PocketBook 650 e-book: specifications and reviews


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PocketBook 650 e-book: specifications and reviews
PocketBook 650 e-book: specifications and reviews

PocketBook is known as one of the most active manufacturers in the reader market. Its new products are constantly bringing something new to the industry. So PocketBook 650 is no exception.

Here, for the first time, the user encounters a 5-pixel camera, as well as an autofocus system. So now you can take your own pictures with this gadget. However, the functionality of the camera does not end there. It can recognize text, which is also a very handy feature.

Another important innovation in this model is the upgraded E-Ink Carta screen. It has a backlight and an unusual arrangement of buttons for paging (on the back of the case).


Despite the fact that PocketBook 650 has a number of technological updates, it looks quite traditional. The body of the device can be of different colors. To control the user is given a special black panel. The frame around the screen has the same shade. Those who are familiar with the company's previous products will easily recognize the company's rounded button.

Glossy plastic became material for the case. The control panel feels different to the touch: it is made of a less slippery matte finish. A good assembly is complemented by a pleasant ontouch structure.

PocketBook 650, which weighs 175 grams, is small, thin and light. The developers did not dare to leave the six-inch device only with a touch screen. This is a well-founded fear, because after the breakdown of this part of the device, everything becomes unusable. The compact size allows you to put the gadget even in your pockets, not to mention the bag. So the model got its own user niche.

The touch screen on the front of the device is complemented by four buttons that allow you to go "home", call the context menu, and turn pages in both directions.

The bottom end includes a 3.5mm headphone port. There is also a button to turn on the reader. Under the adjacent cover are USB and MicroSD connectors.

In turn, the rear panel is a place for the camera, as well as duplicate scroll buttons. They are used according to habit. Some PocketBook 650 users prefer them, others stick to the familiar front buttons.

pocketbook ultra 650


To make it easier for the user to interact with recently read books, the reader displays the last three volumes in its main menu. Below PocketBook Ultra 650 shows the rest of the files, marking them by the date they were added. If there is an e-cover, it is also displayed for easier navigation.

Followed by three more buttons that are most often interacted withusers. This is a complete library stored on the device's physical memory or flash drive. The following label is for a store where you can legally purchase products in reader-friendly formats. The last button refers to the camera. Unlike previous models, the status bar has moved to the top.

pocketbook 650 reviews

At the edges of the screen there are shortcuts, by activating which you can open the context menu with installed applications. Pressing the Home button brings up a list of tasks where, among other things, you can change the Wi-Fi settings.


The screen contrast level is now 15:1. This indicator was set specifically for the PocketBook 650. Reviews say that this has noticeably changed the image quality. Now the picture has become clearer and clearer even in the dark. The screen works instantly and copes with the amount of information that fits on it. Glare, slowdowns, crashes - all this is missing on a quality display from PocketBook.

The special substrate has a built-in backlight that reacts to the touch of a person's finger. Uniform lighting can be adjusted in the brightness settings. So that each user can remake the device for themselves, in order not to waste extra charge.

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The library in PocketBook Ultra 650 combined all the technological experience of the developer company. This is a multi-tool with which you can sort files in a variety of ways: byauthors of works, sizes, read part, etc. There is also a "Favorites" section for those who have a lot of files and are in danger of getting confused in directories. For ease of orientation, the display shows the root folder where the user is currently located.

Because this model uses a new design, old users can activate the familiar version with simple design and functionality. The innovations have greatly changed the PocketBook 650. Feedback on this version suggests that most users quickly get used to the larger font and icon size. This trend exists today in many industries, for example, on Web-resources, etc. In this sense, the developers of PocketBook have gone far ahead, since their initial products were distinguished by their clumsy appearance, and were popular primarily due to their functionality.


In order to quickly and efficiently manage the reader, you need to master the touch screen, the buttons below it and combine these two working modules in interaction with the device. The motor skills of the fingers are so arranged that with getting used to, such a tool becomes much faster. Some functions are called up with a long or double press. The buttons of the device are easy to find by touch due to specific protrusions on the case. So the device is easy to handle even in the dark. The button responsible for turning on / off is slightly different from the rest. It is somewhat tighter to the touch. This is done in order to protect the device from accidental clicks when resetting alldata or, conversely, wasted battery power.

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The developers decided to choose 512 megabytes of RAM and 1 GHz clock speed for the PocketBook 650. The review suggests that there are no performance problems when working with menus and small files. However, if the reader downloads a large PDF file, it may take some time.

The physical memory built into the device is 4 gigabytes, while 3 of them are available to the user. The rest of the space is occupied by system files. However, this volume can be increased with a microSD card. There are three different ways to transfer files to your device.

The first of them is the connection to a familiar personal computer via USB. As mentioned above, a store is available on the menu, where you can buy a variety of books. Finally, the fixture connects to the internet cloud. It can store even more books downloaded by the user.

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Additional applications available in a special menu section are a standard set in devices from this manufacturer. That's what the PocketBook 650 e-book has: several games to help pass the time, a calendar, a clock, built-in interlanguage dictionaries, an Mp3 player. All this allows not only to read with comfort and convenience, but also complements the device with the minimum software needed in everyday life.

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Built-in Wi-Fi is available through the default browser. Unfortunately, it is not very convenient, especially if it is used for multiple purposes. But as an application for solving elementary tasks - that's it. There is also an application on the device called ReadRate. It also works with the help of the Internet and is a social network of book lovers, where information and ratings about a variety of works are stored. This will not only allow you to choose the highest quality books, but will also help you find people who are fond of the same literature.


The camera presented on the device seems completely unusual, because none of the predecessors of this model had it. According to the manufacturers, the PocketBook Ultra 650 e-reader received this add-on so that customers can use the text recognition function. That is, the camera captures an image of a sheet from a paper book and transfers the text to a convenient format. This idea seems at least interesting, and many buyers decided to buy a novelty because of it. However, the implementation of this principle is still lame, since the system often produces errors in the text, which, however, can be logically corrected when reading. In general, it remains to be seen that the developers will improve the function in the next production.

But, of course, this does not negate the fact that the camera on the PocketBook 650 Pbpuc 650 can also be used for its intended purpose. The image quality is quite acceptable and such an addition can help out if you urgently need it.take a picture but don't have a phone at hand.


PocketBook 650 Brown supports a wide variety of e-book formats. When reading, you can edit the picture, including font size, layout, formatting, etc. You can highlight the text of interest, as well as search for key phrases in the search menu. It is most convenient to flip through the file using bookmarks that correspond to the titles of the chapters.

The screen remains simple and devoid of unnecessary details throughout the reading, so as not to distract the user from the process with design inventions, etc. If you want to write out some passage, then you do not need to do this in a separate notebook. The menu has a section with notes.

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