How to hide a number on Android: methods, utilities

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How to hide a number on Android: methods, utilities
How to hide a number on Android: methods, utilities

Sometimes a situation may arise when you need to hide a number on an android device. Here we are talking about pranks, interviews, appeals to some services or services, etc. Some are trying in every possible way to get rid of tracking paths. In general, there are many scenarios, but the result is the same - hide the number on Android.

Developers in the latest versions of the platform took into account the wishes of users and provided regular tools to perform this procedure. In addition, there are a lot of third-party applications on Google Play that allow you to hide the number on Android when you call. The latter, however, do not always come across with high-quality code, but there are still enough smart utilities.

So, let's try to figure out how to hide the number on Android, what steps you need to take to do this, and do it as painlessly as possible, both for the user himself and for his smartphone. First, consider the option with regular functionality, and then - third-party programs.

Regular facilities

Let's figure out how to hide the number on Android 6.0 using the classicmenu. In other versions of the platform, the principle is the same, but the designation of the items may differ slightly. Moreover, it is quite difficult to get lost there, so let's get started.

how to hide number when calling on android
  1. Open "Settings" either from the icon or from the retractable panel.
  2. Next, go to the Call Settings section.
  3. Then select the item "Additional options".
  4. Then open the sub-item "Caller ID".
  5. Click on "Hide number" and you're done.

After that, the phone should think for a while, after which a notification window may appear that the new settings have taken effect. If you hide the number on Android in this way, then the subscriber on the other end of the wire will not only not see who called him, but will also receive anonymous SMS and network operator messages about availability or unavailability.

This method can sometimes fail and at the same time display your real number, but here for the most part the fault of the mobile operator, not the platform. In addition, there are very few such cases.

Combination of numbers

You can also use a certain digital combination if you want to hide the number on your Android device absolutely free of charge. This option is in no way dependent on your mobile operator and works on all gadgets running the Android platform.

how to hide number free on android
  1. Select the number you want to call from the contact list.
  2. Then click on the item“Edit/change number.”
  3. Then enter the combination 31 just before the number and the international code.

For example, you are going to anonymously call a subscriber with a phone number of 989 811 31 78. The final option will look like this - 319898113178. The user on the other end will receive a notification "Number hidden" or Unknown.

Third Party Applications

As mentioned above, there are a lot of such utilities on Google Play. But the two most popular programs are Try-Out and Hide Caller ID. They are simple, clear and have a lot of positive feedback from consumers. Let's take a closer look at them.


This application works stably with all domestic telecom operators and there are no such problems as in the case of regular means. The program reliably protects your personal number, and the subscriber on the other end of the wire will always receive a notification of a hidden call.

how to hide number on android 6 0

The utility is distributed completely free of charge, but with some limitations. You can use all the features of the application only for the first 10 calls, and then you will either have to buy a key or refuse it.

After installation, the program will immediately prompt you to hide the number, and if necessary, perform a number of other procedures: change the international code, country or add some subscribers to the black list. Users are entirely positive about this application, but some complain about the clumsy Russian-language localization. But it is notcritical, because how to deal with the program can be a consumer of any level, even in English.

Hide Caller ID

This utility perfectly hides personal numbers, and its work also does not depend on the current cellular operator. At least with the venerable trio - MTS, Megafon and Beeline, it works stably and does not allow punctures.

hide caller ID

In addition, the program can hide all numbers in your phone book from prying eyes and block a specific number from incoming calls. There's also a child lock that prevents accidental dialing if your phone is in the hands of a child.

The interface of the program is intuitive, simple and even a beginner will understand it, despite the lack of Russian-language localization. In addition, you can turn on the wizard assistant in the menu, which will guide you through the main functionality of the application and prompt you in difficult situations.

The utility is distributed under a paid and free license. In the first case, there are no restrictions, and in the second, there is only the possibility of prohibiting the display of your number to other subscribers. There are no ads in either the first or the second case.

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