Upgrade "Lenovo B560". Instructions and recommendations


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Upgrade "Lenovo B560". Instructions and recommendations
Upgrade "Lenovo B560". Instructions and recommendations

Upgrade "Lenovo" B560 can significantly improve the performance of mobile computing systems. Most of these computers are based on low-performance microprocessors and have a small amount of memory. In addition, they were equipped with hard drives, not high-speed solid state drives. It is the replacement of these three components as part of this laptop model that this material will be devoted to.

Upgrade "Lenovo B560"

Notebook specs

Before we consider the Lenovo B560 upgrade, here are the typical characteristics of this computing device. For example, one of the models had the following specifications:

  1. Pentium P6100 dual-core 2.0GHz processor with 3MB L3 cache.
  2. PGA CPU socket.
  3. RAM 2 GB (2 modules 1 GB each) DDR3 format.
  4. HD Graphics graphics accelerator.
  5. 15.6” HD screen.
  6. 250 GB hard drive.

What can be upgraded?

As a rule, Lenowo B560 processors are Celeron and Pentium CPUs. These chips have two computing units and operate at low frequencies. In addition, they reduce the size of the cache. Instead of these microprocessors, you can install high-performance i5 or even i7. In this case, the frequencies will increase significantly, and the number of logical cores will increase to four.

Also in such a computer, you can increase the amount of RAM. To do this, it is enough to purchase two new 4 GB DDR3 modules. Another possible way to increase performance is to replace the hard drive with an SSD drive. Actually, the Lenovo B560 upgrade consists in the fact that you can install the new previously listed components in this PC. But the video card cannot be replaced for the reason that its microcircuit is soldered on the system board.

Processor Lenowo B560

Modernization order

First you need to purchase those components that are planned to be replaced in the computer. The easiest way to do this is with RAM and a hard drive. Therefore, you need to buy two 4 GB RAM modules specifically for laptops. Their recommended clock frequency should be 800 MHz. You also need to buy a 256 GB SATA 3 SSD. Next, in the off state, unscrew seven screws on the bottom cover of the laptop and remove the cover - a plug. In this case, the rest of the case should remain on the computer. You can then remove the RAM modules and replace them with new ones. Next, unscrew the fixing screwshard drive and carefully remove it. Then you need to copy the image of this drive to a new SSD on another computer. The next step is to install the SSD, fix it with screws and install the cover. After that, you need to screw in the remaining screws.

But the Lenovo B560 upgrade when replacing the processor is more complicated. In this case, special equipment is indispensable. The chip is soldered to the motherboard and can only be replaced using a soldering station. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to contact a service center that specializes in providing such services.

Upgrade "Lenovo B560"


This article gave general recommendations on how to upgrade the Lenovo B560. The hard drive and RAM modules shouldn't be a problem. But the replacement of the processor should be entrusted to professionals who, using special equipment, will make it easy and simple.

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