 1460 (53,000 rubles).
  • 3rd place - Electrolux EWW 51676 (RUB 55,500).

Reviews about each category of washing machines should be considered in more detail.

Reviews about Bosch WLG 2416

The ranking of narrow washing machines 40-42 cm wide includes different models that were marked by customers as the best. The first place went to Bosch WLG 2416. This model of the German company is produced in our country. The washing machine is only 40 cm deep.

Rating of narrow washing machines by quality

The advantages of this model are not only its compact dimensions, but also the presence of the function of protection against voltage surges. The machine is able to work without problems from a household network without installing an additional uninterruptible power supply.

A feature of the models of washing machines from Bosch is the presence of a mode of uniform wetting of linen. A full load is 5 kg and the spin speed is 1000 rpm. There is a quick wash mode, as well as a lock function that will not allow a small child to reconfigure the machine during the washing process. There is also a mode of additional loading of linen, there is a control of foaming and distribution imbalanceunderwear. There are also several basic modes for washing cotton, synthetics and delicate fabrics.

The disadvantage of the model, users call a loud spin. However, this is a practically insignificant negative quality. For this reason, in the ranking of narrow front-facing washing machines, the model from Bosch deservedly takes first place.

Reviews about Vestfrost VFWM 1241 SE

Second in the ranking of narrow front-loading washing machines is the Vestfrost VFWM 1241 SE. This is a popular model designed by a Danish brand and now produced in Turkey. It is quite roomy for its compact size. The depth of the cabinet is 42 cm, which allows you to load up to 6 kg of laundry.

Narrow washer dryer rating of the best

The model received a spectacular design. It is finished in gray and has a chrome sunroof. The energy efficiency of the model belongs to the A++ class. The machine is capable of spinning clothes at a speed of 1200 rpm.

A feature of the presented model is a built-in system that optimizes the washing time and the consumption of water, detergent, and electricity, depending on the amount of laundry in the drum. The model has 15 programs. Management, according to user reviews, is simple and straightforward. One of the modes is designed to eliminate 7 types of common allergens and 4 types of bacteria.

The model provides for a screen that displays information about the stage of washing, the error code, the time remaining until the end of the wash. You can set the delayed start function,up to 23 hours. There is a system for suppressing imbalance and foaming, as well as a child protection function.

Among the shortcomings of the presented model, users name noisy work. The service network is also poorly developed in our country. However, these shortcomings are not significant. For this reason, in the ranking of narrow washing machines Vestfrost VFWM 1241 SE takes second place.

Reviews of other front loading models 40-42 cm deep

In the ranking of the best, reliable narrow washing machines, the third place belongs to the Candy Bianca BWM4 model. It is produced by an Italian brand, whose production facilities are located in China. It is worth noting that although the depth of the machine is quite small (40 cm), it is able to wash up to 7 kg of laundry at a time. At the same time, the equipment works quietly, since it has an inverter motor.

Narrow washing machine rating of the best reliable

Spinning at 1400 rpm. You can set the washing program in the usual way (manually) or remotely using the software on your smartphone. You can set the quick wash mode, as well as steam the laundry. This greatly improves the processing quality.

The disadvantage of the presented model is not enough simple remote control. To work with the program, you will need to spend quite a lot of time before you can figure out its capabilities. Interface in English. Also, buyers note that the body of the machine is made of insufficiently durable plastic.

What people sayAbout Vestfrost VFWM 1041 WE

Fourth place belongs to another Danish model. It also has a depth of 42 cm. Among the advantages, buyers call economy (energy class A ++), as well as loading up to 6 kg of laundry. The manufacturer has provided for the presence of 15 programs, as well as a system for optimizing the washing mode, depending on the drum load. An informative display is installed in the machine, which allows you to control the streak process and receive the necessary information from the system.

The disadvantage is that users call the presence of a slight vibration when the machine spins the laundry at high speed.

Whirlpool TDLR 70220 reviews

In the ranking of narrow top-loading washing machines, according to customer reviews, Whirlpool TDLR 70220 occupies the first place. The model received a concise design, an informative display. Management is easy and understandable. A feature of the washing machines of this brand is the presence of the function of intelligent optimization of washing in accordance with the type of fabrics and load volume.

