LG G2 Mini: reviews. Characteristics, instructions, prices, photos

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LG G2 Mini: reviews. Characteristics, instructions, prices, photos
LG G2 Mini: reviews. Characteristics, instructions, prices, photos

LG is one of those companies that are fighting for the title of the best smartphone manufacturer on the planet. In 2014, the Korean giant of electronics and household appliances presented to the judgment of buyers and experts a very interesting model LG G2 mini, which received very positive reviews and which is a smaller version of the flagship LG G2. The phone turned out to be very interesting, so it’s impossible not to make a review dedicated to it.

lg g2 mini specifications


The manufacturer from South Korea tried to do everything to make this smartphone the best, at least among the "small copies" of the flagships. Therefore, the developers equipped the LG d618 G2 mini phone with very strong characteristics. The processor consists of four cores, each of which has a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. It was decided to put 1 gigabyte as RAM, and asinternal built-in memory - 8 gigabytes. If this volume is not enough, then this smartphone supports MicroSD flash cards up to 32 gigabytes. The device itself has a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, but its resolution is not very large, only 540 x 960. In addition, the latest version of Android - 4.4 is used as an operating system.

This smartphone has several names. One of them is LG Optimus G2 mini, as a tribute to the corporation's previous line of smartphones - Optimus. The 8-megapixel camera of this smartphone adorns its rear side, while the image quality is kept at a fairly good level.


lg g2 mini reviews

Many people love the design of the LG G2 mini. The appearance characteristics of the smartphone are very attractive. The entire phone is made of plastic. At first glance, everything is done at a fairly high level. The material itself is very high quality, the phone is very comfortable in the hands. On the front of the smartphone are touch control buttons, as well as a speaker and a front camera. Turning the device over, you can find a rather interesting panel of the phone along with the main camera. The panel attracts special attention. The fact is that this is not just an ordinary piece of plastic, but slightly corrugated. Probably, this was done in order to avoid unnecessary soiling of the phone and to improve the adhesion of the LG d618 G2 mini white smartphone to the hand. If you look at the bottom end of the smartphone, you can find several holes. Two of them arespeakers for talking, and one is a connector designed both for charging the phone and for connecting a smartphone to a personal computer. At the top end of the device is a headset jack. It is also worth noting that the phone's power button (as well as the volume controls) are located in an innovative way, namely on the rear panel, right below the camera. It may seem a little unusual, but at the same time quite convenient.


LG G2 mini (display specifications and size) surprised everyone even at its announcement, because the screen diagonal is not the standard 4 or 4.3 inches, like other “little brothers” flagships, but 4 at once, 7. However, despite such a large size, the developers were stingy with making it a resolution of 1280 x 960. Instead, we get prohibitive 960 x 540. The screen glass coating itself is very pleasant in tactile terms and does not scratch too much, which is a definite plus. The brightness of the screen is at a very good level, and the colors displayed on the smartphone's display look very realistic. The problem occurs in bright sunlight. In this case, the image becomes faded, and the detail is reduced. But this is a problem of many smartphones, so this fact should not be considered a special minus.

phone lg g2 mini


The latest version of Android, namely Android 4.4, is installed on the LG G2 mini phone, reviews of which are quite good both from buyers and from respected experts. Apart fromTo this end, the company has developed several interesting programs that will facilitate not only the use of a smartphone, but also the use of various household and electronic devices that are switched on using the remote control. The program can control almost every electronic thing in your house via infrared. Another "trick" of developers from South Korea is the KnockOn program, which allows you to turn on and off the screen of your smartphone with a few knocks on the screen. This moment is very convenient and does not require much effort.

LG G2 mini, specs: battery and run time

Here's where the real plus and advantage of this model is in its battery. The battery capacity of the device is large enough for those smartphones that currently exist on the market. It is 2440 mAh. This suggests that you can use your smartphone for almost a whole working day for various purposes, and it does not require a momentary charge. If you use your smartphone adequately, the battery can easily last two working days.

case for lg g2 mini

Audio and video

The sound quality of this device is good, but still inferior to the clear leaders in these characteristics, which are NTS and Samsung. As for the video, thanks to a fairly strong processor and a gigabyte of RAM, videos are played quickly and without freezes. But there are problems related to the screen resolution. Due to the fact that it is composed of960 x 540, sometimes there is a small ripple in the frames.

