Nokia 300: specifications and reviews

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Nokia 300: specifications and reviews
Nokia 300: specifications and reviews

The Nokia 300, which went on sale at the end of 2011, was a fairly expected model. From the previous ones, it is distinguished by more advanced characteristics and new functions. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of the device below.


The Nokia 300 is available in two colors: black and red. It is compact and lightweight - 11.3x5x1.3 cm, weight 85 grams. At first glance, it's easy to see the differences from the earlier 200th model: there is no QWERTY keyboard and navigation buttons. The latter have become redundant, since the Nokia 300's TFT screen is a resistive touchscreen, which means you can work with it with any stylus, with or without gloves. Its resolution is 240 by 320 pixels, the diagonal is 2.4 inches, respectively, the pixel density per inch is low - 167, which worsens how small elements look. The screen supports 262 thousand colors. The brightness of the display cannot be changed, it glares a lot in the sun, and its viewing angles are not the best.

Nokia 300

Between the screen and the keyboard is a panel with buttons for calls and the message center. It is glossy and fingerprints are quite visible on it. The number keys are divided into 4 rows, theyquite embossed and well-lit, so typing text and numbers on the Nokia 300 is a pleasure. But the volume and unlock buttons located on the left side are tight and do not respond so quickly to pressing. All connectors of the model are located on the upper end - mini USB, charging and headphone jack.

Nokia 300 specifications

This model already boasts a 1 GHz processor, 128 MB of RAM and support for memory cards up to 32 GB. In most cases, the system is quite fast, but it is still not capable of multitasking.

The Nokia 300 has a 5 megapixel camera that works with a resolution of 2592 by 1944 pixels and can shoot video in VGA quality (640 by 480 pixels). Flash and autofocus are absent. The device supports 3G, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, but it does not have a front camera for video calls. Bluetooth version 2.1 is present, but Wi-Fi, unfortunately, is not provided.

phone nokia 300

What is the cost of Nokia 300? The price at the time of the start of sales (December 2011) was about 5,000 rubles, then it dropped to 4,000. But today the phone is extremely rare to find in stores, but in the secondary market it is more common.


Nokia 300 uses Series 40 OS (6th edition). It has a simple familiar interface that allows you to change themes, add icons of your favorite applications to the home screen, and change the appearance of the main menu.

One of the interesting features is that the model comes preloadedJava version of the Angry Birds game. In addition, you'll find the Nokia browser, a Facebook and Twitter app, and an email client.

nokia 300 price

The phone has a fairly handy media player that gives good sound quality and works with the most popular audio and video file formats. There is a graphic equalizer, radio, and since it uses a standard headset jack, you can use headphones from any manufacturer, not just expensive branded ones.

The camera app has a photo editor for basic retouching. Of course, there is a calendar, alarm clock, voice recorder, stopwatch, timer, converter.


The Nokia 300 has a 1100 mAh battery that claims to last for:

  • 24 days standby;
  • 6, 9 hours 2G talk time;
  • 28 hours of music playback;
  • 6 hours of video.

Standard charger included, also charges via USB (not included).

Customer Reviews

The opinions of real consumers are rather contradictory. Most often satisfied with the purchase of those who needed a beautiful-looking basic phone, mainly for calls and SMS. It picks up the signal well and gives a clear loud sound when talking. But those who were going to fully use all its capabilities were disappointed.

nokia 300 screen

So, after using thesecons:

  • The touch screen does not respond well to touch and perform the wrong actions. For example, instead of scrolling through a list, it opens apps. Moreover, many buyers are faced with the need to repair it, and more than once.
  • The plastic of the case is slippery, and the phone often slips out of your hands because of this. It survives drops well, but the latches on the back cover break off.
  • The body creaks.
  • Phone freezes.
  • The camera is actually weak, the quality of the pictures is poor.

Summing up

The Nokia 300 had all the prerequisites to become a popular model. The expectation of buyers, the promising combination of a physical keyboard and touchscreen, a good processor, a 5 megapixel camera - on paper it looked interesting. But in life it turned out that the build quality, operation of the operating system and physical components do not correspond to the declared characteristics and price of the device and cause quite a lot of inconvenience to users.

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