Rating of inexpensive narrow washing machines

This model is energy and water efficient. There are 14 washing programs, both classic and special, such as "Sport" or "Jeans". There is a quick wash, intensive rinse. The maximum spin is performed at a speed of 1200 rpm.

The motor is very quiet. The machine washes 7 kg at a time. The drum opens smoothly, there is an emergency leakage system.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the presence of a smallthe amount of water in the powder tray after washing. Also, only two of the four legs are adjustable in height. However, according to most owners, these minor flaws cannot overshadow the advantages of the model. Therefore, she takes first place in her group.

Reviews about Electrolux EWT 1064

The free-standing model of washing machines Electrolux EWT 1064 is endowed with a top loading type. The model is compact, but it can wash up to 6 kg of laundry. Spinning is performed at a speed of 1000 rpm. The machine has the function of optimizing the washing mode. This saves water and energy depending on the load and type of laundry.

Rating of the narrowest washing machines

The machine has standard washing programs. You can also wash in it, by setting a specific function, blankets, curtains, sportswear, jeans, etc. The manufacturer has provided for the presence of pre-wash, rinse, stop with water, easy ironing. There is a night wash function and a child lock.

The disadvantage is a simple and therefore rather noisy motor. Although, in general, the model, according to reviews, is functional and economical.

Super narrow cars

In the ranking of the narrowest washing machines, the first place belongs to the LG F-1096SD3 model. It is the most reliable and economical model in its group. At the same time, it is highly functional. Dimensions are quite modest. The machine can wash up to 4 kg of clothes at a time. Spinning is performed at a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. There are 13 washing programs.

Carruns quietly as it has a new generation motor. However, when water is drawn in, the noise is still audible. This is an insignificant drawback, therefore, in the ranking of inexpensive narrow washing machines, the LG F-1096SD3 takes first place.

In second place, according to customer reviews, Candy GVS34. With its modest dimensions, the machine is able to wash up to 6 kg of laundry. Since the spin is performed at high speed (up to 1100 rpm), the manufacturer has increased the weight of the compact machine. This reduces vibration during drying.

Energy class A++, which is unusual for machines in this category. The system has 15 programs. The hatch is wide and therefore comfortable. There is a control of foaming and imbalance. Among the shortcomings, buyers note noise during water intake and poor-quality plastic on the case.

The third place in the group is Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701. This is an original miniature instrument. It can be placed on the wall. The appliance is designed for washing 3 kg of laundry. The design is quite nice, the door is big. Drum in star type model. The motor is pretty quiet. At the same time, the washing machine can be installed even in a very small room.

The system has 6 programs. There is a rinse and a child lock. Compartments are conveniently separated for conditioner and laundry detergent. Foam and load imbalance control system is provided.

The disadvantage is the washing class B, as well as the spin speed of only 700 rpm.

Reviews about machines with drying function

The ranking of the best narrowwashing machines with dryers. These are quite expensive household appliances. However, it significantly improves the comfort and quality of washing. The first place in the ranking belongs to the Miele WTF 130 typewriter. It is characterized by a somewhat conservative design. However, this is a really high-quality combined type technique.

Reviews about machines with a drying function

The model has 24 main drying and washing programs. At one time, the machine is able to wash 7 kg of laundry and dry 4 kg. Spinning is performed at a speed of 1600 rpm. There is an effective system that prevents leakage. The only drawback of this technique is its price.

The second place belongs to the Vestfrost VFWD 1460 model. This is a solid, reliable equipment with wide functionality. Among the interesting modes, it is worth noting anti-allergenic treatment, washing down jackets. Washing and drying is possible for 6 kg laundry. The disadvantage is the fact that the case heats up during operation.

The third place in this category is occupied by the Electrolux EWW 51676 model. This is a compact technique that can wash up to 7 kg of laundry at a time and dry up to 4 kg. Drying is possible at 1600 rpm. The downside is the lack of quick wash programs.

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