Camera and photo quality

LG G2 mini, the technical characteristics of which do not raise any questions, has two cameras: main and front. The main camera has eight million pixels, which is quite normal for a small copy of the flagship. The quality of the photos taken by this camera is kept at a fairly high level. It should be noted that the detail and clarity of the image when shooting with a smartphone from LG is better than similar smartphones from other companies. This cannot but please the first owners of this device, especially if the camera and the quality of photos in a smartphone are the most important factor for them.

Communication and Internet

lg d618 g2 mini white

Let's look at such an important factor for the phone as the connection of the smartphone LG G2 mini. The reviews of many owners say that this is one of the best devices for accessing the Internet and chatting with friends. And perhaps they are right. The fact is that when you access the Internet, the connection occurs almost immediately, and the initial connection speed is always at a very high level. As for the Wi-Fi network, the situation is similar. When the required access point is found, the connection is instantaneous.

As for voice communication, which is the main function of any phone, there are no problems here either. The interlocutor is heard perfectly even at a speaker volume level of fifty percent. In case you are onbusy street, 80% volume is enough to hear a friend on the other side of the call.

Package and prices for this gadget

After purchasing a smartphone from a South Korean company, you will receive a box with all the necessary accessories for the LG G2 mini. The paper manual is the first thing you see when you open the box. It can be useful for those people who first encountered the issue of using a smartphone. In this manual you can find all the necessary information regarding the device, its functions and capabilities. In addition to the documentation, you will also receive a headset in the form of headphones. Moreover, this accessory is of very good quality. Of course, if you are a music lover, then it is preferable to buy something better, but for the average listener, these headphones are quite a decent option. Another accessory in the box is a USB adapter designed to connect a smartphone to a computer. Well, the final item in the box is the charger. Case for LG G2 mini is not included, but you can always buy one almost anywhere.

As for the prices for this product, they are set by different stores independently. In some cases, there may be a different price for this phone, depending on the additional flash memory. The average price of this smartphone is $ 275, which is quite acceptable, especially considering what features it has.

lg g2 mini specs

LG G2 mini. Reviewsbuyers and expert opinion

Smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer LG has collected a very good harvest in terms of reviews. Of course, each user proceeded from the "price-quality" ratio, so it is not surprising that most of the reviews are very positive. Many users from among ordinary buyers note an excellent battery as the advantages of the device. Some of them claim that they can do without charging for more than two days. Also, many buyers note the quality of photos that are taken using the phone's camera. The only factor that some users are unhappy with is the design of the back of the smartphone. They claim that this design is not characteristic of cutting-edge smartphones, but of their grandmother's glasses case. As a "compensation", some users suggest that the company also give out a case for the LG G2 mini in the package, but this is already somewhat over the top.

Expert opinion largely coincides with the opinion of ordinary smartphone users. After a few comparative analyzes, they came to the conclusion that this version of the phone is almost the best for the price of $275. The only negative, which they could not keep silent about, is the small screen resolution. Although many people do not pay attention to how flawless the image on their screen is.

lg optimus g2 mini

Summarize the review

LG is slowly starting to increase its share of the overall high-tech smartphone market, and it's safe to say that the LG G2 miniwill be able to make this share even greater. This model has a 4-core processor, and the clock speed of each core is 1.2 GHz. Despite the fact that the RAM of the smartphone is one gigabyte, its performance is at a very high level. Don't forget about his camera. Despite the fact that, unlike the flagship, it is only 8 MP, the image quality is kept at a very good level. And regardless of what time of day it was during the shooting. New programs are very convenient. As for sound and communication, they are also up to the mark. Do not forget that we considered only a budget version of a smartphone, the price of which does not exceed $ 300. And for such a price, it is not always possible to find a quality device that can fully satisfy your needs.

It is clear that this LG d618 G2 mini white phone is not a clear leader among smartphones in terms of its characteristics, but it was produced as a competitor to similar smartphones from other companies. And it's safe to say that this product is a very interesting option for those who don't have money for LG G2, but like its design.

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