Micromax phone: customer reviews


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Micromax phone: customer reviews
Micromax phone: customer reviews

Micromax's example shows that it is not necessary to have a ten-year presence on the market to be successful among buyers. Of course, this does not cancel the basic marketing and branding tools, but a little-known brand can also win in an empty niche. The main thing is to correctly determine the needs of the consumer. This is exactly what the Indian brand Micromax did in 2008. Reviews of the brand's products, of course, are very diverse and not always favorable to the creators, but the low price covers most of the shortcomings.

General information about Micromax models

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The company is committed to offering the newest and most attractive mobile market technologies that can be introduced into the budget segment. It is the focus on inexpensive smartphones that differ in functionality that allowed the brand to become one of the leaders in the class of entry-level models in just a few years. What is a Micromax cell phone today? Reviews underline the rather tolerable quality when compared with most Chinese inexpensive devices.

At the same time, the latest lines already hint at good performance and the makings of full-fledged smartphones from the middlelink. For example, the latest Canvas series has a 1.4 GHz processor as well as a 13-megapixel camera. Until recently, it was impossible to imagine such abilities in the filling of a budget model. Today, the Micromax phone is endowed with such potential, reviews of which also emphasize the build quality. I must say that reliability and ergonomics have always prevented lower-level phone representatives from becoming leaders in the market. The Indian brand is no exception, but so far it manages to strike a balance between price and overall quality. And now it is worth taking a closer look at the most significant models of the brand.

Reviews about X1800

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We can say that this is the youngest model in the company's lineup. The cost of the device is only 800 rubles. To a certain extent, this is a unique offer on the domestic market, since options with such a price tag and two SIM cards are extremely rare. Moreover, users note the functionality that this Micromax device has. Reviews, in particular, praise the good work of the MP3 player, note the very fact of the presence of a camera, a slot with a memory card and Bluetooth. It’s hardly worth talking about the shortcomings of a phone with such a price tag and stuffing, but the owners still note a small screen resolution and a modest 750 mAh battery. One way or another, models with such data are almost impossible to find not only in the lines of manufacturers like Philips and Nokia, but also in Fly.

Reviews about model S302

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In this casethere is no need to make discounts for a favorable combination of price and functionality - the device costs an average of 3.5 thousand rubles, and this amount fully pays for the internal contents of the device. If we talk about the advantages of the device, then users highlight the thoughtful design and ergonomics of the case, the processor of rather high power and the versatility that this Micromax phone provides during operation. Reviews also emphasize the presence of two cameras and the same number of SIM cards. However, the image quality is at the level of smartphones that were popular 5 years ago. Again, for the level of a simple state employee, 2 megapixels is not bad, but the consumer is actively raising the bar for requests, and very soon even 5-megapixel modules will be considered obsolete.

Reviews of the Bolt D320

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This smartphone is available on the market for 4000 rubles. Its owner gets at the disposal of Android 4.4 OS, the ability to use two SIM cards, a good 3.2 megapixel camera, as well as communication software in the form of Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and Bluetooth. The owners, for their part, note a good assembly, the ability of the phone to pick up signals in any conditions and a nice design, which is also a rarity for low-end models. At the same time, there are many disadvantages that are found in this model. So, Micromax is a smartphone, reviews of which are more likely to criticize an insensitive touch screen, strong heating in the camera area, a weak battery and image quality. Actually, this is a traditional set of complaints about budget models, but this smartphone still hasmany shortcomings are compensated by wide communication capabilities and stable signal reception.

Reviews about model A093

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This model is also represented by a dual-SIM version with 4 GB of memory, Android KitKat OS, a quad-core processor and a 5 MP camera. First of all, the owners praise the truly powerful speakers that provide detailed and clear sound. Today, devices specialized in musical functions are rare. But it is precisely among these that the Micromax A093 belongs, reviews of which emphasize the effect of the amplifier of the front stereo speakers. In addition to this, an elegant design is noted, formed by edging in different shades, including silver and gold. Users also praise the responsiveness of the interface - the menu works clearly and quickly, and if necessary, voice search can also be connected. Thanks to the 4-core processor, you can confidently run applications with games without delays and delays. If we talk about features compared to other budget devices, then A093 will stand out with a bright screen with a good matrix, glass resistant to mechanical stress and a wide range of equipment, which includes headphones.

Reviews about model A69

This is one of the most successful models in the line of the Indian company. Firstly, it is inexpensive - an average of 2800-3000 rubles. Secondly, its wide functionality is provided by a productive stuffing in the form of a combination of Android 4.2 OS and a dual-core processor. Many owners note the speed of work andresponsiveness "Micromax A69". Feedback on the organization of the menu should be highlighted separately. Ergonomics in this part was previously typical of Nokia models, but the Indian brand also decided to focus on convenience when working with functions.

But otherwise, the characteristics evoke rather positive emotions among users. Cons can only be attributed to the battery with a small capacity. However, only those who actively use the Micromax A69 phone will feel this shortcoming. Reviews regarding the screen are also not without criticism, but for a smartphone in this segment, it provides acceptable image quality.

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Reviews about model A79

The device can be considered as a representative of the middle level in the brand line. The model is equipped with a standard set of features and capabilities, including support for two SIM cards, Bluetooth, 3G, etc. Among the advantages, users highlight the presence of a radio, fast menus and applications, as well as ergonomic advantages of the case. Otherwise, this is a typical "Micromax", reviews of which do not note any special shortcomings, making a discount on the cost of 2500 rubles. It is clear that when purchasing such a phone, one should prepare for poor battery performance and poor quality of camera shots. If we compare the model with competitors, then in most cases these flaws will fade against the background of more significant disadvantages of third-party analogues.

Reviews about model E313

This member of the Canvas Xpress 2 series can be regarded as the flagship model of the Indian brand. Apparatusavailable for a small amount of 9000 rubles. It would seem that this is a lot for a budget phone, but the characteristics of the device indicate otherwise. Suffice it to mention a 5-inch diagonal touch screen, high-quality IPS matrix, Gorilla Glass protective coating and a 13-megapixel main camera, not to mention the second 2-megapixel Micromax module. Owner reviews highly appreciate almost every characteristic of the model - both in terms of the display and in terms of the operation of the camera with the processor, the opinions are positive. As for the shortcomings of the E313, they relate to minor operational issues. For example, the low capacity of the battery is noted again, although in this case it is obvious that the demands of the device have also increased significantly. There are also complaints about the small amount of memory - 8 GB for a smartphone with such capabilities is still not enough.

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The company confidently maintains its position in the class of budget smartphones, simultaneously participating in neighboring segments. In particular, the 13-megapixel Micromax is a smartphone, reviews of which not only praise its low price and functionality, but also compare it with representatives of higher categories. This means that products are developing at an active pace. Moreover, progress is observed in all parameters - this applies not only to performance, camera and display, but also to the appearance with ergonomics. Improved stylistic qualities, ease of use, and at the same time increases the reliability of the devices.

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