Lessar air conditioners: reviews. Lessar air conditioners: service, characteristics


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Lessar air conditioners: reviews. Lessar air conditioners: service, characteristics
Lessar air conditioners: reviews. Lessar air conditioners: service, characteristics

Climatic equipment is produced at many enterprises around the world. There are companies that produce only household systems, while more serious companies supply the entire range of equipment. In household appliances stores and specialized points of sale, you will find both Lessar household air conditioners and models of a semi-industrial series.

Company and production

The company was founded in 2003 in the Czech Republic. Production facilities are located in 9 countries of the world. Product range includes:

  • domestic and commercial air conditioners;
  • multizone systems and heat pumps;
  • chillers, fan coil units, remote heat exchangers;
  • precision systems, rooftops and condensing units;
  • ventilation equipment;
  • fan heaters.
  • lessar air conditioners

Lessar air conditioners are installed both in apartments, cottages and multi-storey residential buildings, and at industrial facilities, inlarge retail and office premises and enterprises.

Assortment of split systems "Lessar"

All products of the company are produced taking into account the needs of customers in high-quality equipment with a variety of additional functions. For use in housing and small office and retail premises, the company's range includes wall-mounted split systems. According to the reviews of ordinary users and specialized companies for the installation of air conditioners, the company presents competitive and high-quality split systems on the market for all areas of application.

The lineup includes both equipment of constant capacity and "Lessar" inverter air conditioners. Consumer feedback on variable capacity systems allows you to verify their low energy consumption compared to non-inverter air conditioners. According to buyers, they are often installed for space heating. For several rooms, multi-split systems are offered with a different number of indoor units and compressor inverter control. For large rooms, you can choose blocks of channel, cassette, ceiling and column types.

Commercial systems: expert reviews

Commercial air conditioners "Lessar" are represented by several types of equipment. The systems are specially designed for mounting in different conditions of use.

lessar air conditioners reviews

The model range is represented by air conditioners from 3.5 to 28 kW of refrigeration power. Depending on the modification, they can be used asinverter and fixed displacement compressors. The full range of semi-industrial air conditioners includes the following modifications:

  • cassette models available from 3.5kW to 17.5kW standard and 3.5kW to 16.1kW variable capacity systems;
  • duct-type air conditioners, high-pressure and medium-pressure models with a capacity of up to 28 kW;
  • models for floor and ceiling installation produce a total power within 17.5 kW;
  • column-type air conditioners produce from 7.1 to 16.1 kW, there are only modifications with a constant compressor capacity.

External units of some models are supplied separately from the internal ones, which allows their operation as a KKB for ventilation systems. Many years of experience in use allows specialists to recommend Lessar air conditioners. Reviews of experts will help you choose the right type for your room. Most often, they speak positively about the presence of a large selection of duct systems and the possibility of ordering cassette models for small rooms, because such air conditioners with a capacity of less than 7 kW can not be found in the catalog of all manufacturers.

Household split systems and reviews about them

Lessar air conditioners for domestic use also produce constant and variable performance. In addition to the functional properties, many people speak positively about the attractive design of the indoor units.

air conditioner lessar instruction

Inverter models are represented by the following products:

  • Luxair Inverter series with additional fine filters Vitamin C, Bio, Harcoal Nano Filter and Silver Ion Filter;
  • for the Inverto series, air conditioners are produced with higher performance than the previous one, but have all the functions and cleaning systems.

Non-inverter models are represented by Luxair Rational and Cool Plus air conditioners. All split systems with constant compressor capacity can be modified for use in cooling mode at low outside temperatures (-30°C and -43°C respectively). Inverter systems are designed for use in heating mode at outdoor temperatures from -15 ° C, which allows them to be effectively used in heat pump mode. Users are very positive about the entire line of household split systems, Luxair Inverter inverter air conditioners are especially popular due to their efficiency and design.


Any technique needs maintenance and service. For split systems of any manufacturer, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance and cleaning in a timely manner and in full.

lessar air conditioner error codes lessar

This will help to avoid damage to the device and reduce the likelihood of a negative impact of the system on a person.

Maintenance of the air conditioner must be carried out according to the schedule established by the manufacturer. It is advisable for split systems for home use to carry out it twice a year. The scope of work should include the following operations:

  • diagnostics of the system for a sufficient amount of refrigerant;
  • cleaning and disinfection of filters, heat exchangers, fans;
  • checking the drainage system;
  • antibacterial treatment of filters and other surfaces.

We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of the Lessar air conditioner, an instruction describing the characteristics and functions is provided in Russian. It makes it easier to find problems and problems in the system.

Diagnosis and repair: reviews of masters

Service specialists in the repair of climate equipment speak very well of the Lessar split systems. The equipment, in their opinion, is of high quality and easy to maintain.

It is important for them that all service information and documentation is presented not only in English. According to service centers, the manufacturer keeps a sufficient number of spare parts and components for repairs in its warehouse.

air conditioner maintenance

To correctly identify the problem in the air conditioner, you need to know the error codes of Lessar air conditioners. "Lessar" exposes this information in the public domain for all specialists in the repair of climate equipment. This greatly simplifies the work of the masters and makes the risk of incorrectly determining the cause of the breakdown minimal. Of course, even with this information, the work should be carried out by a specialist.

Error codes

LED "Work" LED "Timer" Error code on digitaldisplay Fault
1 flash - E1 EEPROM error
2 flashes - E2 problems with communication between blocks
3 flashes - E3 fan speed not tracked
5 flashes -


short or open internal temperature sensor

6 flashes

- E6 short or open evaporator temperature sensor
2 flashes working EU freon leak possible

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