How to find out the balance of "Tricolor TV" using your personal account?


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How to find out the balance of "Tricolor TV" using your personal account?
How to find out the balance of "Tricolor TV" using your personal account?

Tricolor, the leading satellite operator, provides a wide range of various services. Each subscriber independently chooses the optimal package for himself, pays for it monthly. However, at some point, users have a question about how to find out the balance of Tricolor TV. The company has provided several ways, but the most convenient one is by ID.

Satellite TV Tricolor

Where to find your ID

An identification number, or ID, is received by each user during the process of registering equipment in the Tricolor system. It consists of 12 or 14 digits. It must always be kept at hand, since without it it is impossible to carry out more than one operation with the subscriber's account. Almost all subscribers do not know it, but the operator has provided several ways to quickly find out the ID.

The easiest way is to look at the contract that was drawn up during the connection process. If new users can still find it, then the old ones have probably lost it and simply cannot find it.

ID Tricolor

You can also see the required digital value on the smart card. To do this, you need to get it fromreceiver. However, this option has one drawback - broadcasting may not be restored immediately. It may take some time for the equipment to establish a connection and transmit codes.

The most convenient way to find out the ID is with the remote control of the set-top box. If you look at it carefully, you can find a key with the corresponding signature. After pressing it, the required code will be displayed.

Checking the balance in your account

How to find out the balance of Tricolor TV? Go to your personal account on the official portal of the company. This solution has a number of advantages:

  • the process is very fast and without much difficulty;
  • you can not only find out the current state of the balance, but even manage services;
  • no need to call the operator.

But to enter your personal account, one ID is not enough, you also need a password. You can get it in the following ways:

  • Via SMS. In the process of signing the contract, a phone number was indicated in it, and the password will be sent to it.
  • E-mail. This option is available only if the mail address is specified in the contract.
  • Request code on TV. This option is also available subject to working equipment and a TV. The password will be displayed on the screen.

Depending on the selected option, the password may arrive in a few seconds or 10 minutes. After receiving it, you will need to go through authorization.

Personal account Tricolor TV

Let's talk about how to find out the balance of Tricolor TV. In personal accountgo to the "Services" section. It will be possible to see the current state of the balance, replenish the account, activate another tariff or additional service. It will also be possible to get acquainted with all previously conducted financial transactions.

Checking the balance without visiting your personal account

How to find out the balance of Tricolor TV by ID in another way? Not everyone has constant access to the Internet, and many pensioners do not use it at all. In such a situation, you can contact the operator in the following ways:

  • call to 8 800 500 01 23, which is available around the clock, calls are free;
  • via Skype;
  • chat.

Many subscribers who are interested in how to find out the balance of Tricolor TV by number prefer to call the hotline. You will need to select the reason for the call and wait for the specialist to be released. In order for him to provide the necessary information, you will need to be identified and provide an ID. After completing all the formalities, he will provide any information regarding the subscriber's account.

In general, on the Tricolor TV portal in the "Help" section, you can find all the ways to contact the operator. There are many options, the company has done everything possible so that all subscribers can quickly receive the necessary technical support. Even if you do not want to call, you can turn on a special chat in which a specialist will provide the necessary information.

What to do if the receiver is registered to another person

How to find out the balance of "Tricolor TV" if the set of equipment is issued to another user?This happens if the prefix is ​​​​acquired from hand or inherited from previous homeowners. The problem is solved, it will take a little more time to open access to the balance.

The first step is to visit the provider's resource and create an appeal. It contains new personal data and other necessary information. After that, the prepared application is sent to the address that can be found at the top of the site page. As soon as the appeal is processed, the registration data will be changed. Already considered a full-fledged owner of the equipment, you can perform any manipulations.


Contact operator Tricolor

All ways to find out the balance of the Tricolor TV card are described in detail above. Everyone chooses the best solution for himself. If you have access to the Internet, it is most convenient to get the necessary information in your personal account. In all other cases, call the operator, who will provide data on the current state of the balance.

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