Replacing the screen on the tablet. How to change yourself?


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Replacing the screen on the tablet. How to change yourself?
Replacing the screen on the tablet. How to change yourself?

Today, tablets and phones from Samsung and ASUS are very popular. Now these are quite large manufacturers of computer equipment. The tablets of these companies are modern, functional and attractive in appearance. Unfortunately, devices from ASUS and Samsung are expensive, and various breakdowns entail serious repairs. If you follow the standard operating rules, then the tablets will be able to serve their owners for a long time. As it turned out, these gadgets also have shortcomings and weaknesses. Now we have developed methods to eliminate the most common breakdowns.

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Repair of tablets. Screen Replacement

Frequently encountered such a breakdown of any device as a broken screen. This damage can easily get an ASUS device and a Samsung tablet. Screen replacement in this case is possible. Often, to fix the problem, they turn to service centers, but you can try to fix the problem yourself. These devices have strong glass, which is even difficult to scratch. You can check this if you take an already broken screen and swipe itknife. Another case is to sit on a gadget, then the glass cracks easily. Replacing the screen on an ASUS tablet is a big waste of money, time and effort.

Replacing the touch screen

In some models, you can change the touch screen separately from the display itself, it most often breaks or malfunctions. This replacement is difficult in that it is necessary to separate the display and sensor, and this is very difficult to do, since they are tightly connected. Changing glass on a tablet is much easier than on a phone, of course, this is due to the size of the device. Do not forget that before undertaking a screen replacement, you must have basic knowledge of computer repair. Otherwise, you can only do harm, which will subsequently lead to a big waste of money.

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Before you buy a screen, you need to inspect its brocade number. If you change and buy a touch-screen yourself, then be sure to look at its number. In some devices "Samsung" and ASUS - different screens. They may be similar in appearance and fit in size, but if they are interchanged, then your device will not work. Of course, there are variations of the touch screen, which will fit many devices, but you need to check with the manufacturers first.

Troubleshooting touchscreen issues

The touch screen of the required version is hard to find. If you are going to change it to a screen of a similar model, then you will need to flash the digitizer. This is an additional waste of money, time and effort.

If you have a device with built-in 3G, then the digitizerwill be different from the regular board, since the SIM card slot is located inside.

In case you have changed the touch screen and it does not work, contact the service center as you have done something wrong. In this case, the specialist will inspect your device and take the necessary actions. You will not be able to bring the device back to life, only a professional with the help of his tablet with special programs will restore the functionality of the touch screen.

Replacing the screen on a tablet is not an easy process. If you have not experienced this before, it is very difficult to do everything without errors. Useful tips to help you install your new touchscreen:

• Replacing the screen on a tablet is a rather painstaking process, when installing a new glass, make sure that dust and dirt do not get in. That is why it is not necessary to unstick the glass from the matrix ahead of time. This will save you time and will not clean the tablet in the future.

• Before replacing the screen, inspect the glass for damage or scratches. After that, bring it to the tablet and check if it fits. This all needs to be done, as you may come across defective glass.

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Tablet Matrix

Replacing a screen on a tablet is not only about installing a new touch screen, there are many more faults, but they are less common. A tablet with a broken matrix is ​​more difficult to meet, since it is not so sensitive and it is quite difficult to damage it if the glass is not broken. In this case, the replacement procedure will not differ from the installationtouchscreen. It is necessary to order a new matrix, peel off the sensor and stick it to another component of the screen.

Replacing the screen on the tablet, namely the matrix itself, is more expensive than changing the touch screen. But there are other differences as well. The matrix is ​​easier to find, since you can pick it up from another model. The only thing is that it is necessary to distinguish between the mounts themselves.

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Replacing the screen on a tablet is a painstaking, costly and complex process. To change the glass on the device, you just need to disassemble the case, this should not be a problem. Examine the fasteners, look at the code of the components that you will change. As we have already found out, the matrix is ​​the most expensive part of the screen and you need to be especially careful with it. In many models, the battery is connected to the body of the device, it must be removed very carefully. If you need to replace the screen in an expensive model, then it is better to contact the specialists so that later the repair does not come out much more expensive. If the glass in cheap Chinese tablets is damaged, it is better not to risk it, but to buy a new gadget. Replacing the screen in them will cost almost like a new device.

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