Reviews: Cubot X15. Characteristics of the smartphone Cubot x15

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Reviews: Cubot X15. Characteristics of the smartphone Cubot x15
Reviews: Cubot X15. Characteristics of the smartphone Cubot x15

Cubot X15 positions itself primarily as a fashion device designed for connoisseurs of style. The design of the model really came out quite attractive, but as for the technical characteristics, the developers clearly fell short here.

cubot x15 reviews


The design of the device received mostly positive reviews: Cubot X15 has an attractive appearance, bright colors, a curved screen, and high-quality assembly. The main area of ​​the front panel is occupied by the display. Below it are three standard touch buttons, which for some reason do not have a backlight, which can make it difficult to use the gadget in the dark. Above the screen are proximity sensors, light alerts and gesture recognition. The speaker and front camera are also located here.

On the left side of the device are two metal trays that require a special key to open. One of the trays is designed for a SIM card, the second one was made by the developers combined: it accepts both SIM cards and memory cards. So it will not work to use two SIM cards and a flash card at the same time in Cubot X15. Customer reviews reflect the general outrage at thisabout. We note that the entire frame of the device is made of metal.

On the right side of the body is the volume key, which simultaneously serves as a shutter for the camera, and the power button. At the bottom there is a slot for micro-USB, a mesh that protects the external speaker, and a microphone. The top of the smartphone is limited to a 3.5 mm headset jack. The back cover of the device is plastic, non-removable. On the back of the model are the main camera and LED flash.

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The assembly of the smartphone turned out to be quite good, however, there is a backlash in the volume and power buttons. Also, the disadvantages include the lack of backlight on the functional touch keys and the combined card tray.

Total dimensions X15 - 76x153x6.9 mm, weight - 181 g.


Display is another part of the model that received mostly positive reviews. Cubot X15 has a high-quality 5.5-inch screen that supports Full HD resolution. The display is designed using IPS-matrix and has an oleophobic coating, due to which the finger glides over it very smoothly.

The display provides excellent viewing angles so that information is clearly visible from different angles. The picture is very bright and attractive. Multitouch is designed for 5 simultaneous touches.

Speaking of the cons, we note that the system slows down a bit when scrolling through desktops and navigating through the smartphone menu. This is due to the fact that the device's mediocre processor cannot cope with Full HD resolution.

cubot x15 specs


The original Cubot X15 is endowed with a main camera with an aperture of F / 2, which has 15 MP, autofocus and LED flash. Pictures, I must say, are very solid and high quality, especially for nearby objects. In conditions of lack of light and during night shooting, the flash copes well with its work, adequately illuminating the area being filmed.

The front camera has 8 megapixels and a very mediocre quality. It will fit, perhaps, for posting photos on social networks, since it will not be possible to achieve a truly high-quality picture. Although the front optics received the following feedback from the owners: “Cubot X15 is great for selfies.”

The smartphone can shoot videos with a resolution of 1920x1080 at 30 fps - the videos are very good, but still they are far from high quality.

Cubot X15 system specifications

The smartphone runs on Android 5, 1. The processor is a quad-core MediaTek MT6735, running at a frequency of 1300 MHz. It is supported by 2 GB of RAM and the Mali-T720 video processor. For data storage, users are allocated 16 GB, which are expanded using microSD memory cards. Interfaces include Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB and LTE networks.

cubot x15 customer reviews

As mentioned earlier, the processor is not able to cope with such a fancy display. The best option would be to install a normal HD. With toys demanding on the systemresources, the filling of the gadget does not work in the best way: the device slows down even at medium graphics settings. However, we note that the smartphone practically does not heat up after 10 minutes of the game, while the opponents become really hot. Thanks to this fact, the device got some positive reviews. Cubot X15 is able to search for GPS satellites almost instantly even after long continuous use.


The device received a loud and high-quality speaker, to which there are no complaints. As for playing music through headphones, everything is somewhat worse: the quality is average and nothing special stands out. Among the formats, the model recognizes MP3, AAC and WMA. For radio lovers, the gadget has an FM receiver in its arsenal.


The device is endowed with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2750 mAh. The battery turned out to be not very good: with moderate use, the smartphone will have to be charged almost every day. And given the fact that the battery cannot be replaced, this drawback affects the popularity of the device.

original cubot x15 reviews


Cubot X15 specifications (5, 5), reviews about it present us with a stylish smartphone with a large and high-quality screen, good sound and a fast GPS navigator. The problem with the device is that it is not balanced: the system characteristics of such a screen obviously do not pull, and the display requires a much more capacious battery. All these problems could have been avoided by setting the developers to HD resolution: andthe processor would have coped with it, and the battery would not have “burned out” so quickly, but, wanting to get everything at once, the creators released a not the highest quality product that costs from 12,650 to 12,990 rubles.

Original Cubot X15: owner reviews

Appearance of the gadget users met very well. There is a beautiful stylish design that looks more expensive than its cost, and chic colors. The disadvantages include a combined slot for a SIM card and a flash drive: it is impossible to use two SIM cards and a memory card at once. It was also noted that the volume and power buttons play a lot. I didn’t like the screen protection: scratches quickly appear if you use the device without a protective film.

original cubot x15

From a high-quality screen, rich in bright colors, everyone is delighted. People note that the display produces amazing colors, works great and has good viewing angles. Everyone quickly got used to the large screen size: it is quite convenient to use it.

There are questions about the operation of the system to the device. There have been cases of application freezes and crashes. Also complain about some braking during menu navigation.

The owners were pleasantly surprised by the fact that even during intensive work - using games and heavy applications - the device practically does not heat up, it only becomes a little warm.

Most of the users criticize the main camera, referring to the fact that it does not meet the stated characteristics. Most liked the front camera: some argue thatshe shoots better than the main one.

As for the battery, everything is ambiguous: here the owners are divided into two camps. Some criticize the non-removable battery, saying that it has to be charged almost twice a day, and this is with not the most active use. Others, on the contrary, praise the battery of the device, noting that it does its job well and holds a charge much longer than the closest competitors of this gadget.

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