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We are used to buying electronics online. Every year more and more people are switching to online shopping, realizing that the same goods can be purchased online at a significant discount. In addition, there is an opportunity to find out the reviews of other buyers and thus compare models, which you cannot do in a real store.

Electronics is the best-selling product category

According to official research conducted regularly by various authoritative publications specializing in the field of IT, the most sold category of goods is electronics. This is not surprising, because technological innovations came into our lives quite suddenly: even 10 years ago, a mobile phone was a rarity, and today we already have tablets, smart watches, bracelets, smartphones and much more. It is not surprising that we prefer to buy all this on the Web: online stores offer us a larger selection of such products and, in addition, put a lower price on them. In addition, the “electronics” category itself includes a lot of devices and devices, which already makes it more purchased than, say, sports goods.

One of the interesting stores is the online store headphones (also called Maximum Discount). For the firstlook, this is a simple online shop that sells headsets, products for listening to music (players, headphones) and other small accessories. However, if you look closely, the prices in this store are an order of magnitude lower than even the largest online electronics supermarkets can offer. In addition, there are very tempting promotions and great discounts. With all this in mind, we decided to dedicate this article to this store.

Beats7 reviews store: reviews on the official website

So, first of all, we pay attention to the characteristics and recommendations that buyers leave on the company's official website and in the main VKontakte group. Here, people praise the store in every possible way, emphasizing the low prices for its goods and the widest assortment. Also on, reviews mention fast delivery, excellent product quality and high-class service. In general, you will not find a single negative opinion here - all buyers are completely happy with the opportunity to make a purchase in this shop, and are also satisfied with the service in general.

All these characteristics can be found on the pages of the VKontakte group. It feels like either the store is really perfect and works, apparently, at a loss; or custom comments. Agree, even at Amazon-level stores there are negative reviews, this is normal. Well, let's move on - we analyze the cost of goods in the catalog. We skip reviews.

Pricing Brief

http reviews

Iftalking about what is sold here, the prices for products as a whole are quite affordable. For example, headphones that look like Beats by Dr. Dre, cost about 2490 rubles despite the fact that they are called differently (for example, urBeats). Another example is "droplets" by Dr. Dre, which are called Tour New, cost 2450 rubles.

In addition to the headset, they sell monopods (selfie sticks) costing from 1250 to 2490 rubles (which is also quite inexpensive), as well as batteries - the so-called power banks. The cost of each varies depending on the capacity between 950 and 2450 rubles.

Thus, we can say that the prices are quite low for all products posted on The reviews that we saw in the official Vkontakte group and on the website confirm this. And in general, comparing them with prices in other online shops, the choice will be clearly made in favor of this store.

Promotions on

The online shop discussed in this article also has interesting promotions based on the amount of purchase made by the user. In particular, information and reviews about the site indicate that if you order any product, you will be sent an mp3 player (visually similar to the Apple iPod Shuffle) as well as a credit card knife as a gift. There are other promotions: if you buy any type of headphones for more than 2500 rubles, you will take away Tour New headphones, a player and a credit card knife; take products that cost more than 4 thousand, they will give you an additional talking hamster. store reviews

Thus, it turns out that with any order you will be given 3-4 units of products for free. Tempting, isn't it?

Reviews about the site on the Web

Of course, as part of writing this article, we also looked at reviews posted on third-party resources. They, of course, are somewhat different from those that were on the official pages. In particular, buyers noted that all products offered on are counterfeit branded products and do not match the descriptions either in their appearance or workmanship.

If you look at opinions about on third-party resources, the reviews are negative and note that buying on this site is a waste of money due to the fact that the goods are low-quality Chinese copies. This is somewhat unexpected, because the store's website itself does not say anything about the fact that the assortment contains cheap copies, and not the original product. Due to this, in fact, customers of this shop come across.

What's the catch?

reviews about the site

Thus, everything becomes obvious. After analyzing the prices on, reviews, complaints and claims about the store, we can draw the following conclusion: the organizers are cashing in on naive buyers. When a person sees the cost of 5 thousand rubles for the "original" Monster Beats by Dr. Dre, he does not suggest that he is actually paying many times their real cost (since this is a Chinese version that costs a couple of dollars). The buyer expects that he is going to a good deal and, accordingly,expects to receive a quality product.

Should I buy cheap products?

In general, of course, you can pay a couple of thousand rubles for headphones on Reviews about the store (even if negative) show that in fact there are quite a lot of people who do this. But what do you get in the end? feedback complaints and claims

Product made of poor quality material, which in its appearance only from afar resembles the original sample. Moreover, the sound of such headphones will differ significantly from how the Beats by Dr. Dre for 20 thousand rubles. In addition, the life of cheap accessories will be much shorter. It is quite possible that in a couple of weeks you will be forced to throw them in the trash. Do you think it's worth spending 2 thousand rubles?

Analogues of the store

The question of where to buy electronics and at what price, of course, is up to everyone to decide for themselves. Perhaps someone will be satisfied with the quality of products sold in the store. Especially given its low cost.

online store headphones

You can go two ways. First, report more money and purchase original Dr. Dre Beats for 15, 20 or 25 thousand rubles (depending on the model, its novelty and the store where it is sold). In this case, of course, we recommend contacting more well-known and large shops, such as Svyaznoy or Technosila. There you will be sure that you are not tryingslip Chinese junk.

Another way is to buy cheaper headphones, released under a different brand name. It could be Sony, Phillips, Samsung or any other company that sells such products. Perhaps there are samples in which the sound is no worse than in Beats, but at the same time their price is an order of magnitude lower. Such electronics are likely to last longer, although they will look less prestigious in the eyes of others.

information and reviews about the site

Of course, there is a third option that will suit, perhaps, the most risky buyers. This is an order for a pair of headphones in a Chinese store. There, a copy of Beats, similar in quality to that offered on, will cost 200-300 rubles. In addition, suppliers from the Middle Kingdom will certainly be ready to provide you with a wider range than Russian resellers. And thanks to the feedback system on such resources, you can more accurately navigate which products deserve attention. And again, the cost of things in these stores will be an order of magnitude lower than in ours. The only negative is the long delivery time (about 3-5 weeks).

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